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TextNow – How to Use TextNow for Free Calls and Texts

Humans are social beings who like to keep in touch with loved ones, friends, and family. They use different ways to stay connected to the outside world, like communication technologies and techniques. Many companies offer innovative communication products and services to meet this need. TextNow is a well-known name on this list. We have covered all the essential topics about TextNow to make it easier for readers to understand. It includes how it works, its benefits, reviews, and pricing plans.

What is TextNow?

TextNow, which started in 2009, is the biggest provider of free phone service in the United States. The TextNow app has offices in San Francisco, Waterloo, and Seattle. It has been downloaded over 200 million times worldwide. The app helps people stay connected by providing a free phone number and allowing them to make calls and send texts over WiFi and a nationwide LTE network. Ads support the app.

Join over 100 million people who use TextNow for more brilliant phone communication. Enjoy free texting, free calling, and free nationwide coverage! Communication should be limitless. Stay connected to what’s essential with unlimited texting and calling without the bill. To get started, download the TextNow app. You can choose a free phone number with any US area code you prefer or use your number. Once set up, you can make calls and send texts immediately.

TextNow is a phone carrier that operates using cloud-based technology. The Company has an app that combines Wi-Fi and cellular technology to give you a virtual phone number. This app allows you to send messages, make calls, and browse the web. The Company also sells mobile phones online.


TextNow App

TextNow is a company that provides free phone service and mobile data. They offer free calling and texting to customers who have eligible devices. TextNow is an excellent tool for mobile app development companies. It is a mobile data provider that helps you understand your audience better. To use TextNow services, download the TextNow app and get a TextNow SIM card for your device.

You can connect to the largest 5G/4G network in the United States by adding a TextNow SIM card to your unlocked phone. These services seem similar to apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, but they differ. TextNow stands out from other messaging apps because it offers flexibility and can be used with or without WiFi. Most other messaging apps cannot do this. If you don’t have good WiFi or you’re traveling, you can use a TextNow SIM card. It works on mobile networks all over the United States.

What Is TextNow Used For?

TextNow is an app that lets you make cheap phone calls and send messages. There are two ways to access TextNow services. First, you can install the TextNow app. Second, you can use a TextNow SIM card on an unlocked Android or Apple phone.

TextNow offers phone services that help you stay connected with customers, friends, and family across the United States and Canada. The best part is that there are no monthly fees. Calling and texting are entirely free, even with the basic plan. You only need to pay for additional services if you include them. When you sign up for TextNow, you can make unlimited voice calls and send unlimited texts.

1. Nationwide Talk & Text, Without the Phone Bill

Free yourself from your mobile phone company by cutting the cord! Get a TextNow SIM card to access a nationwide network and coverage similar to big carriers but without the bill! Introducing our new ad-supported, zero-cost Nationwide Talk & Text app. Now, you can talk and text freely from anywhere in the US, all without spending a dime.

2. Affordable High-Speed Data

TextNow has got you covered for all your changing phone needs. Get mobile data and go anywhere with low-cost data add-ons. There are no obligations; pay for the data you require when you require it.

3. Add a Second Number to Your Phone

Want more privacy? Do you want to distinguish clearly between your personal life and your business? Get the TextNow app with a free second phone number for local calls and messages. Elevate your social status and make new friends easily with a second phone number from TextNow. Use it on your favorite social apps. You get an extra phone line on your device to make free calls and send free text messages.

4. Cheap International Calling

Do you have friends and family living abroad? TextNow provides affordable international calling options to more than 230 countries. Keep in touch for longer periods with rates that begin at less than one cent per minute.

5. WiFi or Mobile Calling? Why Not Both!

Need a boost for your mobile signal? Sure, no problem! TextNow allows you to use your actual phone number using WiFi. You can also enjoy our excellent service on our nationwide mobile network using a TextNow SIM card.

How Does TextNow Work?

TextNow allows you to make free calls and send messages using the internet or mobile data. TextNow phone services can be accessed in two ways: through a mobile app or a SIM card. You don’t need a new TextNow free phone number when you get a SIM card. You can keep your existing number with the company.

