32 Best Minecraft RPG Servers List 2023

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Minecraft has many player-made servers with different genres. There are many servers to choose from, from action-oriented to PvP. RPG servers do not have options for players who want custom features, storylines, and special activities. Minecraft RPG servers offer a creative and engaging twist on the original game. Minecraft roleplaying usually involves mechanics and a fantasy fiction setting. The top Minecraft RPG servers have lots of players in a virtual world. They all help create a rich story for the server. Here are the top Minecraft roleplay servers offering custom maps, quests, and unique world shapes to enjoy.

1. Business Craft

Business Craft Minecraft server

This excellent Minecraft server focuses on getting rich. Players want to make a lot of money to improve their gameplay. The server offers different ways for players to make money, giving them various options. You have several options, including taking on jobs, starting your own business, trading with other markets and stock markets, and investing in different projects. The main goal of using this server is to make a lot of money in Minecraft. Players can buy a fancy house and live a luxurious life with that money. It is among the best Minecraft RPG servers to enhance your gaming experience


2. CosmosMC


CosmosMC aims to provide the best Minecraft experience by recreating real-world elements and including popular custom-game mods. Join prison games, survival challenges, factions, and much more! It is among the top Minecraft RPG servers available to optimize your gameplay.


3. CloutCraft


CloutCraft is the top Minecraft server for voting. This server has lots of info about Minecraft and a long list of multiplayer servers. But wait, there’s more! CloutCraft also offers extra perks to make your gameplay even better. Experience the excitement of roleplay wraps, a lively and captivating community. Enjoy the thrill of survival with the ability to fly, and immerse yourself in high school classes for added engagement. Join us on CloutCraft, where voting is a fantastic experience, and many exciting features await you!


4. Creative Fun


Want a roleplay server with different game modes? Stop searching. Creative Fun is a particular roleplay server with many game modes and custom plugins. One of the game’s most popular features is the “roleplay names” plugin, which makes your gaming world more exciting. This server enhances your gameplay and lets you invite other players to join. Install this server in your Minecraft Edition to enjoy a wide range of benefits and to improve your gaming experience.


5. CraftYourTown


This server is a unique RPG experience. This server is highly advanced and has a balanced economy for roleplaying. In Minecraft, players can create and customize their world. They can also buy various items for their world. This server is popular because it has the most advanced Towny feature, which players find demanding. This server offers many customized items for players to purchase and enhance their gameplay performance. CraftYourTown provides a variety of blocks, custom player shops, envoys, quests, and balanced jobs. Here are the main features of this server.


6. Democracy Craft


Experience an immersive roleplaying adventure on this captivating server, where your skills and abilities take center stage. It’s a server where players can create their worlds and pick their professions. In this particular server, players can create their businesses and have the ability to hire and fire staff. It acts as its world, allowing you to play or control the Minecraft world right from your inventory. The server has a lively economy at its core, which is like its beating heart.


7. EcoCityCraft


This server is very famous and has been around for a long time in Minecraft. This server lets players earn in-game money through various methods. This money will help a player buy items to improve their gameplay. In Minecraft, players can make money by using “Eco Dollars” as the main currency on this fantastic server. The platform offers various features like auction houses and public markets to help you earn money.


8. Foxcraft


Foxcraft is a Minecraft network with many different game modes. This server offers classic game modes like skyblock, survival, prison, and creativity. It all started with factions. It is unique because it provides exclusive traditional ways not commonly found on other Minecraft roleplay servers. This game is more than just a regular game. It offers a unique multiplayer mode called “One Block” that is unique and popular. In this mode, players use a magical block to turn their world into a magical and fantasy realm. In addition, players can express their creativity by creating magical worlds, making magic items, and designing special characters.


