What is Mcgriff Insurance Service? Benefits, Plans and Login

Mcgriff Insurance Services: The McGriff name was introduced in 1886 when McGriff, Seibels & Williams was established as a business. Today, McGriff operates as a division of Truist Insurance Holdings, Inc., ranked as one of the top 10 biggest insurance brokers worldwide.

McGriff offers highly consultative risk management and insurance services for companies of all sizes, in addition to catering to the requirements of individuals in need of insurance. The various coverages include commercial property and casualty insurance, employee benefits, management liability, personal lines of insurance, and many more.

What is McGriff?

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Clients from around the United States may get risk management and insurance solutions from McGriff Insurance Services, Inc., an insurance broker that provides complete services. The company covers the following types of insurance: commercial property and casualty, corporate bonding and surety services, cyber, management liability, captives, alternative risk transfer programs, small business, employee benefits, title insurance, personal lines, life and health, and umbrella insurance. Truist Insurance Holdings, Inc. is the parent company, and McGriff I is one of its subsidiaries.

Truist Mortgage has formed a partnership with McGriff, one of the top service retail insurance brokers in the United States, to provide McGriff’s new online personal insurance marketplace, McGriff powered by Covered, to Truist Mortgage’s mortgage customers as part of a one-stop home financing experience. McGriff is one of the leading service retail insurance brokers in the United States.

Truist customers applying for a mortgage may instantly begin to look for house insurance simultaneously, minimizing the pressure of having to deal with many transactions at once, which is one of the challenges that can make the process of owning a home so difficult. In addition, when using McGriff powered by Covered, the information provided in a loan application may concurrently be used to generate insurance quotations from several of the most reputable companies in the country.

The user-friendly insurance platform is wider than just offering house insurance policies. When clients connect with a McGriff adviser, they have access to various insurance options, including car, umbrella, flood, and many more.


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An Introduction to Truist Insurance Holdings

Truist Bank owns 100 percent of its insurance brokerage company, Truist Insurance Holdings, Inc., which ranks as the seventh biggest insurance broker worldwide and the sixth largest in the United States. Through its subsidiaries, McGriff Insurance Services, Inc., CRC Insurance Services, Inc., Crump Life Insurance Services, Inc., and AmRisc, LLC, as well as it’s Premium Finance companies, Truist Insurance Holdings manages more than 250 locations across the United States (AFCO Credit Corporation, Prime Rate Premium Finance Corporation, Inc., and CAFO Inc.).

The BB&T Insurance Holdings Company

A wholly owned subsidiary of Truist Bank, BB&T Insurance Holdings, Inc. is now ranked as the fifth biggest insurance broker in the United States and the sixth most considerable in the world. Through its subsidiaries, McGriff Insurance Services, Inc., McGriff, Seibels & Williams, Inc., CRC Insurance Services, Crump Life Insurance Services, and AmRisc, LLC, BB&T Insurance Holdings manages more than 200 locations around the country.

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What services does McGriff offer?

McGriff provides commercial property, casualty insurance, corporate bonding and surety services, cyber insurance, management liability insurance, captives and alternative risk sharing programs, small business insurance, employee benefits insurance, title insurance, personal lines insurance, life insurance, and health insurance.

  1. Business Insurance
  2. Risk Management
  3. Employee Benefits
  4. Personal Insurance

1. Business Insurance

As a national broker, McGriff combine the resources of a large broker with the customized, boutique-level service of a small agency. Our client-centric strategy drives everything we do at every level, allowing us to tailor coverage and optimize costs to protect your business’s particular problems, objectives, and vision.

Auto & Transportation, Bonding & Surety Services, Commercial Flood, Commercial Liability, Commercial Property, Cyber Liability, Executive Risk Advisors, International and Small Business, Succession Planning, Trade Credit, Transactional Risk, and Workers’ Compensation are examples of business insurance solutions.

2. Risk Management

Regardless of your sector or company focus, McGriff protects your assets and reduces your risk exposure. Using a combination of conventional brokerage services and new risk management tactics, they devise ways to minimize or mitigate the impact of risk, allowing you to maintain consistent and effective company operations.

