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Difference between the New CCNA & the Old CCNA

What is new in the CCNA certification?

We all know that the CCNA certification is one of the most coveted Cisco certifications. We all know that Cisco has a reputation for being the best in the business. Cisco Live 2019 saw Cisco announce major changes to its current certification exams. This includes the Cisco Certified Network Associates or CCNA exam. Cisco has removed a large number of CCNA tracks to promote the new advanced CCNA test. Let’s take a look back at the history of CCNA before we learn more about new CCNA and its differences.

The New CCNA Certification:

The CCNA certification was updated so that certification seekers only have to take one exam, the Cisco Certified Network Associate (200-301) CCNA. The certification was previously earned by taking multiple exams. In 2020, on 24 February, the change was made. The exam was designed to demonstrate an individual’s ability to cope with the changing IT landscape. The new exam tests a candidate’s competency in a variety of skills and expertise, such as networking fundamentals, as well as programmability or automation.


Aspirants don’t need to meet any prerequisites in order to take the 200-301 exam. However, CISCO recommends that they have at least a one year experience with Cisco solutions and have a basic understanding of IP addressing. They should have a solid understanding of all the basics of networking.

The associate-level certifications below are now included in the new CCNA. This reduces the time spent and helps an aspirant to focus on one exam.

Cisco is known for setting the bar in the world of Information Technology. Cisco Certified Network Associate was introduced to prepare for all new Cisco Certifications. This entry-level certificate was introduced at the Philadelphia Networker show in 1998. During this time, newer certifications also appeared. Take a look at CCNA’s updated version and see how it has been improved.

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What are the changes in the new CCNA certification?

The changes made to the CCNA certification have been described by some as a revolution for network professionals and software engineers to improve business practices and to drive innovation in technology. Let’s look at some examples to better understand. DevNet, Cisco’s developer programme, will now cover both software developers and certified networking professionals in a single community. Cisco has decided to release new software certifications in order to ensure that IT professionals have the necessary standard to meet the needs for automation and programming.

The new exam will include more skills and knowledge while preparing IT professionals to work at associate-level IT positions. Cisco views the changes as a way to incorporate software practices into networking and create a community where developers and networkers can work together to solve problems.

GOAL behind changing CCNA:

Cisco’s goal was to bring together network and development

professionals. This move will bring about a shift in the industry, where automation and networking careers are aligned closer together. The number of companies that demand this ability from IT professionals is increasing. Cisco hopes that the new changes will inspire agility in all those who want to build careers within IT. They will be able cope with the constantly evolving IT landscape and certifications. They will be able deliver what all businesses are looking for. The proportion of new tests will be as follows.

  • 25%- IP connectivity.
  • 20%-Network Access
  • 20%- Network Fundamentals
  • 10%- IP services
  • 15%- Security Fundamentals
  • 10%- Automation and Programmability

The road after CCNA

After passing the exam, aspirants have many options available to them. After earning their CCNA, they can choose from a variety of Cisco Certified Specialist Careers. As the networking basics are mastered, the horizons continue to expand. Itself. The candidate will acquire multiple skills to help him learn and perform better.

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No disappointments:

The updated CCNA is not likely to disappoint people who prepared for the exam prior to the announcement of either the update or changes in certification. This is because the changes did not occur until the 24th of the following year of the announcement.


The updated CCNA certification has sparked a lot of debate and many questions need to be answered. We will now look at some of these questions in relation to the new CCNA certification:

What is replacing the old CCNA certificate?

The CCNA exam, Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions (200-301) replaces the CCNA and CCDA certificates.

What is the most notable difference in the new CCNA test?

The biggest change in the new CCNA is that there will no longer be any specialization. Specialization will now only be available at the CCNP levels.

Is the CCNA exam newer than the old one? The new CCNA exam is a bit harder than the old one. Click here to get help with passing the CCNA exam.


Overall, the new CCNA exam is an updated version of the previous exam. This certification will also make professionals more efficient and increase their job opportunities. The new CCNA is more revered by employers, but this shouldn’t be a concern for those who have already completed the CCNA. Job opportunities are still plentiful and the certification will remain the most desired certification to get a start in networking.

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