How to Sign Up For Spam Calls and Texts

How to Sign Up For Spam Calls and Texts: Are you interested in playing a prank on someone and want to know how to send multiple messages to their phone number? If you’re in the mood for mischief, sending spam calls or SMS can effectively annoy someone.

Receiving Spam phone calls can be irritating. When someone answers the phone, nobody wants to hear an automated voice. If you have mischievous intentions or seek revenge, this strategy is ideal.

Did you know that some people can sign up to receive annoying phone calls from telemarketers? These calls might even convince them to consider getting rid of their hair. This article explains how to sign up for receiving unwanted phone calls and text messages.

How do telemarketers get phone numbers?

Have you ever wondered where those annoying phone calls come from? When we share too much online, we unknowingly give our phone numbers to telemarketing companies. We can share our numbers on public profiles like Facebook, open-access websites, and forums.

In addition, telemarketers can acquire your phone number from charitable organizations and credit bureaus that sell it to them. Be cautious when agreeing to website terms and conditions without carefully reviewing the details, as you might unknowingly consent to sharing your contact information.

Sometimes, there are situations where you have no control over what happens, like when big companies or organizations sell your contact information and personal data to other companies. Nevertheless, there are some methods to guide telemarketers to someone’s contact details intentionally. These techniques will be explained in the next section.

How to Sign Up For Spam Calls and Texts

There are many ways to quickly provide telemarketing companies with someone’s phone number. This section includes information on practical techniques for enrolling someone in receiving unwanted phone calls. Keep reading for details.

1. Implementing ANR (Automatic Number Recognition)

Telemarketers can quickly obtain an individual’s phone number by dialing 800, 888, or 900. Following these steps will successfully capture the phone number using the Automatic Number Identification system.

Once this is done, the phone number will be recognized and stored, catching the attention of a wide network of digital marketers nearby. Afterward, these markers continuously flood the phone number with unwanted calls.

2. Get Started with Free Trial Offers

Many online platforms provide free trials and rewards in return for personal information like an email address and phone number. Furthermore, some promotions allow you to win valuable items by simply providing your phone number when you sign up.

It is just a ploy to get your contact information. While you didn’t win anything, these websites will let you know there’s still a chance for you to win in the future. They will also keep contacting you about any other offers they might have.

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Online surveys are also part of this category, with the only requirement being submitting your contact information. By entering your phone number, you can use this method to sign up for different trials, incentives, and surveys.

3. Post an online advertisement

One way to arrange Spam phone calls is by posting an online ad with the person’s contact information. Once you put up an ad for a service or product at a meager price on a public platform like Craigslist, you’ll get bombarded with spam calls about the ad.

Using the target phone number, you can post a misleading advertisement that will result in the recipient receiving numerous calls from random people interested in the advertised product or service.

How To Spam a Phone Number in 2024

Moreover, many websites are available for sign up for spam calls;


True to its name, this website bombards the target’s phone with unwanted calls and messages from different numbers. They offer a range of pre-written messages, but you can also choose to write your own. Because of the high phone numbers used on this website, it was difficult for the target to block all of them. This website is only available in the United States and Canada and charges $2.19 for 20 SMS messages.


This website is widely known for its popularity in facilitating spam calls. If you want to flood someone’s phone with unwanted calls and messages, you can make fake calls and send text messages to their number. In addition, this website provides an alternative phone number and a user-friendly interface to protect your anonymity during conversations.


This website is highly secure for sign up for spam calls to someone’s mobile device. This website lets you easily send interesting facts on any topic to someone’s phone number. Just let us know how many facts you want and what category they should be in. Please be aware that this website charges a fee of $2.19 for 20 SMS messages. In addition, their operations are limited to the United States and Canada.


This website is perfect for making countless calls to your desired recipients. However, it’s important to note that your phone number may not be concealed, which could compromise your anonymity. However, making nuisance calls through the site is possible using a fake number.


This website offers a wide range of Spam, including “endless cat spam” and “fake Craigslist phone pranks.” You can also send many text messages, random images, and text explosives. This website is a paid service that only operates in the United States and Canada. They charge $2.19 for twenty SMS messages.

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FAST2SMS is a convenient service that allows you to send multiple messages simultaneously. It can be used for both professional and personal purposes. There is a fee for this service, but you will receive ₹50 upon sign up for spam calls and texts.


Txtemnow is a website that allows you to send prank SMS messages to any phone number worldwide. It’s a quick and simple way to send 300-character messages. Not only is the service free, but you can also stay anonymous.

Nevertheless, according to the website, sending a message could take up to an hour.

8. e-free sms

The e-FreeSMS website allows you to send anonymous SMS messages to your friends easily anywhere in the world—no registration is required. Visit the website to start using the app. The website didn’t function properly, although it did work for some users.


The website features a user-friendly interface that allows users to send SMS messages to anyone in the United States at no cost. However, we intend to use it differently for a prank. You have the option to remain anonymous while sending spam messages to your friends.


Arms SMS, also known as Anonymous Messaging Site, allows you to send messages to anyone without revealing your identity. They offer a selection of jokes and SMS that can be personalized and sent.

Unfortunately, this website operates on a credit system, which means that certain features, such as sending a single SMS, are not accessible. To send a 160-character SMS, you will require credit points. You have the option to purchase credits or earn them through the website.

This website features a user-friendly interface and excels in privacy compared to other websites. When you sign up for spam calls prank, you’ll be given the option to send anonymous SMS messages. You can save or not save the message in their database.


Please note that the information provided in this article is for educational purposes only. Implementing these techniques in practice is not recommended. We cannot be held responsible for any consequences that may arise from your use of them.

Now, let’s get straight to the point of giving telemarketers someone’s phone number and signing them up for spam calls and text messages.


There are several ways to sign up for spam calls. This article covers several highly effective methods. Sharing someone’s phone number online without their permission is against the law. Doxing is considered a criminal act, especially when done with malicious intent.

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