Free Fire: How to Get Unlimited Diamonds for Free 2023

Free Fire: Get Unlimited Diamonds for Free: Smartphone gaming has become extremely popular in recent years due to games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty. In recent times, many games have reached new levels. According to Freedom Mobiles, Free Fire is the most popular mobile game in around 50 countries. They are an Independent Mobile Recycling firm. The data is from Google search volume. The firm used Ahrefs to find the most popular mobile games in 181 countries. According to the results, free Fire is the most popular game in about 50 countries. On this page, we will talk about how to get fire free diamonds for free.

Free Fire Most Popular Mobile Game

Free Fire Get Unlimited Diamonds

Battle games are the most favored genre in 101 countries. Free Fire is the most popular mobile game in terms of global search volume. It receives 12.86 million monthly searches, while Subway Surfers only gets 2.83 million. Brawl Stars is the top mobile game in 15 European countries out of 42.

Subway Surfers is the top mobile game in 22 African countries 44. The company found that people in different parts of the world have different preferences for mobile gaming. Among the 181 countries in the story, 23 mobile games were the most popular in at least one country.

1 Free Fire Battle 50
2 Subway Surfers Endless Runner 30
3 Brawl Stars Battle 19
3 PUBG Mobile Battle 19
5 2048 Puzzle 12
6 Bubble Shooter Arcade 10
7 Coin Master Adventure 7
7 Mobile Legends Battle 7
9 Minecraft: Pocket Edition Open World 5
10 Call of Duty: Mobile Battle/Shooter 4

Three of the top four most popular mobile games are battle-style games, with Subway Surfers being the only exception. The data is based on the number of countries where they are the most searched game. Free Fire is a game made by the Vietnamese company 111 Dot Studio. It came out in 2017.

What are Free Fire Diamonds?

Free Fire diamonds and BGMI UC are both premium in-game currencies. In Free Fire or Free Fire Max, you can use them to purchase costumes, guns, vehicle skins, and more. You can’t earn diamonds by playing Free Fire or Free Fire Max because they are a premium currency. But there are only a few valid ways to get them. If you want free diamonds in Free Fire, here are some methods you can try.

How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire, Free Fire Max

You can get Free Fire and Free Fire Max diamonds using redeem codes, the Booyah! App, Poll Pay, Google Opinion Rewards, Easy Rewards, and other methods. Here’s how they work.

1. Free Fire Redeem Codes

Free Fire Redeem Codes

To get free diamonds and other in-game items in Free Fire and Free Fire Max, the most popular method is by using redeem codes. Garena releases redeem codes during events and esports tournaments. Here’s a simple guide on how to claim Free Fire redeem codes for free diamonds:

  1. Go to the Free Fire Reward Redemption website on your web browser.
  2. You can log in with your Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Apple ID.
  3. Enter the redeem code and click ‘Confirm’ to claim your reward.
  4. You will receive your Free Fire redeem code rewards in your account within 24 hours.
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Please note that each server’s redeem codes for Free Fire and Free Fire Max are specific. It means a redeem code for the Indian server will not work on other servers. Each redeem code is valid for 24 hours only.

2. Booyah! App

BOOYAH App Google Play Store

Garena made Booyah!, an app for sharing gaming content. Users can earn Free Fire diamonds for free. Join the app’s hosted activities to participate in Free Fire and Free Fire Max events and competitions. You can make free diamonds in Free Fire or Free Fire Max. Use these diamonds to buy items from the in-game store. You can find the app on Google Play Store.

Download Booyah! app on Android

3. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

The Google Opinion Rewards app is a simple way to get free diamonds in Free Fire and Free Fire Max. The app gives rewards to users who participate in surveys. Google offers rewards in the form of Google Play Credits or iTunes gift cards for participating in surveys. These rewards can be used to get free diamonds in the game. iPhone users cannot use their iTunes gift cards to get free diamonds as these games are unavailable on the App Store. You can download the Google Opinion Rewards app on Android phones from the Google Play Store and iPhones from the App Store.