Allow McGriff to put their expertise to work for you. As a national broker, they combine the capabilities of large brokers with a customized level of service from beginning to end.

As part of a multidimensional, high-performing financial services firm, McGriff is on the top position to provide you with the most innovative risk management services. Client-Focused Risk Solutions® is a five-phase patented methodology that combines conventional brokerage-driven services, corporate risk management, and total cost of risk methods. McGriff risk management includes the following five steps;

  1. Identify hazards
  2. Analyze information
  3. Develop a strategy
  4. Implement a plan
  5. Monitor and modify

3. Employee Benefit Plans

For over a century, McGriff has provided insurance solutions for many businesses and organizations, focusing on innovative employee benefit products and services that minimize costs, increase employee engagement, and give HR more time to concentrate on strategic goals. With services like plan design suggestions, financing analysis, proposal analysis, carrier negotiations, and the selection and execution of employee benefits programs, McGriff’s methodology guarantees that you get best solutions that fulfill your objectives.

Benefits administration technology, COBRA administration, and clinical wellness and health engagement are included in employee benefits solutions.

4. Personal Insurance Coverage

The McGriff team of experienced specialists talks with you and focuses on your requirements, offering you the best possible combination of coverage, service, and price from some of the nation’s leading insurance companies, including Travelers, Nationwide, Safeco, Progressive, and many more.

  1. Simple, practical, consultative method
  2. Dedicated staff certified in all fifty states.
  3. Competitive pricing and flexible payment options
  4. Dedication to locating the most efficient and cost-effective coverage for your requirements
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Insurance brokers negotiate directly with insurance providers on your behalf to optimize the value of your policies. McGriff is pleased to assess your existing coverage and design a program for your home, family, and valuables at the most affordable prices.

Home, Auto, Motorcycle & ATV, Boat, Marine & RV, Flood, Personal Umbrella & Excess Liability, Jewelry, Pet, Life, Long-Term Care, Disability, & Medicare/Health are covered by McGriff Personal Insurance.

How to Login McGriff?

Mcgriff Login

McGriff Login for Business Clients must provide their login credentials before they may access their business account. Please contact a local insurance expert if you are a client who still needs to receive login credentials for the CSR-24 or the Safety, Health, and Environmental Training Portal.

Suppose you want access to an individual account (for a plan member). In that case, you will need to pick either a defined benefit plan, a flexible benefits plan, or the COBRA Administration account type. To access one’s McGriff account, a person must first choose the kind of account they have, which may be one of the following: FSA, HSA, HRA, TSA, Retirement, or COBRA.

To sign in to McGriff using any of the accounts described in the previous paragraph, you must choose the appropriate account type and click the Login button on the right side of the screen. Simply providing the needed information will allow you to log in successfully to your account.


  1. Business Clients Login
  2. Employers Login
  3. Individuals Login

McGriff Contact and Phone Number

McGriff Insurance Services is concerned about our customers, coworkers, and communities that recent hurricanes and storms may have touched. And they have promised to do all in their capability to help with any inquiries about the claims process and to provide assistance during this tragic time.

For questions about claims for business insurance

please send an email to [email protected] or call 800-990-4228.

For personal insurance claims

Please call 800-228-1820, or visit: McGriff Personal Insurance Contact Details

Final Words

McGriff has helped businesses and organizations of all sizes by developing highly individualized strategies for risk management, insurance, and employee benefits. Professionals with expertise in insurance, risk management, and employee benefits at McGriff are responsible for developing highly individualized services and delivering them by a patented and preventative methodology that they refer to as Client Focused Risk Solutions.

In the states of Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia, McGriff operates more than 120 different agencies. In addition, McGriff has a significant worldwide reach since our operations span over 120 countries. The whole effect comprises global scope, regional concentration, and local service. When it comes to protecting its clients’ assets and ensuring their future, McGriff is driven by a passionate and dedicated approach to the success of its clients.

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