15 Best Game Server Hosting Platforms in 2023

Best Game Server Hosting Platforms: The gaming industry is changing and needs more computing power than ever! Video gaming has become a popular social activity where people worldwide can connect online, form teams, and start playing together. Join a big worldwide community of gamers who share your interests. Multiplayer role-playing games like Counter-Strike, Minecraft, Rust, Starbound, Ark, and Space Engineers are top-rated. There are games for everyone, with different styles, themes, and genres. Men, women, teenagers, professionals, and more can enjoy them, not just gamers.

What is a Game Server?

A game server is a type of server that hosts online games, allowing multiple players to connect and play together. A game server is a computer that controls and keeps track of a multiplayer game. Players update the server about their in-game activities, such as running, jumping, taking or receiving damage, fishing, and more. The server translates the inputs and sends the information back to the players.

Type of Game Server

1. Dedicated Game Servers

The most common type of game server is a dedicated game server. A dedicated game server is a powerful computer that runs all the time. The computer has a motherboard, CPU (processor), RAM (short-term storage), power supply, fans, and a case like any other computer. The CPU is the most essential part of a game server. It handles all the data in an online game.

A game server with a faster CPU can do more calculations per second, allowing it to handle higher tickrate gaming workloads. Data processing is crucial, but a game server is designed to have fast and efficient network connectivity. Game servers need powerful network cards to handle multiple connections from players sending data to the server.

2. Peer-to-Peer Game Servers

Peer-to-peer game servers are less common than other types of servers. Games that use peer-to-peer servers also tend to have fewer players playing simultaneously in a match. For example, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a game that uses peer-to-peer servers.

One player’s device is assigned to host the match in peer-to-peer games. It means that while the player is playing on their device, it also runs the game server in the background. Peer-to-peer games are cheaper for developers because they don’t need to purchase dedicated servers. However, this setup could be better for players.

Running the game client and server at the same time can strain the device. Additionally, all players in the game are dependent on the internet connection of the “host” player. When the host has a bad connection, it affects everyone playing the game.

Peer-to-peer game servers have limitations when it comes to handling a large number of players. It is because their performance depends on the connection’s quality; they are not designed to handle multiple connections simultaneously, and they cannot fully dedicate their resources to hosting the game.

Where are the game servers located?

1. Many dedicated servers are located in data centers

Dedicated servers are typically found in specialized data centers in big cities. These centers are built specifically for continuous operation and are always available. Data centers are equipped with cooling systems to maintain optimal hardware performance. They also have high-speed internet connectivity and two power sources for uninterrupted availability. Game servers require a strong connection, making data centers the ideal location for hosting them.

2. Some servers are located in people’s homes

While individuals can host their dedicated game servers at home, it is generally not recommended. To do this, people should have a reliable internet connection with fast upload and download speeds. It’s also essential to have backup power and cooling in place. Lastly, peer-to-peer game servers are hosted on the player’s game console or device, which means they can be located anywhere, typically in their own house.

15 Best Game Server Hosting Platforms

Here are some of the best game server hosting platforms you should consider;

1. UltaHost

Ultahost - Game Server

UltaHost is a top provider of gaming servers, offering reliable and fast hosting solutions to gamers worldwide. It has over ten years of experience and is known for its outstanding performance, excellent customer service, and affordable prices. UltaHost provides top-notch hardware and software for fast and dependable performance on your gaming server. UltaHost ensures no lags or slow loading speeds.

  1. Full Control
  2. Excellent Customer Support
  3. Multiple locations
  4. DDoS Security
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2. HostArmada

Hostarmada - Cloud Web Game Server

HostArmada is well-known for offering affordable cloud services. The services are excellent and affordable. Our servers are spread across global data centers, guaranteeing low latency for your players, regardless of location. HostArmada offers a range of operating systems, making it easy to find the perfect one for your game. The company offers dedicated hosting plans that include free SSD, free SSL, and free daily backups. HostArmada is both reliable and profitable. Other companies often charge extra for these services.


3. Amazon GameLift

Amazon Gamelift

Try Amazon GameLift for hosting game servers. It uses AWS to offer outstanding performance, fast response times, and cost savings. Improve your game using dedicated servers that can quickly grow, set up, and run.

It’s an excellent choice for multiplayer games. They set up instances securely, deploy servers on running instances, monitor game servers and instances, replace unhealthy ones, and balance server traffic. Amazon GameLift has game servers in 15 regions across five continents worldwide. It improves reliability and ease of maintenance.

Whether you like single or multiplayer games, both have fast-paced gameplay. GameLift always looks for servers with low latency. If the hosting service is unavailable, you can quickly set it up to handle more users and be closer to your players without hassle.


4. Sparkedhost

Sparkedhost Web Hosting

Are you looking for a reliable game hosting provider? Take a look at Sparked Host. They offer a wide selection of games and frequently add new ones. They have really impressive features. Sparked Host offers numerous remarkable features. They promise 99.9% uptime, meaning there will be minimal downtime. They also provide DDoS protection to ensure your service stays online constantly. If you have any problems, their support team is available 24/7. They also offer a 48-hour money-back guarantee for their game-hosting services.


5. InterServer

Interserver Web Hosting Game Server

InterServer is a top company for cloud hosting services. It specializes in cloud hosting. InterServer is known for being affordable and providing excellent customer service. InterServer offers a dedicated hosting plan with valuable services.

