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NORSTRAT is a Canadian corporation, which explains why they are professionals applying the northern approach. They began off as a modest agency with just one office. But, thanks to their hard work in plan execution, they have now covered the whole United States, which is regarded as a big success. Yet, despite its success, it maintains one of its offices in Canada, where it all began.

Business enterprises, and sometimes even the government and military, need expert help to improve their performance, so people contact NORSTRAT. Canada’s northern strategy is a fantastic way to grow your company. NORSTRAT consultancy helps users execute the plan by their objectives. As a result, this consulting firm serves as the foundation for many businesses’ success.



NORSTRAT Consulting Inc. was established to assist customers with a duty or a business goal to execute components of Canada’s Northern Strategy. It was the driving force for the company’s formation.

Lee Carson is the owner of NORSTRAT Consulting and also runs the business. Mr. Carson has been a well-respected member of Canada’s aerospace and defense industry for a long time. In addition, he has a lifelong interest in all things related to the polar regions.

NORSTRAT Consulting is of the opinion that Canada’s Northern Strategy gives the country the most significant, challenging, and exciting chance for a program in the 21st century.

  • Track record of major federal crown procurement
  • The Arctic and the Maritime Domain
  • Knowledge and experience in the relevant fields, Together with a lifelong passion for all things Arctic.

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Why would somebody need Norstrat consulting services?

Helping individuals with a business goal to create required Northern infrastructure and building aspects of Canada’s Northern Strategy is the organization’s mission known as NORSTRAT. They do this by imparting extensive knowledge to the clients and devoting themselves wholly to achieving their goals.

Simply put, by guiding the client through the Government’s Northern Strategy and where the opportunities lie, by assisting the client in identifying and gaining access to the key relevant stakeholders, by sharing domain knowledge on the unique challenges and opportunities associated with developing infrastructure in Canada’s North, and by providing proven expertise in submitting, winning, or managing Northern infrastructure development projects.

Assistance is defined by the person receiving it; hence, NORSTRAT will always provide a support package tailored to each customer’s requirements. We are excited to discuss your requirements and choose the best way to fulfill them.

What services does Norstrat Consulting provide?

Norstrat provides extensive services and capabilities, such as social media, web-based police departments, and sponsored media tactics. It has worked with the World Bank Group and Charles Schwab, and the American Marketing Association has recognized its efforts.

Norstrat Consulting Inc. provides a variety of advice and support to satisfy the demands of its customers. The following are some of them.

  • They provide prompt support for any North Method Project Technique.
  • Allows subject matter to experience significantly
  • Streamlines the procedure via job description
  • Explicitly specify functional needs.
  • They provide a detailed explanation of the buying strategy.
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What is the Norstrat Northern strategy?

Canada was the first nation to use the northern strategy, also known as the northern strategy of Canada. The Canadian government developed this strategy in 2007, substantially influencing business growth. These are the four objectives of Canada’s northern strategy:

  • Demonstrating Arctic sovereignty
  • Promoting social and economic growth;
  • Conserving environmental heritage; and
  • Enhancing and decentralizing northern administration.

These are the four objectives, and many companies adopted the northern method exclusively to fulfill them. The Norstrat Company is adept at using this strategy across several sectors.

Where Is Norstrat Expertise?

Norstrat is a renowned consulting organization specializing in northern business growth and strategy. It has a near-zero success record in executing initiatives and achieving corporate development. Due to the effective execution of plans throughout the years, Norstrat has become a specialist in several fields.

Expertise in Business Growth

Norstrat has a more significant success record in the Federal Government’s growth projects. They’ve implemented cutting-edge operational tactics and accomplished comprehensive administrative development. Its services assist customers in maximizing their return on investment, increasing their profitability, and enhancing their functional efficacy.

Project Management Expertise

Due to the successful completion of several projects over the years, Norstrat has a wealth of knowledge in project management. Its experts have substantial expertise in project planning, budgeting, scheduling, risk management, and quality assurance.

They use a systematic strategy to guarantee that all goals are met within the allotted time and budget. Its services include all facets of a project, from inception to conclusion, ensuring that it is executed on time, under budget, and with excellent quality.

Experience in Focused Capital Projects

Nordstrom has completed several focused capital projects, including the Radarsat Constellation and Radarsat II missions. It offers complete capital project services, including cost and resource analysis, risk management, and capital planning.

It may assist customers in adequately managing their resources and optimizing the productivity of their projects. Norstrat has also succeeded in the Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel project, one of Canada’s most significant military shipbuilding initiatives.

Its services extend beyond corporate expansion, project management, and capital expenditures. Norstrat offers a variety of training programs, including leadership development seminars, professional development programs, business coaching programs, and executive coaching programs. In addition, it provides a team of seasoned specialists that can assist customers in enhancing their management, strategy, leadership, and innovation abilities.

Can I work with Norstrat?

Digital marketing, public relations, food and beverage public relations, and social media optimization are Norstrat’s bread and butter, so if your firm requires these services, you should strongly consider working with them.

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Norstrat offers various services, such as market research, branding strategy, identity design, strategic communications planning, and digital consultancy.

Also, it is essential to remember that Hill & Knowlton’s Strategy is connected with this organization. Clients of H&K have access to the company’s worldwide network; therefore, this is crucial. Also, they have access to around 400 public relations professionals.

In addition, Norstrat and H&K Strategies interact closely on client engagements by combining Norstrat’s digital marketing expertise with H&K’s significant experience in traditional public relations, which is a recipe for commercial success.

Hence, their services include the design of strategies for digital communication activities, such as public relations, with a focus on the food and beverage industries.


1. What does Norstrat do to help people?

The primary objective of Norstrat is to help businesses achieve their goals while also contributing to the development of essential northern infrastructure and aspects of Canada’s Northern Strategy. They do this by imparting both their riches and skills to the customer and devoting themselves to achieving the latter’s goals.

2. Where is Norstrat’s main office located?

The fact that Norstrat’s headquarters are in Ottawa puts the company in the advantageous position of being co-located with many federal government departments and organizations that are responsible for and have authority over the north. From that location, they provide service to customers across the United States, Canada, and, most recently, Europe.

3. How does Norstrat help its customers in meeting their needs?

They do this by guiding the customers through the Government’s Northern Strategy and pointing them to the prospects for the business. In addition, they assist customers in locating the key relevant stakeholders and gaining access to them by sharing their experience and knowledge regarding the one-of-a-kind challenges and opportunities associated with infrastructure development in the northern regions of Canada.

Final Words

Norstrat is a company that can assist you in achieving these goals and moving closer to your objectives, which every business owner wants for their company. Maximizing profitability and setting goals in the business that are accurate and realistic is something that every business owner wants for their company.

Norstrat company was based on its staff’s cutting-edge technological tools and professional knowledge, which contributed to the expansion of several other businesses throughout Canada and the United States. Therefore, be bold and become their customer and begin elevating your company’s status on the ladder if you have the impression that they are the ideal choice to assist you in developing your plans and enhancing your communications. For more details contact Norstrat; Call: 613-986-0388 or Email: [email protected]

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