10 Best WhatsApp Automation Tools in 2024

WhatsApp Automation Tools in 2024: WhatsApp is a viral messaging platform people frequently use to send and receive messages. It has become an excellent platform for businesses to connect with customers and promote their products easily. It can be used to send promotional messages and establish a brand image.

You can achieve all these functions using WhatsApp automation tools. With various features like automated responses and scheduled messages, these tools have revolutionized how businesses interact and communicate on WhatsApp. Now, let’s explore these tools in detail below.

What is WhatsApp Automation?

WhatsApp automation involves using tools to simplify and oversee communication on the WhatsApp messaging platform. One way to streamline processes is by utilizing bots to automate various tasks, responses, or interactions.

Many businesses use automation to improve customer support, address common inquiries, send automated messages, and streamline transactions. It enables effective and uniform customer communication, saving time and resources.

How Does WhatsApp Automation Work?

WhatsApp automation is made possible through the use of an API. Businesses can easily integrate their existing system with WhatsApp using these APIs, allowing for task automation. Various WhatsApp business automation tools are available that provide APIs for seamless integration with WhatsApp.

After the integration is finished, the business can easily handle customer interactions, communication, support tickets, and more through chatbots.

Why Do You Need WhatsApp Automation?

Automating WhatsApp messages allows for the convenient delivery of notifications and updates to customers. These include important announcements, product launches, and order status updates. Here are a few more reasons to consider adoption:

1. Better Efficiency

Automation simplifies repetitive tasks, enabling businesses to efficiently manage inquiries, messages, and transactions without manual intervention.

2. Instant Responses

Efficient automation guarantees quick responses to customer inquiries, enhancing user satisfaction by minimizing waiting times.

3. Task Automation

In addition to communication, it can help automate various tasks, including order processing, appointment scheduling, and notifications.

4. Customer Engagement

Automation can help businesses connect with customers more personally by sending tailored messages, promotions, or updates. It can lead to stronger customer relationships.

5. Data Insights

Regularly offer analytics and insights on user interactions, assisting businesses in comprehending customer behavior and preferences.

Top 10 Free WhatsApp Automation Tools for Business

1. AiSensy

AiSensy offers a wide range of features to enhance your WhatsApp engagement. From broadcasting promotional offers to automating notifications and reminders and providing live chat support on multiple devices, AiSensy is a comprehensive platform that can meet all your needs.

In addition, you have the option to incorporate a WhatsApp Chatbot to streamline sales and customer support processes. This WhatsApp automation software offers a range of features, including contact importing and exporting, retargeted messaging, eCommerce platform integration, and more.

Aisensy Features

  1. Share special deals with an unlimited number of customers.
  2. Offer your products through catalogs.
  3. Simplify message automation with seamless integrations.
  4. Create chatbots to enhance customer support and engagement.
  5. Make ads that allow users to click and connect through WhatsApp easily.


2. Brevo

Bravo, formerly known as Sendinblue, is a platform designed to assist businesses in cultivating relationships with their customers and effectively engaging them through various channels such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

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It allows you to easily create email campaigns, schedule and automate SMS campaigns, send broadcast announcements over WhatsApp, analyze engagement data, and more.

Features of Brevo

  1. Develops multimedia campaigns
  2. Directly oversees all campaigns.
  3. Simplifies messaging by aligning it with the customer’s journey
  4. Conducts A/B testing to enhance campaign performance.


3. BusinessOnBot

The BusinessOnBot software simplifies WhatsApp marketing automation, making it effortless for D2C customers to manage their business on this platform. It is commonly utilized by brands to attract new customers, interact with existing ones, and increase their sales, all through WhatsApp.

It allows you to send customized messages and special promotions, set up quick checkout choices, handle customer responses, and more.

Features of BusinessOnBot WhatsApp Automation Platform

  1. Creates a message broadcast
  2. Seamlessly incorporates your advertisements.
  3. Develops successful campaigns by categorizing users
  4. Streamlines and simplifies your marketing campaigns.


4. BotPenguin

BotPenguin is a user-friendly platform that allows businesses and individuals to effortlessly create chatbots for websites like websites, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and more. With the creation of chatbots, you can automate various tasks such as customer support, marketing, and sales.

This software offers a range of useful features, such as personalized message creation, customer ticket management, interview booking management, and conversational workflow creation.

BotPenguin Features

  1. Promotes and offers products for sale
  2. Offers round-the-clock customer assistance through a chatbot
  3. Develops and oversees drip campaigns
  4. Effortlessly send multiple messages at once.


