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How to Write an Essay about Global Warming?

There is one issue that you will find in every alternate talk show or news channel – Global Warming. However, as common as the topic seems, you will realize it’s more than pollution. In fact, the challenging part is to write an essay on it.

Now, you must know that any topic on climate issues is serious. As a matter of fact, top exams like IELTS and TOEFL assess your skills based on such topics. At that time, you won’t have someone to write essay for money and help you, right?

So, why not get an advanced guideline to make your writing the best! Check below and learn more!

A. Study Recent News & Stories

1. Read about the latest disasters & consequences

You have to observe to write about climate change, pollution, or dis-balance in nature. This is possible when you keep records of the daily happenings of the day. The easiest source to access is the morning headlines on climate or pollution. Again you can subscribe to online newsletters as well.

But what stories should you focus on?

Anything that talks about global warming, forest fires, floods, etc. In fact, you can study statements made by researchers. You see, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has recently predicted that in the next five years, the world’s temperatures will break records for the first time beyond the crucial 1.5C climatic threshold!

A claim like this you cannot avoid for your topic at all.

2. Summit that talks about Climate Change

The discussion goes to a larger level for a serious issue like climate change. There are yearly conferences and summits held as well. For example, the United Nations Climate Change Conference is over two decades old. It discusses the different areas of climate change annually.

You can assess through their yearly reports and make a note of it. You can do a chronological study of the past three or five years. This will help you understand how the summit initiates a solution for global welfare.

3. Contribution of Activists and Environmentalists

A problem often remains ignored unless the people raise their voices. That’s when you will see a rise in protests, slogans, etc. In fact, in fighting against climate change, there is a long list of people who have contributed to bringing change.

So, you need to understand how those activists have contributed. You can highlight how people like Greta Thunberg, Illyess El Kortbi, and even Leonardo DiCaprio have spoken or taken steps in their own way.

When you include such public figures in your essay, the content becomes more engaging, and readers can relate.

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4. Research on Government Initiatives

Government bodies play an important role in bringing development for the masses. This also includes taking steps to control climate issues. Keeping that in mind, gather data and official reports on what bills have been passed, acts have been taken, etc.

For instance, you can discuss how the UK’s strategy for combating and responding to climate change is underpinned by the Climate Change Act of 2008.

B. Points to Add to Global Warming Essay

1. Show the alarming issues

When you plan to write about a serious cause like global warming, you must begin by highlighting the problems. Over the years, there has been untimely rainfall, too much heat, dead fish, etc. These are issues directly connected to the severe change in climate behavior.

Below are more such problems you must put light on, without which your essay will be a vague one –

● Rise in temperature
● Loss of glacial caps
● Rise in temperature
● Wildfires
● Loss of land area
● Increased occurrence of droughts
● Disruption in saline water composition
● Loss of habitat
● Extreme weather

2. Add an emotional point of view

When you need to convince someone, the first thing you do is approach them personally. Similarly, to present your thoughts on global warming, bring out personal relevance. This helps readers understand the probable sufferings due to rapid climate change.

For example, you can discuss how dependency on fuel-based cars directly affects the environment and results in artificial fog.

When you present such points, it will trigger readers about ignorance in daily habits towards the environment.

3. Highlight the Value of Recycling

The global warming issue is incomplete without a discussion on control and management. Yes, every step counts when it’s about finding measures for climate change. Here, the role of recycling plays a significant role.

So, when you begin writing, towards the middle of the body paragraphs, discuss how certain companies have initiated producing plastic-free packaging. You can also talk about some communities that religiously work on waste management.

4. Mention Statistical Facts & Surveys

Proving with approved data is the obvious and important thing in your assignment. Suppose you are doing a chronological study of Canada’s previous five years on forest fires. For this, study how much land was affected, the number of animals that died, etc.

You must also include surveys and government data for a striking essay. Moreover, it will make your argument valid and provide accuracy to your thesis statement.

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C. Show Comparisons

1. Comparative study between years

To introduce an analysis in your essay, choose 2-3 years and discuss the different corners. For example, are there new problems that scientists have found out? Are there less or increases in water level?

Writing about such issues will show the differences in the ecosystem. You can also observe how small symptoms result in larger problems.

2. Geographical comparisons

Not every place indeed suffers from the same climatic issue. Now it partially depends on the natural behavior but mostly on how the community lives there. A popular example is the comforting weather in Miami but an unnatural climate change and heat in New York.

Even if both cities are in the USA, the two different weather conditions are due to the living standards.

You can bring such discussions and present the influence of human habits on climate change.

D. Write the Essay

1. Divide the essay into 5 paragraphs

To begin the essay, describe how you want to present your discussion. For this, choose your topic points and distribute the ideas in five parts – Introduction, 3 Body Paragraphs, and Conclusion.

2. Create a statement

Your essay is ambiguous without highlighting your thesis point. So, do not wait to add it later. Decide how you want to raise the issue and create an opinion. This will also provide a direction for how you want to talk about global warming.

3. Compose a creative introduction

The first paragraph is like the front page of a newspaper; the important points are at the front. Similarly, write your introduction with a creative hook on why global warming is a threat. Adding such points allows you to create a baseline to present your point and make the foundation interesting.

4. End with a hopeful conclusion

Even though each body paragraph will discuss different consequences, you cannot end the essay with a negative thought. Hence, narrow down your writing into a positive tone. You can put your final observation and summarize it with possible measures.

You can also write about how one act can bring a change each day. As a result, your essay will turn out informative yet a guide to the people.

Final Words

It always feels easy at first to talk about popular topics. But you will realize it’s not that simple when you go beyond the said issues. Similar is the topic of global warming. Hence, when you plan to write an essay on it, you must have a handful of information that will help structure it well.

So, follow the above steps and make your writing impressive.

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