What is 9GAG? 20 Best 9Gag Alternatives To Watch Funny Memes

Best 9Gag Alternatives To Watch Funny Memes: 9GAG is a social networking website where users upload and share photos, movies, and GIFs created by themselves. The website’s content often referred to as “internet memes” or “internet jokes,” is upvoted, downvoted, and commented on by users depending on its popularity. It is a social & communications app. More than ten alternatives to 9GAG are available on various operating systems, including Windows, Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), and Online (Web-based). The best alternative is the free Bast. Similar applications to 9GAG include Imgflip, iFunny, JokesApp, and Fanfc Maker.

What is 9GAG?

9gag com

9GAG is an online social media app that lets users to upload and share content they have created for free. It receives millions of visitors daily, all looking to pass the time and build new relationships with others from various regions of the world. The application quickly loads and makes it possible to scroll without effort, which saves time that may be better spent collecting memes or having a good laugh.

It is an application that provides entertainment but also allows you to talk about whatever subjects most interest you, such as gaming, relationships, cooking, anime, or any other subject. The fact that this app has more than 36 million fans on Facebook and up to 40 million followers on Instagram, which makes it simple for your work of art to become viral across social media platforms, is the most exciting thing about it.

The application costs nothing to use, and it can be accessed in any part of the globe. You may use the 9GAG service whenever you want, wherever you are, and whomever you’re with, so you’ll always be energized at home, in the classroom, or on the job. Get access to excellent ideas, and have the time of your life. The 9 GAG app is a fun way for people of all ages to enjoy the convenience of having various engaging activities available to them in one location.


What is the purpose of 9GAG?

9GAG is an online platform and social media website established in Hong Kong. It allows its users to upload and share content they have created themselves or content that comes from other social media websites.

Users can browse endlessly through memes, short videos, or simple images on 9GAG. Users also have the option to register using an email address to comment on other users’ pictures or post (or link to) their images. 9gag users can add names to their uploads and place them in two of nine categories, including NSFW “not safe for work,” “meme,” “cosplay,” “WTF,” “cute,” “food,” “geeky,” “comic,” and “girl.”

Users can report the content and either upvote or downvote images; however, there are no standards for reporting content. Although the NSFW category is where sexually explicit content is most likely to be found, such content can appear in the Hot, Trending, or Fresh sections. In addition, users can email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest content they like sharing with friends.

What Parents Should Know?

9gag nsfw

Parents should be aware that 9Gag is a place for young people to laugh, express themselves, and broaden their minds, but it is unsuitable or designed for children. Although high school students may be engaged, most users are likely in their 20s and 30s. Several postings show violent stuff in society and a lot of swearing. Women are regularly referred to as “bitches,” while males are referred to as “d—ks,” and although there is no overt hate speech, there is a lot of unpleasant discussion on the site.

The focus is on fun and the feminine form, although photos and GIFs (such as stop-action videos) sometimes cross the line into pornography. Although images designated as NSFW (unsafe for work) may be blocked on the settings page (which reveals its adult character), parents sensitive to advanced imagery may choose to block this one. Parents should also be aware that there is no overt privacy or moderation option on the site, which might create privacy and safety issues.

Is It Any Good?

9Gag is a popular image-commentary sharing service (for memes and more) among gamers, manga fans, cosplayers, and young people in general throughout the globe. According to the creator: “9Gag is your biggest source of joy. Share any entertainment, get real comments from people all across the globe, and vote on what makes you laugh.” 9Gag is sometimes LOL hilarious, occasionally inspirational, and usually controversial, and it gives young people making their way in the world a street-savvy-type education. For example, an image series on pollution in China gets some thought-provoking responses and may help to increase global awareness for some contributors.

9GAG App for Android and iOS

9gag app

With millions of daily visits, 9GAG is the app to have a good time, kill time, and interact with an adventurous and creative global community. The 9Gag App for Android and iOS is available on the Google Play and the App Store.

Popular tags that are currently being discussed:

  • Recent Events
  • Gaming
  • Movies & TV
  • Superheroes
  • Anime & Manga
  • Feels Bar
  • Relationships
  • Cute Animals
  • Elon Musk
  • Wholesome
  • …and many more!

Best 9GAG Alternatives and 20 Sites Like

Are you searching for the best 9GAG alternatives? In this post, we have included some of the fascinating websites on the internet, such as 9GAG. 9GAG is a website that collects and publishes funny content from the internet. The site debuted in 2008 and has since grown to become one of the most favored places to laugh. There are infinite photos, animations, and videos relating to almost any subject and category. The content is shared by users and voted on by community members. This website also allows for age-appropriate NSFW content.