  1. DDoS Protection
  2. Up to 10GB port
  3. Up to 20TB transfer
  4. 24/7 Uptime monitoring


6. A2 Hosting


A2 Hosting is a top company that offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and WordPress hosting. Our hosting company offers services 6 times faster than any other company. It’s like a cherry on top! A2 Hosting is a good choice. They have many features and services to help you maximize your game server’s potential. Here are a few reasons why you should choose A2 hosting:

  1. 99.94% uptime
  2. Speed
  3. Money-back guarantee


7. Hostgator


We recommend HostGator for high professionals who need dedicated game server hosting. The game servers are powered by powerful hardware and are located in data centers worldwide. It ensures a smooth gaming experience for your players, regardless of location. HostGator provides useful features and tools for managing your game server. These include a custom control panel, free DDoS protection, and round-the-clock customer support. HostGator offers professional website services at an affordable price. The power services it provides include:

  1. Security
  2. 99.9% Uptime
  3. Lightning Speed
  4. DDoS Protection
  5. Unlimited Bandwidth.


8. GameServer


GameServer is a professional game server hosting company that offers power control over all players. This company competes strongly with ScalaCube and provides servers of a wider range of games. GameServer offers a wide range of games, improved services, and faster performance, making it a strong competitor to ScalaCube. GameServer offers professional game server hosting services. It offers game server hosting with unique services.


9. HostHavoc


HostHavoc is a well-known provider of game server hosting solutions. The game servers have advanced features and custom tools that are actively maintained, along with regular mod and game updates. HostHavoc offers over 25 different games for you to choose from.

Some popular games in this category are ARK: Survival Evolved, 7 Days to Die, Arma 3, Counter-Strike: GO, Garry’s Mod, Insurgency: Sandstorm, Minecraft, PixARK, Rust, Space Engineers, Squad, Terraria, and more. HostHavoc provides instant setup for game servers of your choice, making it easy to get started quickly.


10. Cloudzy


Cloudzy offers fast servers in over 15 global data centers. These servers are made to reduce delay and provide advanced features. Setting up and deploying your gaming server for popular titles like Minecraft, ARK, Rust, Interstellar Rift, Counter-Strike, L4D2, and more is a breeze. You can access more than 30 games for free. Experience fast and smooth gaming with our advanced NVMe SSD and KVM technology. You can play safely and efficiently with their smart firewall and DDoS protection. Their hosting solutions are made for online gaming. They use high-tech equipment and ensure resources are distributed without conflicts.

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11. Fozzy


Fozzy lets you host and play popular games like Minecraft, ARMA 3, 7 Days to Die, Rust, ARK, CS:GO, Team Fortress 2, and Valheim. It provides game servers for various games, each with different options like slots, RAM, and more. Certain games offer affordable 3-day plans for weekend fun with friends. You will get your gaming server in just 10 minutes after ordering.

Fozzy Game Servers wants to create a place where people can play games with their friends and make their own rules. Amateur gamers and professional admins work together to make game servers enjoyable. Fozzy is known for its friendly and human communication style. Their support team is also very friendly.


12. ScalaCube


ScalaCube is a company that specializes in game server hosting. It has been offering Minecraft server hosting for free for many years. They are well-known for their reliable and hassle-free service. It’s mainly about the game ‘Minecraft.’ ScalaCube’s services are satisfying for consumers. ScalaCube is a gaming server that is professionally designed. It means that the services are specifically designed and provided for wise individuals. It offers unlimited slots, multiple servers, plugin support, FTP support, and more.


13. provides gaming-focused cloud servers that are both flexible and powerful. The cloud platform is fast and performs well thanks to its powerful NVMe SSD disks and high-quality server hardware. This means it has the highest speed and minimal delay. Our network is reliable and secure, with multiple backup systems and fast internet speeds so that you can enjoy a seamless experience. offers a unique feature called Strict Anti-DDoS, explicitly designed for online gaming. This feature protects servers from harmful traffic and adds an extra layer of security against potential attacks. Just activate it in your client panel; no additional charges are required.


14. OVHcloud


OVHcloud offers dedicated servers specifically designed for online gaming. It provides game servers for a wide range of games and software programs. Some examples include Mumble, TeamSpeak, Counter-Strike, Rust, Minecraft, Ark, Arma, Garry’s Mod, L4D2, and Team Fortress.

The servers use AMD Ryzen processors with ZEN-2 architecture for a seamless online gaming experience. They are good at handling video and image processing, multitasking, and multiplayer gaming. OVHcloud offers robust anti-DDoS protection for servers, ensuring uninterrupted service. This security solution is unique because it can handle UDP traffic for audio, video files, and video games. It also monitors both outgoing and incoming traffic.

The game servers have a maximum bandwidth of 1GB/s, which ensures excellent performance and reliability. OVHcloud operates data centers worldwide. You can rent a game server closest to your location to minimize delay.


15. Google Cloud

Cloud google

Host your games on Google Cloud’s game servers for a smooth gaming experience. Our strong global infrastructure makes server management easy without any negative impact on performance. The game servers can reach speeds of up to 3.8 GHz. It has servers in 24 regions worldwide, which can be access in over 200 countries. No matter where your gaming partners are, they can connect easily thanks to the high-quality network. Google Cloud’s game servers offer customizable auto-scaling to meet your gaming needs. The server has a user-friendly control panel for easy management and fast deployment.


Final Words

The evolution of gaming is providing gamers with new experiences and opportunities for thrills. Technology firms now provide advanced game servers equipped with one-of-a-kind features and functions to make things easier. These servers allow users to compete with players from anywhere worldwide and deliver an unparalleled gaming experience. Therefore, get your gaming server from one of the mentioned sites right now.

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