9. Havoc Games

Havoc PvP servers

The Havoc Games network started as a small zombie server called Walking Dead in 2012. Over time, it grew into a popular network with different custom game modes. Havoc Games offers a range of servers for different types of players. They have PvE servers for zombie survival and PvP servers for challenging battles against zombies and other players. They prioritize regular updates and creative features like Gun PvP in Warzone, TMD Ragnarok, and Armageddon to ensure an exciting gaming experience. The network, previously called “The Mining Dead,” was most popular in 2015-16, with 1,100 players joining daily. Over time, they have added different game modes such as Hell Night, Minewars, Havoc Horizons, Banner Wars, Map Maker, and Warzone. Minewars will be returning in early 2021.


10. Hypixel


One of the top Minecraft servers is Hypixel, known for being the largest and most famous. In 2023, Hypixel remains the entire Minecraft server. Its popularity is undeniable, thanks to its wide range of game modes like Cops and Crims, Duels, and Murder Mystery. SkyWars is a PvP version of the popular Minecraft Skyblock server. The Hypixel Minecraft RPG servers offers a wide range of fun activities, making it a great place to have a good time with friends.


11. HiveMC


HiveMC is a the best Minecraft bedrock server. There’s always something fun to do there. HiveMC offers a variety of game genres, including hide-and-seek and survival games. Moreover, this highly engaged community is always coming up with new minigames – and maps to house them –. To stay updated, visit their website. Unfortunately, HiveMC is no longer accessible in the Minecraft Java edition.


12. Island Clash


Introductions are not necessary with Island Cash. Explore exciting game modes, allowing you to create and improve your island. Create and enhance different buildings as much as you want, making your experience unique and personal. Connect with other islands using the server’s features, inspired by popular games Clash of Clans and Age of Empires. Known for its extensive customization options, this server provides a unique and exciting gaming experience.

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13. Kingscraft PH


Your time on this server will be incredibly memorable. This server is now South East Asia’s top-voted and most popular server. It has spread worldwide. You have many game modes to choose from. Welcome to the Kingscraft community! We are excited to have you join us. Improve your Minecraft gameplay with this pre-installed roleplaying server on your PC. Additionally, our server boasts a dedicated and helpful staff who can readily provide you with any necessary information. You will also learn about how to play on this server.


14. KiloCraft


The KiloCraft server is known for its fast updates, unique custom modes, and dedication to improving game performance. This Minecraft roleplay server offers a platform for players to make friends, overcome challenges, reach goals, and grow personally. The server has a rank system based on playtime and votes, a lively community, necessary plugins, and improved game performance. It is one of the greatest Minecraft RPG servers to streamline gameplay.


15. Mineland


Mineland is a Minecraft server with great RPG game modes. These game modes are designed to bring fun and excitement to players. They offer opportunities for friends to have fun together and for players to compete against their enemies through exciting quests. The app has many game modes and mini-games for users to enjoy. Playing on this server is fun.


16. Minescape


Minescape is a friendly server that welcomes all players to join. This unique server lets players show off their talents and compete with others in the Minecraft community. The server is full of exciting adventures and thrilling experiences. Minescape, an RPG server, provides players with various roleplay enchantments. These enchantments include custom mobs, farming, skill trees, quests, and classes. Minescape combines Runescape gameplay with Minecraft. The server aims to help a player become the most skilled and prosperous among all players.


17. Mineraze


Mineraze is a popular roleplay choice because it has a strong RPG fantasy vibe, setting it apart from Minecraft. It offers a variety of RPG game modes, including biking raids and a Halloween-themed Spooky Reckoning. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in different adventures fully. The community is close and friendly to everyone.


18. MassiveCraft


Experience a unique RPG adventure in Minecraft with unlimited freedom and endless fun. Immerse yourself in a mix of factions, PvP, survival, quests, adventures, and unique experiences in your gameplay. MassiveCraft server lets players become powerful vampires from different races inspired by myths. It is a strict roleplay server with added features like sounds, a custom chair plugin, and a friend’s system. Players must follow the rules and obligations set by the server. It is one of the best Minecraft RPG servers for enhancing the gaming experience.


19. ManaCube


ManaCube is a thrilling RPG server that never stops being exciting. They host exciting events all year round to keep our community engaged and entertained. To stay updated, visit the #events channel on the Manacube Discord. They announce upcoming events and provide all the necessary information.

