The Benefits of Vaping CBD for Users

Vaping pens ate gaining immense popularity among users, and there are several reasons for such crazy hype. Let’s examine them in detail.

Vaping Pens

Vaping is the new hype today, with millions of smokers and non-smokers resorting to this fun activity. Those who used to smoke cigarettes or hookah are attracted by a new, convenient method of enjoying smooth smoke on the go. Even users who never tried a cigarette may experiment with vapes with no strings attached. Thus, even though vaping technology is still under-researched, and many experts caution against its harmful effects on lung health, vaping is very popular.

The CBD market also doesn’t stand aside and joins the bandwagon of vaping adoptees. Regular CBD users and those who just want to give CBD a try can buy a CBD vaping device at an affordable cost and monitor the effects they enjoy as a result. In fact, vaping is popular for a reason, and here we consider the benefits CBD consumers can derive from this administration method. You can find a more detailed overview of CBD vape pens to choose the best product for a safe and rewarding user experience.

CBD consumption product

So, What’s the Hype About?

Vapes are undoubtedly the most popular CBD consumption product category today, as well as regular vapes among smokers. This popularity can be explained by several pros that users report about having a CBD vaping device by their side.

Bioavailability of CBD

Studies revealed that inhalation of CBD, either by smoking a pre-roll or using a vaping pen, ensures the highest level of CBD availability in the organism. Besides, the effects are felt much quicker than after using a CBD oil or edible, as the extract gets to the bloodstream pretty quickly in the lungs. This effect is immediate, compared to other products consumed orally, which need to pass through the digestive system for CBD to get absorbed in the gut. Thus, edibles can take hours to start acting, while CBD vaping juice acts immediately and gives you much-needed relief and relaxation.


Another considerable advantage is taking a puff or two and relaxing without anyone knowing. Some users are not ready to expose their CBD use routines in public, so vaping CBD looks like regular vaping, with no pointers to the CBD content in the odor or smoke appearance. In addition, the very vaping experience is much more discreet and comfortable than smoking a bong or a joint. You don’t need to make any preliminary arrangements, like the dry weed buds and a lighter, and you don’t require auxiliary devices to get your desired CBD dose.

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Apart from the discreet consumption experience, CBD vaping pens are ultimately convenient. You only need to take the device out of your pocket, press one button to activate the battery, and wait a few seconds for the vaping liquid to warm up. After that, you inhale the smoke from the device and get the CBD delivered right to your lungs. Depending on the CBD concentration in your vaping liquid, you may need just 1-2 puffs to calm down and relax. Thus, the CBD intake turns into a matter of under one minute.

Precise Dosing

CBD vaping liquids, especially those manufactured by reliable, legit brands, are precisely dosed for a safe and well-planned CBD routine. This way, you only have to do simple math to calculate how much CBD every puff will contain. It works as follows: you buy a vaping device with a, let’s say, 1g tank for vaping liquid. You buy the vaping juice with a 1,000mg CBD concentration per 1g. The only thing you need to know is the number of puffs 1g will give; if it’s around 1,000 puffs, then the math is very simple. You get 1mg of CBD with every puff. Using this data, you can calculate how many puffs you should take to achieve the intended health results and get your optimal daily dose of cannabidiol.

High CBD Doses in One Puff

CBD vaping industry is highly user-friendly, so most brands offer wide customization of CBD concentrations in vaping juice products. So, you can buy e-liquid for your vaping device with 200mg, 400mg, 800mg, 1,000mg CBD per 1g, or even more. It’s you who decides on the potency of your vaping liquid, and it’s very easy to adjust your CBD intake to the recommended daily dose you need. No need to vape the entire device’s tank in one day with a super low concentration; if you feel no effects after a series of puffs, you may buy more potent liquids and enjoy quick effects after just a couple of inhalations.

Variety of Flavors

The best thing about CBD vaping is that vaping juices are now available in dozens of juicy, mouth-watering flavors. Many users report the fantastic experience of smoking their vapes because of the concentrated, natural aromas and flavors brands add to the mixes. However, it’s vital to check the label and CoA of your e-liquid for synthetic additives, as many producers add artificial flavors in an effort to save money at the expense of users’ health.

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Esthetically Pleasing Experience

Let’s face it; smoking a vaping device is an elegant and aesthetically pleasing experience that doesn’t trouble people around you as much as a cigarette would and gives you a sense of fulfillment and comfort. Most vaping pens are minimalist and elegant in design, while refillable vaping devices are real works of modern art. So, you will never look weird or inappropriate with a vaping pen in your hands.

A Growing Community

Another issue that pushes many young people into vaping is that everyone does it. The vaper community grows quickly due to the benefits we’ve just described. Thus, having a vaping pen is the new normal rather than an exception. It’s no longer associated with a bad habit; vapes are in vogue.

Are Vaping Pens Better than Other CBD Products?

With all these benefits reviewed in detail, we still need to issue a note of caution to all fans of vaping out there. It’s okay to use CBD via vaping, as it’s the quickest method to get CBD absorbed into your bloodstream and enjoy tangible effects. Besides, the bioavailability of vaped CBD is much higher than that of edibles. Yet, it’s not a good reason to say that CBD vaping is the best method of CBD consumption for everyone.

First, you should note that vaping is a generally bad, addictive habit, and many regular smokers resort to vaping in hopes of dropping their smoking addiction. In reality, they only get a new harmful habit. Second, CBD vaping juice always contains avoidable chemicals and additives you won’t consume if you choose, for instance, CBD oil or tincture. Thus, it’s always a matter of balance. Base your choice on your personal considerations about risks and benefits, and you will surely enjoy a safe and beneficial CBD user experience.

The author of this article is Tia Moskalenko, an avid fan of the CBD industry and a blogger at AskGrowers. Tia is fascinated by the potential of CBD products for people, so she shares her research findings, product picks, and use recommendations for current and aspiring CBD consumers to advance CBD use for health and wellness.

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