If you need, you can also purchase premium numbers from TextNow. Premium numbers are unique numbers that look more attractive than regular numbers, like 966-6666. Premium numbers are great for businesses because they are easy for customers to remember.

To stay connected, sign up for TextNow using the number you have directly from your web browser.

If your WiFi is slow or you don’t have internet, you can use the TextNow SIM card for phone services. This mobile phone company has an extensive 5G/4G network in the US.

You might be curious about how TextNow can provide everything for free. The company pays for the service by showing ads in our app, so you don’t need to worry about paying a monthly phone bill.

Features of TextNow Phone Service

TextNow has three main features: Now, let’s briefly examine each.

International Free Calling

One benefit of subscribing to TextNow is that the app allows you to make international calls, including free calls to the United States and Canada. You need enough money in your account to call countries outside of Canada and the USA. The cost of your call will depend on the country or region you are calling. You will be charged per minute. Also read our seperate article on best call tracking software.

You can use your account in two ways:

1. Purchase plans or make in-app purchases via Google or Apple App Store.

2. Get free credits by watching ads or telling your friends about the app.


When you subscribe to TextNow Messages, you get the added benefit of text messaging. The app lets users send simple, free text messages to any mobile number. To make text messages fun, you can include emojis, animated GIFs, pictures, videos, and other supported media.

To send messages to countries outside the US and Canada using TextNow, you must have enough funds in your account. Funding your account has two ways: through in-app purchases, watching ads, or referring the app to your friends.

Group Chats

TextNow’s group texting feature is just like other messaging apps. You can include multiple people in one conversation and talk to them in the same message thread. Adding emojis and stickers can make the conversation more fun and interactive.

TextNow has three main features. The app lets you easily connect with friends and customers in the US, Canada, and other countries through calls and texts.

TextNow Privacy for Personal life and your business

Want more privacy? Do you want to distinguish clearly between your personal life and your business? Get the TextNow app to make calls and send messages with a free local second phone number. Elevate your social status and make new friends easily with a second phone number from TextNow. Use it on your favorite social apps. You get an additional private phone line on your device to make free calls and send complimentary text messages.

How do you make international phone calls with TextNow?

To make international calls with TextNow, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the dialer page. At the top right corner, you will see ‘Canada & USA’ as the default setting. Calling the USA and Canada is free. You can easily change the country by using the drop-down menu.

Step 2: When you choose a country, its name will be displayed in the top right corner instead of “Canada & USA.” The ‘Free’ tag under the country name has been changed to show the country’s call charges. If you choose Belgium, the rate will be ¢8.6 per minute.

Step 3: Dial the phone number in Belgium that you wish to connect to.

That’s all. If your account doesn’t have enough money, your calls will fail, and you’ll see a warning message.

TextNow Phone Plans, Add-ons & Pricing Information

Below are the details of TextNow’s pricing plans and add-on services.

TextNow Basics

You can download the free TextNow app for your smartphone or tablet from the Google Play or Apple App stores. The app needs the internet to work. You have two options for internet connection: using your mobile data plan or connecting to wifi. You can also use your browser to access TextNow. The app and browser are free to use but have ads.

Additionally, you can make free calls to any phone number in the United States or Canada. To make international calls to countries outside the United States and Canada, you must buy TextNow’s affordable international calling plans.

TextNow Add-ons

You can buy TextNow add-ons to improve communication for more accessibility and messaging. Here are the options available:

1. Premium Numbers

TextNow offers premium numbers for only $4.99 per month. Premium numbers are highly recommended for businesses because they are easy to remember.

2. Lock-in Number

With TextNow, you can get a locked-in number add-on. Your phone number will stay connected to your account once you have the locked-in subscription. The monthly cost is $4.99.

3. Ad-Free Lite

Subscribe to Ad-Free Lite if you want to avoid distracting and irritating ads. This service removes all ads except for the banner ads at the bottom.

4. Ad-Free+

Want to get rid of the bottom ad? Subscribe to Ad-Free+! The subscription removes ads from the app, making the user experience better.

5. Is TextNow FREE?

No annual or monthly fees apply. The service is entirely free and is supported by advertisements. To have advertisements removed, you may purchase a subscription. With the purchase of a TextNow SIM card, users can access our complimentary wireless network and make and receive calls and texts without WiFi.