The ManaCube Events Server is a fun hub with activities that last from 20 minutes to a few hours. The events are run by their dedicated staff members, who are all mods or higher. They make sure that players have a smooth and fun experience.


20. MineSuperior


The Minecraft server is famous for its limitless and imaginative concepts. It lets users mine various items for their game. Do you know the best thing about this server? Everyone can participate. The Minecraft RPG server is friendly. Once you start playing, you won’t be able to stop. Players often become addicted to this server.


21. Netherite


Netherite is a unique Minecraft Network focusing on modes such as Lifesteal, Survival, and Skyblock. Our network is committed to being the best in every aspect of Minecraft. We strive to offer the most fun gaming experience possible. Netherite is a popular server that focuses on the economy and offers all your favorite features. They started in 2022 and have improved to provide players a great experience. They offer high-quality servers with custom features.


22. OPBlocks


OPBlocks is known for being a friendly community in Minecraft. It’s the perfect place to try out regular and seasonal custom-themed games, immersive mod-lists, and engaging Roleplay activities. It is one of the best Minecraft RPG servers for boosting up online gaming.


23. Purple Prison


Purple Prison is a game that revolves around a jailbreak prison. It focuses on a PvP-style game mode. Players can mine, explore, trade, build shops, and do many other activities. This server has been popular for a long time, attracting both celebrities and regular Minecraft players. It works with Minecraft version 1.16.4 and older versions. To start playing Minecraft: Java Edition, open the game and select Multiplayer. To add to your server list, click “Add Server.” Join the server to play!


24. Pikadex


Pikadex is a popular Minecraft server that focuses on pixelmon, making it enjoyable and rewarding for players. This server is very efficient and performs exceptionally well. It stands out from others and keeps you well-informed during gameplay. In this server, you can let your creativity run wild and create many fun scenarios and scenes. This pixelmon version has the latest features and offers many advantages and unique mods for your Minecraft experience.


25. Piratecraft


It is a new Minecraft creation that resembles a pirate-themed server. On this server, you can create functional ships and cannons. You can sail boats, too. Using this server for shooting other sailing players with your guns is best. Join a pirate crew and play together on this RPG server. You can use Minecraft to create gates and bridges for your safety. It is the best server among the list of best Minecraft MMORPG servers.


26. Potterworld


This Minecraft server lets players dive into the Harry Potter world to discover, explore, share, and enhance their gameplay. Do you want to create your character in Minecraft? When players achieve high scores in the game, they become students of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Welcome to this enchanting realm! Here, you can explore magical studies, interact with friends, face challenges, and fully immerse yourself in the wonders of a magical world during gameplay.

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Potterworld is a magical school that focuses on discovering and exploring supernatural elements for Minecraft players to have lots of fun. This server is a famous Harry Potter-themed world in Minecraft, often seen as the Minecraft version of Harry Potter.


27. Pixelmon servers


Pixelmon servers combine the best of Minecraft and Pokémon. Players can explore a fascinating world and interact with many Pokémon in this multiplayer Minecraft mode. It smoothly combines a Pokémon-inspired dimension with online gaming. In addition to the excitement of finding Pokémon, this server also provides profitable chances for players. In the game, you can fight enemies, breed Pokémon to sell, trade items, and interact with Minecraft villagers to make more money.


28. Roleplay-Hub


This excellent Minecraft server focuses on a community-driven roleplay experience. The Minecraft Hub is a central place supporting platforms like Minecraft Java and Bedrock Editions. Whether you’re a smart Minecraft player or someone who loves immersive journeys, this roleplay server is designed to give you the best gaming experiences.


29. SchoolRP


Would you like to play as a different character and explore a fantasy world? This Minecraft server is perfect for what you need. This server is all about school roleplay. In SchoolRP, the main focus is on interacting socially with other players. You must attend classes, follow school rules, join activities, and interact with others. The story takes place in a made-up Japanese school.


