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15 Best GPS Tracking Software For your Business in 2023

GPS Tracking Software

Best GPS Tracking Software in 2023: GPS Tracking Software is the one solution with multiple features – view object real-time location and monitor sensors using widgets, manage history and reports, receive notifications about important events, maintenance management, remote device control, review incidents using images or video telematics, set custom billing plans, Android and iOS client and phone tracking applications, multilingual interface, access API to develop custom solutions, 800+ GPS devices supported.

The solution is for personal or small business vehicle tracking and mobile phone management. An account allows real-time viewing of specific item positions via web browser, immediate viewing of past tracks and quick notice of incidents requiring urgent action, generation of different reports, remote operation of devices, and more. The GPS Tracking software is user-friendly, mobile-friendly, has an intuitive user interface, and is intended to connect with various GPS tracking devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Choose a price plan suited to your requirements based on the number of devices added to your account, which determines the cost of the service.

15 Best GPS Tracking Software

Here we list some of the best GPS tracking software for fleet management and real-time tracking for your company.

1. GoCodes

GoCodes provides a GPS asset monitoring system with passive and active GPS tracking modes. This GPS tracking software comprises web-based software, mobile scanning applications, and QR labels. It includes everything necessary to establish a customized asset-tracking system that your whole team can use.


2. Samsara

Samsara is a fleet operations management platform designed to assist various industries, including transportation, logistics and construction, in streamlining fleet operations with features such as GPS fleet tracking, ELD compliance, routing and dispatch, documents, reporting, and alerts, among others. Live GPS tracking displays the location of cars in real-time, enabling users to provide clients with precise ETAs. Integrated dash cameras, driver safety ratings, automated warnings for speeding idling, and geofences help users to protect their company and assets. Samsara is an ELD solution certified by the FMCSA. If you are looking for the best GPS tracking software Samsara is for you.


3. Azuga Fleet

Combine standard GPS fleet monitoring with driver visibility, gamification, and awards to increase safety and ROI. Get the whole picture of what’s occurring on the road – not only location, but also driver behavior, speeding, idling, stops, harsh braking, vehicle health and diagnostics, and dangerous occurrences where and when they occur, minute-by-minute, along with a variety of features that are exclusive to Azuga GPS tracking software. No restrictive agreements. Start within 22 seconds.


4. RAM Tracking

RAM Tracking’s platform provides a user-friendly interface with controls, high-quality Navteq maps, and an activity grid that displays any vehicle’s position, speed, and status in real time. Owners and managers may monitor whether a car is in motion, parked, idle, or even exceeding the speed limit. Real-time screen notifications warn users of status changes, geofence violations, or idle exceptions. In addition, users are notified through email of any unauthorized out-of-hours usage, late starts, or early finishes. The system provides more than 15 standard reports and can run reports on demand and in real time.

A gadget put into a car is used by vehicle tracking technology. The global positioning system (GPS) detects its coordinates and transmits them to RAM Tracking’s advanced servers over a mobile network. All real-time and historical data is saved and accessible through the solution’s cloud-based gateway from any internet-connected computer, laptop, or mobile device.

RAM tracking offers a mobile application version of their vehicle tracking technology, allowing customers to manage their mobile workforce while on the road. Business owners and fleet managers may monitor the position and status of all cars in real-time, access historical data, and generate reports. In addition, the software allows users to contact drivers instantaneously and locate the vehicle closest to a specific postal code. You can consider it among the best GPS tracking software.


5. IntelliShift

It is the ONLY fleet intelligence platform that allows organizations with the vehicle and heavy equipment fleets to EASILY access ALL fleet operations data from a single platform. IntelliShift’s solutions are intended to address safety and operational issues, and they may be readily integrated with the point solutions you already use to provide digestible perspectives.


6. Force by Mojio

Force by Mojio was designed with company owners in mind from the bottom up. It includes all of the essential functions and is not too complicated. Force by Mojio provides a real-time vehicle tracking experience, with updates occurring every 10 seconds or less. A standout feature is RoadScore, which gives managers an easy-to-understand number out of 100 that indicates how safely each driver has been driving. It is among small enterprises’ simplest and most cost-effective GPS monitoring options.


7. Rhino Fleet Tracking

Rhino Fleet Monitoring is a fleet tracking solution for businesses of all sizes that includes GPS tracking, fleet maintenance tools, after-hours notifications, geofencing, and extensive reporting. Users may receive insight into their fleet and employee activity, such as routes, time spent on tasks, speed, ignition on/off reports, idle intervals, fuel consumption, and more, by using the cloud-based software in conjunction with a vehicle monitoring device customized to their business’s requirements. It is among the top GPS tracking software.