1. Cheezburger

cheezburger com

Cheezburger is one of the most entertaining websites, similar to 9GAG, with many memes and comedies. Initially, the site was a blog titled “I Can Haz Cheezburger” that featured LOLcats — funny animal pictures mostly of cats. They would also include funny subtitles. Due to the website’s immense popularity, it expanded to incorporate all sorts of cool stuff. There are a variety of memes on the website, which is now known collectively as Cheezburger. The content is divided into several categories, including memes and other animal images, showbiz memes, joke collections for various geek subcultures, and much more. The other categories are Rage Comics, Failbook, Just for Pun, English Funny, and others. Indeed, there are a lot of LOLs to be provided here. The website Cheezburger focuses on humorous memes and GIFs. Cheezburger was launched in 2007 and is now one of the most popular humor websites.

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2. The CHIVE


TheChive is a similarly funny website to 9GAG that was created and is managed by Resignation Media Inc. TheChive provides the internet’s most up-to-date and amazing funny images, gifs, and videos. It is a free application that may be used and enjoyed by everyone. It is recognized for providing the most engaging, interesting, and uplifting content. Each month, the website’s approximately 30 million monthly users publish, view, and share around 800 million pieces of material. You must create an account to upload and share content on the site. After installing the app, you’ll have the opportunity to register by email or Facebook. After logging in, you will have full access to your favorite memes. TheChive is, without a doubt, one of the most entertaining video websites.


3. The Oatmeal

theoatmeal com

Oatmeal is regarded as one of the most excellent websites comparable to 9GAG for its humorous cartoons and content collection. Matthew Inman founded Oatmeal in 2009. It is packed with humorous sketches and artwork, all of which were created by Matthew. The moniker “The Oatmeal” stems from Matthew’s former nickname, “The Oatmeal.” It serves a large and diversified readership. It is astounding, considering that it was all produced by a single individual. The Oatmeal has cartoons, blogs, quizzes, books, and an Oatmeal Shop. Oatmeal is another excellent substitute for 9GAG. The website is packed with entertaining comics that may be shared on social networking websites. There are also quizzes and games on the website.


4. Uber Humor


Uber Humor is a comparable good website to 9GAG that aims to share humor on the Internet. It has several hilarious images, quotations, and videos. The website has a scrolling interface that facilitates site navigation. The exciting content on the website is increasing the site’s popularity day by day. The UI also has a rating system that allows members to become highlighted top users. These high-profile users are selected based on their karma points. Additionally, there is a randomizer button that, as its name suggests, directs you to a random post. Overall, Uber Humor is a fantastic alternative for 9GAG. Similar to 9GAG, the website has a wide variety of funny photos, videos, and memes. You may contribute your stuff by establishing a profile and contributing to the site’s user-generated content.


5. Funny or Die


Funny or Die is a website similar to 9GAG that offers hilarious content directly to your tablet or mobile device. A great deal of original content is developed by in-house writers, producers, and directors. There are also contributions from Judd Apatow and James Franco, among others. Funny or Die is one of the greatest sites for keeping you up to speed on the latest entertaining and instructive stuff. The application has a variety of articles, images, videos, and gifs to entertain you on your mobile device.


6. iFunny

ifunny co

iFunny is one of the top websites comparable to 9GAG for seeing a fantastic array of hilarious memes, images, and videos. iFunny allows you to form your groups in addition to allowing you to browse a vast selection of humorous memes. It is a great application that will make you grin when needed. Additionally, iFunny functions more like a social network where users may publish unlimited images, videos, and gifs. It is also one of the most excellent meme-generating tools, allowing you to create your memes and see those created by others. Over 10 million people worldwide may enjoy and share a limitless quantity of memes.


7. Evil Milk

evilmilk com

EvilMilk provides the internet’s funniest photos and GIFs, exactly like 9GAG. It updates the newest memes every two hours for your viewing pleasure. Additionally, it lists the most popular memes of all time. If you are looking for a new meme to find, you may go to the tab under “most watched” to examine the most popular memes among users from across the globe. However, the website’s design needs to be updated and easier to access. However, the humorous images on EvilMilk are sure to make you laugh and help you feel better.


8. Quick Meme


Quick Meme is another option for 9GAG that might provide entertainment. On the homepage, the greatest memes were shown. Additionally, you may add your description to any meme photo on our page. You can also indicate if the meme is hilarious by clicking “like” or “meh” next to the image. Moreover, if a meme on this page makes you laugh out loud, you may share it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter by clicking the share button. Quick Meme also allows you to upload your meme. As its name implies, Quick Meme is filled with humorous memes and graphics. This website is guaranteed to make you laugh. The interface is identical to 9GAG, and users may contribute humorous images and memes.