The following are tariffs for international calls to well-known countries:

Canada: Free

Mexico: Free

United Kingdom: Free

India: $1.60 per minute

China: $2.00 per minute

On the TextNow website, a comprehensive catalog of international calling rates is available.

Phone Plans

Plan Price Features
Free Free Unlimited calling and texting in the US and Canada
Basic $2.99 per week Unlimited calling and texting in the US and Canada, plus voicemail transcription, call forwarding, and call waiting
Premium $5.99 per week Includes all the features of the Basic plan, plus international calling, custom caller ID, and ad-free experience

Here are the TextNow pricing plans and add-ons. Choose the subscriptions that align with your needs and fit within your budget.


Add-on Price Features
International Calling Varies by country Make and receive calls to any country in the world
Voicemail Transcription $0.99 per month Get your voicemails transcribed and sent to your email address
Call Forwarding $0.99 per month Forward your calls to any number in the US or Canada
Custom Caller ID $0.99 per month Choose your own phone number to display when you make calls
Ad-Free Experience $2.99 per month Remove all ads from the TextNow app

TextNow Customer Reviews and Feedback

The perception of TextNow varies among its clientele. TextNow’s free calling and messaging is well-liked by some users, but others have criticized it for its subpar call quality, intrusive advertisements, and customer service issues.

The following is an aggregation of the most prevalent favorable and unfavorable evaluations of TextNow:

Positive Reviews

1. Free unlimited calling and texting

Numerous users value that TextNow provides unlimited free calling and messaging in the United States and Canada. It is an excellent alternative for those on a limited budget or seeking to reduce phone bill expenditures.

2. Call clarity quality

Certain users assert that the communication quality provided by TextNow is dependable and unambiguous. Also read article on best hidden call recording Apps for Android and iOS.

3. Simple to use

The TextNow app features intuitive navigation.

4. Variety of features

In addition to custom caller ID, call forwarding and voicemail transcription, TextNow provides an extensive array of features.

Negative Reviews

1. Poor call quality

TextNow is criticized by some users for its subpar call quality, which includes frequent lost calls and distorted audio.

2. Intrusive ads

The intrusive advertisements on TextNow’s complimentary plan can be irritating.

3. Difficulty with customer support

Some customers encounter issues when trying to contact TextNow customer support for assistance.

TextNow is a trustworthy alternative for individuals seeking a free or reasonably priced phone service. Users should be aware of the potential drawbacks associated with TextNow, including subpar call quality, intrusive advertisements, and challenges in accessing customer support.

TextNow– FAQs

Is TextNow free?

Yes, the basic version of TextNow is available for free. But there are ads. To use the ad-free TextNow app, you can buy add-ons such as Ad-Free Lite or Ad-Free+.

Is TextNow a legit app?

TextNow is a legal app that lets you make free calls to the US and Canada. TextNow has received positive reviews on popular platforms, confirming its legitimacy.

Does TextNow use VoIP for its phone numbers?

TextNow is a service that allows users to text and call phone numbers in Canada, the United States, and other countries using VoIP technology.

Is TextNow a safe platform to use?

TextNow is safe for adults to use. Teens and students should use it with adult supervision.

Can I use TextNow without WiFi?

Yes, you can use TextNow without Wi-Fi using a TextNow SIM card. The SIM card connects to a cell tower network, allowing you to make voice calls and send messages.

Where can I download TextNow?

You can get the TextNow app from the Google Play and Apple App Store.

How do you sign up for a TextNow account?

Register for an account by clicking “Get Started” or “Sign Up Free” on the TextNow homepage. To initiate the registration procedure, please click on it. Select a phone number: You will be prompted to select a phone number by TextNow. Choose a numerical value from the given options.

Final Words

TextNow is a good choice for those looking for a free or low-cost phone service. This service gives unlimited calls and texts in the US and Canada and an actual phone number. But, users should know that TextNow has some drawbacks like bad call quality, annoying ads, and problems with customer support. TextNow is an excellent choice for those on a budget or needing a second phone number. However, it might be better for those who require consistent call quality or frequently need to contact customer support.

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