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How to Fix Facebook Marketplace Not Working 2024

Facebook Marketplace Not Working: If you use Facebook often, you probably know about Facebook Marketplace. It’s a free e-commerce platform where users can buy and sell items and services locally. However, Facebook Marketplace may experience occasional malfunctions. Here are some solutions to resolve the problem of Facebook Marketplace not working.

How to Fix Facebook Marketplace Not Working

Here are some solutions to help you fix the Facebook Marketplace not working problem:

Fix 1: Clear Cache Data

You might need to clear the cache files of the Facebook app if restarting the app doesn’t fix your Marketplace issue. Our system stores stale copies (cache) of previously visited pages to reduce loading time when revisiting the same page. But if these caches get damaged, it can lead to various issues. To clear the cache files, follow these steps:

  1. Start by choosing App Info in the Facebook app.
  2. To delete the data, click on the Clear Data button.
  3. Next, to delete the cache files, select Clear Cache.

That’s all. Make sure you can access the Facebook Marketplace by reopening the Facebook app.

Fix 2: Create a New Facebook Profile

You need to verify it before you create a Facebook account to be able to use the platform. This restriction protects users from scammers and ensures security for current users. If that’s the situation, you can relax until you can access Marketplace. Register by visiting the Sign Up page and completing the registration form.

Fix 3: Rerun The App

For optimal performance, try restarting your Facebook app. Additionally, it will impact how your Facebook app works. A quick restart will likely fix the error without needing any additional steps. If it’s not working, try restarting the Facebook app.

Fix 4: Disable Third-Party Extensions (PC Users)

Web browsers often support third-party add-ons, plug-ins, and extensions. These add-ons can enhance your web browser’s functionality and features. Malicious add-ons or extensions can cause Facebook to act strangely and may give others access to your profile information. Additionally, Facebook may restrict your account access if it identifies unusual activity.

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If add-ons in your web browser are causing issues, try removing them to solve the problem. To remove browser-specific extensions, follow the instructions provided for your particular browser. Removing third-party extensions from Chrome for demonstration purposes.

  1. Please open Chrome on your computer.
  2. To access Extensions, click the hamburger menu (the 3 dots) at the top right corner, select More tools, and click Extensions in the sub-menu.
  3. Next, choose the extension you want to delete and click Remove.
  4. To remove it, click Remove.
  5. If you are using a browser other than Chrome, follow the specific steps for that browser.

Fix 5: Change Date of Birth

Minors cannot access Facebook Marketplace; they must be at least 18. Facebook Marketplace is indeed a financial transaction site, and this endeavor has the potential to defraud minors. If you’re under 18, you can’t access the platform. If your date of birth was entered incorrectly, you can update it as long as you are of legal age.

  1. Sign in using your Facebook details on the Facebook site.
  2. Click on your Profile Name from the Facebook Homepage.
  3. Go to the About section.
  4. Click on Contact and basic info. To update your date of birth, click on the Edit icon under Basic info.
  5. You can modify your birth date and select your sharing preferences. Click Save to complete your changes.

Fix 6: Language, Regional, or Country Restrictions

Facebook Marketplace is available in 70 countries worldwide. To enter the Marketplace, you need to be located in the designated country. If your area has access restrictions, you can open it if the region changes. The platform has restrictions regarding the languages you can use. Follow these steps to update your Facebook language and region settings.

  1. Please sign in to your Facebook account.
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow and choose Settings and Privacy.
  3. Next, click on the Language button to switch languages.
  4. Choose the language and region formats and make any necessary changes.

Fix 7: Restart The Device

Restarting your computer can eliminate problems by resetting things at a certain level. It reconnects in terms of network connectivity. By following that advice, you might resolve the Facebook Marketplace issue.

  1. Reboot your Android devices.
  2. Hold the Power button for a few seconds to access your device’s power options.
  3. Tap Restart.
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Reboot your iOS devices.

  1. To turn off your device, navigate to Settings > General > Shutdown.
  2. Slide the slider to power off the device.
  3. After a few seconds, press the Side button to restart the device.

Fix 8: Re-Login To Facebook

If you encounter an error on your Facebook account, try logging out and logging back in. The Facebook app may be OK; the problem lies with your account. You can log out and log back into your account. After resolving the issue, verify if it has been fixed.

Fix 9: Update Your System OS

Sometimes, errors happen due to using an outdated operating system. Yes, you heard correctly! Users have reported multiple instances of the Marketplace not working or suddenly stopping, mentioning that it usually gets fixed after a system OS update. Consider updating the operating system on your device (if possible) and testing to see if it resolves the issue.

Fix 10: Reinstall The App

If you cannot use the Facebook Marketplace after trying all the fixes in this guide, some of your application files could be damaged or corrupted.

To resolve the issue, you will need to reinstall the Facebook application. We suggest deleting and reinstalling the Facebook app from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. After reinstalling the app, run it to check if the problem is fixed.

Fix 11: Contact Facebook Support

If you’ve tried all the solutions mentioned above and are still facing issues with the Facebook Marketplace, please contact Facebook support. Access the Help Center and submit a help request.

That’s all for now on fixing the Facebook Marketplace not working problem. Thanks for reading this. We hope this is useful. Please ask if you require additional details about Facebook Marketplace in the comments section.

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