GPSWOX is a geolocation monitoring program that enables organizations of all sizes to monitor the real-time GPS location of their fleet and field staff. The admin interface allows managers to categorize devices and provide role-based permissions, preventing certain workers from viewing, altering, or deleting data. It is the best GPS tracking software.

It allows team supervisors to monitor the actions of field personnel and fleet based on a variety of variables, including travel speed, fuel consumption, locations, distance traveled, and driving hours. The notifications feature allows supervisors to get event-based warnings for geo-fence violations, speeding, theft, and unscheduled stopovers. It also enables corporate owners to develop administrative reports that provide insight into several key performance indicators (KPIs), such as driver routes, vehicle engine performance, and staff work hours.



It is a fleet management system and a COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) enterprise solution developed to assist logistics companies in simplifying asset management and vehicle tracking operations via a uniform site. In addition, the platform provides add-ons for using telemetry data, asset pooling, fuel imports, and more.

It contains labor and maintenance management capabilities, allowing users to manage labor hours, technician workstations, staff training, certifications, and issuing work orders, among other things. Furthermore, the integrated inventory management system enables administrators to keep track of vehicle components to prevent theft or misuse. In addition to parts history, fuel management, business analysis, accounting, barcode scanning, printing, change tracking, and picture uploading, different functions are available.


10. Timeero

Timeero is a mobile and desktop application for monitoring employee time and whereabouts. With the cloud-based Timeero platform, workers can automatically clock in and out of shifts and register hours worked. At the same time, employers can manage billable hours and the whereabouts of their personnel and produce timesheets. Features such as GPS tracking, a time clock, payroll reporting, employee profiles, and timesheet production enable businesses to monitor employees, and incredibly remote workers and guarantee accurate and honest time cards. You can consider Timeero as the reliable GPS tracking software.


11. Titan GPS

Titan GPS is a provider of fleet management and real-time tracking for your company. It gives the capabilities necessary to assess, manage, and enhance fleet performance effectively. By optimizing routes, scheduling stops, gathering vital data for analysis and reporting, and providing a comprehensive audit trail, Titan GPS may help propel your organization ahead.


12. Tenna

Tenna is a technological platform for the construction industry that revolutionizes equipment fleet operations. It provides enhanced visibility with dependable tracking and a unifying platform for mixed fleets based on over a century of construction expertise.

Tenna gives you more visibility from the machine to the project and enterprise levels. Better own, move, buy/rent choices, more significant usage, and more predictable days result in increased profits.


13. Linxup

Linxup is a GPS monitoring and fleet management solution for businesses of all kinds — from a single car to tens of thousands — who want to increase the efficiency and safety of their fleet and save expenditures and operating expenses. It is a simple, economical, scalable, and dependable solution for your GPS tracking requirements, with over 200,000 tracking devices deployed and over 43,000 clients. It is among the best GPS tracking software.


14. Wialon

Wialon is a robust white-label GPS tracking, fleet management, and IoT platform. A web-based SaaS version and a server software solution are available for the telematics platform. Both versions include online monitoring, fuel management, route optimization, sensor data collecting, and several driver management options.

Wialon supports over 2,700 distinct GPS tracking device types. The escalating number renders the Wialon platform device-agnostic, allowing you to select a suitable telematics device for each project. It is among the best GPS tracking software you can consider in 2023.



Webfleet Solutions is one of the major global suppliers of telematics solutions, specializing in fleet management, vehicle telematics, and linked car services. Its primary Software-as-a-Service product, WEBFLEET, is used by enterprises of all sizes to enhance vehicle performance, save fuel, assist drivers, and boost fleet efficiency.

In addition, Webfleet Solutions offers services for the insurance, rental, and leasing sectors, automotive importers, and firms that cater to business and consumer requirements. Webfleet Solutions has over 50,000 clients globally and supports drivers in over 100 countries, offering them the industry’s largest local support network and the broadest selection of industry-specific third-party apps and connections.


Final Words

GPS tracking software is a management system that transportation-related businesses often use to monitor corporate assets, such as cars, equipment, and drivers. GPS fleet tracking systems, often known as telematics, enable enterprises to monitor the whereabouts of their products and equipment in near-real time while also giving valuable information regarding fleet and driver performance. Understanding what a telematics system enables you to know how it may assist your company in reducing expenses (such as fuel consumption), managing vehicle maintenance, monitoring your mobile workforce, and ensuring driver safety and compliance.

Learn about the top GPS tracking services on the market to choose the ideal one for your company. GPS tracking software may enhance driver safety, increase fleet performance, maintain vehicle health, and ensure legal compliance. Transport, construction, utilities, retail and manufacturing, distribution, government, and public safety are common industries that use GPS tracking software. Generally, a fleet tracking system’s cost comprises an initial price for each tracking device and a monthly subscription for its tracking service capabilities.

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