30. TulipSurvival


Are you looking for the best Minecraft RPG servers to enhance your gaming experience? This server is designed to meet your needs. Look no further. Discover endless opportunities, such as making friends, playing together, building your town, claiming land, trading items, and so much more. TulipSurvival is a Minecraft server that adds a touch of roleplay to the vanilla gameplay, making it more enjoyable for players.


31. Wynncraft


Maximize your potential as a player by incorporating this invaluable server into your Minecraft journey. If you love exploring and discovering new things in games, Wynncraft is the perfect choice. It’s an excellent tool for players, with a vast and detailed map in Minecraft. In this server, players will find many chests, spells, professions, levels, classes, and other fun features. Using this server effectively allows you to fully enjoy and discover the immense world of Minecraft, including the captivating Wynn Province. If you are looking for the best Minecraft RPG servers like Wynncraft, you can consider this list of best Minecraft MMORPG servers.


32. Yomnetwork


How did you miss this fantastic roleplay server when listing the best Minecraft RPG Servers? Discover a popular and fast-growing Minecraft server widely played in the community. The server’s primary goal is to help players survive and succeed in the game. It allows players to fight zombies in Minecraft’s big outer world.


33. Vallor RP – Minecraft MMORPG Server Reddit (BONUS)

Vallor RP is top among Minecraft MMORPG servers Reddit. It’s known for its immersive roleplaying experience and the ability to shape the server’s lore. While playing other fantasy games, I had an idea for Vallor RP. If you enjoy The Elder Scrolls, Game of Thrones, Witcher, Lord of the Rings, Warcraft, or similar games, Vallor RP is perfect!

When you join the server, you can create your character. You get to pick your name, race, job, class, and any other details you want to share about your character. It’s your turn to share your story. Who will you choose to be? A king? A queen? You may become a strong sorcerer. Or start an illegal underground group? You have control!

The server has a unique world called Vallor. People live together in cities and rely on different jobs to support each other through trading and the economy. Each player has their classes and abilities to contribute in unique ways. It means that players must collaborate to ensure the success of their cities, nations, and empires.


1. What are Minecraft Servers?

Which Minecraft servers are the best? Although it may appear a simple query, the answer is quite complex. Finding Minecraft servers can be complicated, but our website simplifies it. You can easily find and join any server you want at the best Minecraft Servers. Just scroll down our website, click the website, and start playing! We checked every server on our website to guarantee that the Minecraft servers you play on are of the highest quality.

2. How do I play Minecraft Servers?

You must have Minecraft installed on your computer to play a Minecraft Server. Next, open Minecraft Multiplayer and select the “add server” option. To start playing on Minecraft RPG Servers, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose the server you want to play on from our website.
  2. Click on “Add Server”.
  3. Enter the server’s IP address.
  4. Enjoy playing on your Minecraft Server!

If you’re not enjoying the server you found, you can use our site, best Minecraft RPG Server, to find and choose a different server to play.

3. Are there Minecraft servers that offer RPG gameplay?

Minescape is an excellent RPG server that combines the popular game Runescape with the blocky world of Minecraft. The server uses a custom resource pack to recreate the popular rustic Runescape vibes.

4. How to join a Minecraft Bedrock server

Joining a Minecraft server in Bedrock edition is more accessible, but you have fewer options. To access the Bedrock edition servers, go to the ‘Servers’ tab after launching the game. You will find seven servers to choose from, including some mentioned earlier. Feel free to try all of them, as you can quickly jump in and out whenever you want.

Final Words

Minecraft RPG Servers focus on Roleplaying and enhance gameplay in Factions, Survival, or Towny with roleplaying features. Best Minecraft RPG servers bedrock often incorporate features such as classes, reddit, quests, races, and more! Playing on this server type can be very rewarding and enjoyable! Bookmark Digital Magazine as we are going to discuss 1.16 Minecraft Servers, Minecraft Servers 1.8, 1.19 Minecraft servers, Minecraft 1.20 servers and Minecraft 1.16.4 Servers on our next articles.

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