Download the Google Opinion Rewards app on Android | iPhone

4. Poll Pay App

Poll Pay App

The app works similarly to Google Opinion Rewards. You have to do tasks and quizzes to get free diamonds in Free Fire or Free Fire Max. You’ll earn cash rewards that can be transferred to your Google Play balance or iTunes gift cards. You can’t use iTunes gift cards to buy them on the App Store for iPhone users. You can find the Poll Pay app on both the Google Play and App Store.

Download the Poll Pay app on Android | iPhone

5. Easy Rewards

Easy Rewards

Easy Rewards is a GPT (get-paid-to) app similar to Google Opinion Rewards. Earn Google Play Credits by participating in surveys and quizzes. Use these credits to buy Free Fire diamonds. Unfortunately, the app is not on the App Store.

Download the Easy Reward app on Android.


1. Why do we want a free fire diamond code?

Free Fire diamonds unlock new characters, emotions, chat messages, and actions. You can use free fire diamonds to purchase popular characters such as Alvaro, DJ Alok, Luqueta, Kelly, Jota, Paloma, Rafael, Clu, Shimada, Hayato, A124, Laura, Wolfrahh, Adam, Antonio, and many others. It can be used to buy cosmetics and add-ons in the game. It can purchase characters, weapons, clothes, weapon skins, loot box skins, and more. If you’re unaware of the link for free diamonds in Free Fire, you can purchase them by spending a small amount of money.

2. Is there a tool to generate free diamonds for Free Fire?

You’ll find lots of results When you search for things like free fire redeems code generator or free fire diamond generator. Does the free fire diamond generator work? The answer is both NO and YES. Most of the time, these free fire diamond generators don’t work. The free fire diamond generators use a PHP coding script to generate random codes using letters and numbers.

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If you think about it mathematically, 1 out of the 10,000 diamond codes might work for you. A single code could be like winning the lottery if you’re lucky. But it’s almost impossible. It’s best to avoid falling into these traps. If you believe in your luck, try the free fire diamond generator tools.

3. Are free fire diamond tricks effective?

Absolutely not. Avoid engaging in illegal activities such as trying free fire diamond tricks. Avoid using ineffective free-fire diamond methods, which can lead to trouble. Free Fire can permanently block your Free Fire ID.

If you’re trying to find ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire, like searching for terms such as “Free Fire diamond” or “Free Fire unlimited diamond mod,” it’s important to know that these methods go against Free Fire’s policy.

It’s best to respect a company’s privacy policy. If not, Garena will permanently ban your account. Please only use legitimate methods to get free diamonds in Free Fire. It would help if you spent time on legal tricks and apps to get free diamonds. It’s best to play it safe.

4. Why can’t you purchase Free Fire diamonds on an iPhone?

As Free Fire game was banned in many countries, Free Fire and Free Fire Max were removed from the App Store. Players with installed games on their iPhones can still play them, but they won’t be able to make in-game purchases. You can only pay for in-game transactions on iOS through the App Store. You can’t buy diamonds in Free Fire or Free Fire Max because the game isn’t on the App Store. It needs to be clarified: Garena will create a website for buying diamonds directly, like how you purchase a Spotify subscription on iOS. If you try to buy them, you may encounter an error message stating, “Transaction error due to poor network.”

5. How to purchase Free Fire diamonds from third-party platforms

Here’s a simple guide on buying diamonds from third-party platforms. In addition to Google Play Store and App Store, there are other platforms where you can purchase them. Several outlets, such as Codashop, Seagm, Dundle, MTC Game, Meplay, are available.

  1. Open the MTC Game website in your web browser.
  2. To find Free Fire, type it in the search box on the homepage.
  3. To top up your Free Fire (Garena) diamonds, click here.
  4. Choose the Free Fire Diamonds bundle you wish to buy.
  5. Please provide your Free Fire User ID, which can be found on the profile screen of Free Fire. Once you have entered your User ID, proceed to complete the payment.
  6. You will receive diamonds in your account.


This post is about free diamonds in Free Fire and it’s meant to provide information and be helpful. Our blog does not provide any hacking tricks or illegal information. This article is just a quick heads up about avoiding scams like the free Google Play generator. Stay safe out there! We advise visitors to be cautious of online sources claiming to provide free fire codes or diamonds. It is not possible to cheat or get them from any source.

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