What devices and components should you pay attention to when assembling for online games

Devices play a key role for games, and online projects, where everything is decided by seconds and the level of skill, the presence of good devices can play a fatal role for PVP and mass raids.

You can buy ffxiv buy gil, but without a high-quality PC, gaming devices and good components, you may not get a noticeable advantage.



The new format of hard drives, which replace old and slow hard drives, are being implemented very much, including in online games, and provide perhaps the most noticeable visual increase, especially in large gaming locations.

How it works – when you teleport to a location crowded with players, your Internet starts working to collect information and your hard drive to download it.

The SSD drive has a data processing speed increased by at least 10 times, and you will see enemies literally immediately, and not receive damage even without seeing the enemies, since they simply have not loaded yet.

The SSD can be connected to a PC as a separate hard drive, or directly to the motherboard.

The second option has the fastest speed, which starts the system and heavy programs in a matter of seconds. The same applies to loading locations and all enemies and monsters on it, so that you do not receive damage from unloaded invisibles.

Therefore, first take care of your SSD drive, and and replace your old hard drive.

Video card

If you want to play not only actively, but also comfortably and set high settings for a nice picture, you need a good video card.

A video adapter allows you to efficiently transmit and process images through a monitor.

Since many modern projects, such as Final Fantasy, use advanced graphics technologies and the times when everyone played on minimal graphics settings for the sake of performance are gone – now, subject to the standard logic of a good video card, processor, SSD and RAM, you can play on maximum graphics settings without performance problems.

Consider a minimum video card of 1650 and higher, it is better to choose from 3050-3070, or 4070-4090 if your budget allows.

If you love online games, then you are unlikely to be interested in other games, so it is better to take a universal device, starting from 3050 and above.

With a good video card, playing will be much more enjoyable, especially bright and luminous armor and weapons will look much better and more beautiful.

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Contrary to popular belief, these two devices work in pairs and are the hands and brain of a person if we allow such a comparison between a living being and a machine system.

A good processor will allow you to quickly process all types of information, including loading locations and the ability to work in stressful conditions, when many players and monsters are concentrated around you.

You need processors of the 5th, 7th or higher series and at least 12th generation, and then your PC will be able to run any MMO RPGs and other modern games under high load without drops in FPS.

When the game is fast, smooth and stable, you want to immerse yourself in it even more, learn its secrets and even find a way to quickly develop your hero.

To summarize, for a comfortable game in any MMO and regular project you need a 5, 7 or 9 series processor from Intel or Ryzen 12th generation or higher and RAM of 8GB or more, preferably 16, 32, or 64 GB. When you don’t have lags related to data processing speed and the presence of a large number of players on the map.

Gaming mouse

This is perhaps the cheapest upgradeable device you can buy, considering the prices for all gaming peripherals.

A mouse in an MMO RPG will allow you to:

  • Configure additional buttons.
  • Program macros.
  • Control DPI.
  • Change the color.

Configure additional buttons

Additional buttons allow you to program any keyboard keys and skill combinations onto a mouse button, so you can quickly access them and use the skills that matter to you a split second earlier.

This is so that you can farm monsters with simple skill combinations, or attack by simply pressing additional buttons without much effort. All you have to do is prepare and fully engage in PVP and raids.

This format is often used by modern players for personal convenience – each hero has several basic skills, which are displayed on three additional buttons. Sometimes this is a weak skill for aggravating monsters and mass attacks for quickly destroying them as a whole group.

Program macros

Each modern gaming mouse comes with its own software, which allows you not only to configure additional buttons, but also to program full cycles of actions that will be one-time or repeatable.

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This approach will help you set up combinations of skills and activate them with one button, or register a macro for independent hunting if such functionality is not provided for in your project by the system itself.

In fact, you will have a choice – farm yourself, set up macros and program all the options so that the player does not stand still.

Control DPI

DPI is a cursor sensitivity system that can be transferred to any game project. Often this parameter can be configured inside the game itself, but this function will not be superfluous inside the mouse.

In essence, these are the ability to quickly change sensitivity simply by pressing one button.

So, you will set up several scenarios and do not underestimate the ability to adjust the DPI.

It depends on how much you feel the cursor and can quickly and accurately aim at a monster or enemy, highlight it as a target and attack. The faster and more accurately you do this, the sooner you will enter the battle, and in a situation where you respond to aggression, you will miss less damage than you could before the start of the return battle.

Then it’s a matter of technology and your equipment. If you quickly identify the enemy, but have little to counter him, then you will need to buy a new weapon to change the balance of power in your favor.

The best option for all games is gaming mice with smart DPI. With its system, which recognizes the intensity of hand movement and selects the optimal sensitivity for greater accuracy, so that there are no undershoots or overshoots of the italics over the objects that need to be clicked on – this format is very helpful in shooters and MMO RPGs and does not require fine adjustment of the DPI.

RGB tint

All mice that are provided to players often have RGB coloring installed – it’s just a pleasant glow that you can customize to your favorite color and the pace of changing modes.

It sets the atmosphere and pleasant relaxation, especially when combined with an RGB keyboard and monitors, and with a well-designed gaming room

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