9. Meme Center

Meme Center

Meme Center is a hilarious website due to its variety of meme photos, similar to 9GAG. You may comment on each picture on their site, which lists all updated memes. Additionally, you may share memes directly on Facebook or Twitter. In addition, you may advance in levels by commenting, posting, and sharing memes on this website. The rating is shown on the right side of its online interface. Additionally, Meme Center has a large number of GIF memes.Additionally, it offers an app for both iOS and Android smartphones.

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Link: Google Play

10. Funny Junk


Funnyjunk provides photos of memes, Marvel, anime, videos, and GIFs. I think that this website is worthwhile. It is only a name since its content is fantastic. This website contains a category where you may discover typical or clean memes if you seek a fresh, humorous image. Also, it features a global community of meme lovers. If you want to share your clever ideas, create a meme and post it to Funnyjunk so that others may see it. FunnyJunk is a website that gathers and organizes humorous information from around the Internet. The website has been for more than a decade and is one of the most popular places to find humor.


11. Reddit


Reddit is the only alternative to 9gag that you need to consider. This website contains humorous memes, GIFs, and videos that will keep you amused for hours. This website is loaded with excellent user-generated content.


12. Imgur

imgur com

Redditors often use the famous image-hosting website Imgur to publish humorous memes and GIFs. The website is noted for its user-friendly UI and Fastest Finger First game, which identifies your speed and accuracy in recognizing photos.


13. Hugelol


Hugelol is built along the same lines as 9GAG regarding content and style. The website is loaded with gifs and comics. Similar to 9GAG, it includes upvote and downvote buttons to assess a post’s popularity.


14. eBaum’s World

eBaum s World

A website provides various viral videos, images, and articles. The website debuted in 2001 and is one of the most popular places to discover shareable material. Similar to 9GAG in terms of the type of content.


15. 4chan


4chan is a basic image-based message board where anybody can make comments and exchange images anonymously. The website has been a breeding ground for Internet culture and has spawned some of the Internet’s most famous memes.


16. Cracked

Cracked com

While Cracked is not identical to 9GAG, it is replete with shareable articles and images related to the entertainment industry. If you are seeking funny stuff, you should consider Cracked.


17. Tumblr


Tumblr may be a better alternative to 9GAG, but it is a popular site where millions of individuals share fascinating, rich media content. Tumble is a microblogging platform that allows users to build and share blogs.


18. Memedroid


Memedroid is a Novagecko-developed software where users may enjoy great content. It is a free web app designed specifically for adults who wish to find, browse, post, and share humorous images, gifs, jokes, etc. The app is accessible on Android and iOS phones and tablets and is basic and easy to use. It is an excellent alternative to

You may find humorous jokes, share funny gifs, discuss new people, and do much more. It is accessible at any time and from anywhere on the globe. Each month, billions of new memes are uploaded, shared, and created by millions of individuals worldwide.

Memedroid also provides a voting option that enables users to indicate if humorous jokes are old, forced, or stale. It also provides many essential characteristics, including thousands of fresh, funny images and gifs daily, unlimited sharing, meme creation, support for the world’s biggest meme makers community, ease of use, and availability in different languages. Overall, Memedroid is one of the most excellent platforms for individuals wishing to have fun in their spare time.


19. StumbleUpon


StumbleUpon is an excellent digital application for discovering your favorite content on a single platform and similar to 9Gag. The application is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android smartphones and tablets. It enables users to find and score online sites, movies, and images customized to their preferences.

The app is designed specifically for individuals who wish to find and share the latest content. It also enables users to make a list of their favorite subjects and follow another list to discover more information they like.
Users can immediately share their findings through Facebook, email, and SMS to increase the service’s appeal. Overall, it is a beautiful platform for those who wish to watch the newest and greatest content without interruption.


20. Amino Apps

Aminoapps com

Amino Apps is a social application that allows you to find, explore, and focus on the topics you’re interested in. Each community inside the application provides excellent content, the most admirable individuals, and exciting activities. The program is free to use on both the Android and iOS platforms.

With the help of this application, you can also find and search for new communities that share your interests, publish on the blog, leave a comment, and share it. You must create a profile by verifying your email address and providing other essential information.

As with other social networking programs, you may view the profiles of other users and create new friends. In addition to a vast array of distinct groups, communicating with like-minded individuals, watching movies, reading blogs, discussing favorites, getting the most recent news, personalized profiles, etc., Amino offers a multitude of notable features like 9Gag. Try it out to find new people with similar interests or join communities. It was designed just for you.



You now have access to a wide selection of websites that you may visit when you get exhausted or bored with your task. Websites like 9Gag are fantastic sources of entertainment. Please let us know if you uncover any websites similar to 9Gag, and we will gladly add them to our extensive list. With these great websites, you can download any blog video you like without scouring the web for the finest resources. If you find this post entertaining and informative, Share it on social media and with friends.

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