5. Vepaar

Vepaar provides a range of WhatsApp CRM features for efficient customer management. These features allow for direct improvement of customer relationship management activities. This tool is excellent for managing customer interactions, enhancing customer relationships, and increasing sales.

Vepaar Features

  1. Introducing a convenient way to gather customer feedback: a WhatsApp poll!
  2. Create a link that can easily be shared on social media.
  3. Offers a variety of templates for quick replies
  4. Saves customers and group chat automatically.


6. Interakt

With Interakt’s WhatsApp automation tool, you can effortlessly handle your sales and marketing operations on WhatsApp. It allows you to automate your business notifications, create conversational flows, generate automated checkout workflows, and manage customer experiences over WhatsApp, among other things. Our templates make it a breeze to automate WhatsApp workflows.

Interakt Features

  1. Creates workflows based on events
  2. Generates ads that allow users to click and connect via WhatsApp easily
  3. Provides a team inbox for seamless collaboration with colleagues
  4. Offers the ability to send both one-time and recurring campaigns
  5. Monitors campaign performance to identify areas for improvement.


7. QuickReply

QuickReply AI is a convenient WhatsApp business solution that helps eCommerce brands simplify their marketing, sales, and customer support tasks. It allows for automated processes and two-way conversations on WhatsApp.

This software offers a range of features to enhance customer service, such as handling queries, collecting feedback through conversations, and sending order status updates. It provides a Team inbox where all team members can easily access and manage client interactions.

Features of QuickReply

  1. Make promotional broadcasts and drip campaigns.
  2. Sends a friendly reminder about your abandoned cart
  3. Streamlines the process of creating prepaid orders
  4. Offers the WhatsApp Business API for streamlining customer support.
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8. Wati offers WhatsApp business automation software that allows businesses to send and receive messages quickly on WhatsApp. It also helps automate customer interaction and communication.

Wati allows for seamlessly integrating WhatsApp into your current communication channel, making customer support, sales, and marketing tasks more efficient. It provides various features, including a chatbot builder that requires no coding, a centralized team inbox, a message sequence scheduler, and more.

Features of Wati

  1. Offers up-to-date information on products
  2. Forms teams for chat support, sales, marketing, and more.
  3. Organizes and sorts contact lists for easy management
  4. Makes user interaction and conversations more personalized.


9. WappBlaster

WappBlaster is a powerful WhatsApp marketing automation tool that allows you to send personalized messages to your customers in real-time without worrying about being blocked or marked as spam. You can enhance your messages by adding images and videos.

WappBlaster offers a range of features to simplify your WhatsApp automation. You can easily manage campaigns, send product reminders, import contacts, collect customer feedback, and send bulk messages.

WappBlaster Features

  1. Send unlimited messages, videos, PDFs, and more to your customers.
  2. Generates poll message
  3. Delivers personalized messages to clients
  4. Develops chatbots for seamless customer communication.


10. ManyChat

ManyChat is a platform that automates conversations with customers on Facebook and WhatsApp using chatbots.

You can use it to create chatbots for personalized conversations, manage customer tickets, collect lead data, and much more. This tool for WhatsApp web automation also assists in creating retargeting ad campaigns to increase the conversion rate significantly.

Features of ManyChat

  1. Organize customers into segments and assign tags.
  2. Simplifies and streamlines customer interaction and conversations
  3. Develops highly effective remarketing campaigns
  4. Assigns leads to team members based on qualifications
  5. Imports data from Ads directly.


Conclusion: Which is the Best WhatsApp Automation Tool?

WhatsApp automation tools are incredibly useful for simplifying communication and improving customer interaction on WhatsApp. These tools assist businesses and individuals in streamlining tasks, optimizing message management, and effortlessly connecting with their audience.

These tools mentioned earlier were quite popular. It’s important to consider your own requirements before making a selection.


How to automate WhatsApp message?

If you want to automate your WhatsApp messages, tools are available specifically for that purpose. Using this tool, you can automate various types of messages, such as welcome, promotional, and broadcast messages.

What is WhatsApp marketing automation?

WhatsApp marketing automation involves using the WhatsApp API to streamline customer interactions, communication, and promotional messages.

What are the free WhatsApp automation tools?

Several free WhatsApp automation tools are available, such as Whatso, Wati, WhatSender, QuickReply, RapBooster, and SendApp.

Are there any WhatsApp automation tool free?

Indeed, there are numerous free WhatsApp automation tools available to streamline tasks, responses, and interactions. Several popular options are available, such as Instant replies, Twilio, Whatso, MessageBird, DelightChat, Trengo, and more.

What is WhatsApp Web automation?

Automating tasks and interactions within the WhatsApp web interface is made possible through tools. You can easily handle various aspects of your communication and workflow.

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