What Happened to Torlock? Best Torlock Alternatives Proxy Sites

Torlock proxy sites provide free access to media content. Torlock is a well-known torrent search engine and directory that many people visit. It only offers certified torrents. It reduces the chance of accidentally downloading a virus. Accessing the Torlock torrent homepage can be difficult due to copyright issues and geo-blocking.

How to Access Torlock Torrent Proxy Without A Paid VPN?

A free VPN plan is the perfect solution if you want to safely and anonymously access Torlock and other restricted websites. A VPN service keeps your online activities private and secure by encrypting them and hiding your IP address. It ensures that you can browse the web with complete privacy and security. The free VPN plan lets you connect to servers in different countries, such as the UK, Canada, and the US. You can enjoy fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth, making streaming and downloading from Torlock and other sites smooth without any buffering or lag. Why not act now? Get a free VPN plan now and enjoy secure and unrestricted web browsing!

Quick Steps To Access Torlock Torrent Proxy

To access Torlock Torrent proxy alternatives, follow these steps:

1. Get a Free VPN app or extension for your device.

2. To get started, install the VPN on your device.

3. Please open Smart Connect. Get a FREE VPN now and start enjoying secure and private internet browsing.

Searching for “Torlock movies” online can result in finding fake and potentially dangerous websites. Using these sites can be risky for your device and data. We have made a list of the best Torlock proxy sites for you. We have provided a few options to explore if you still need help accessing Torlock unblocked sites.

What is Torlock Torrent?


Torlock is a popular but questionable torrent website. Torlock may initially seem legal and helpful, but it asks users to activate alerts. It means it will show pop-up ads and promote other websites.

Torrent websites offer unauthorized access to copyrighted content like movies, music, TV shows, software, eBooks, and audiobooks. Torlock is a torrent tracker that is similar to this. It can extract data from specific torrent files.

Torlock is a popular source of top-notch torrents for torrent users. It has a wide collection of movies, TV shows, and books. You can use TorLock to download files for free. Movies and TV shows come in different genres like action/adventure, romance, sci-fi, comedy, horror, crime, mystery, suspense, thriller, drama, and more. You can also watch HD videos on Torlock. You can download movies and TV episodes in different resolutions.

Best Torlock Proxy Sites

How does Torlock work?

It works like other torrent websites. You can easily access it using the live and active domain names. The site offers various movies, TV programs, and shows to browse. Choose any content from the available list and start watching or downloading it immediately, with no restrictions.

Is Torlock Torrent safe?

Downloading files from the internet can be risky. Your company needs to prioritize cybersecurity. Be careful when downloading files from torrent trackers like Torlock because they may only sometimes be reliable.

Torrents are fast and convenient for downloading movies, TV series, and other media, but they must be more secure. Torrents are commonly used for downloading, distributing, or uploading files. More and more torrent users use VPNs to hide their IP addresses when downloading torrents. Be careful! Torrenters who are careless and don’t take precautions may face disastrous consequences. Using torrents can lead to prosecution for copyright breaches.

Torrent users often encounter viruses, which are a common threat. Malware or viruses usually create torrents. Be careful; the downloaded torrent file could have a virus. To stay safe online, use an antivirus program. Using the internet or torrents can lead to hacking. Torrent sites can put user accounts at risk of illegal access by hackers.

Best Alternatives of Torlock Search Engine

If you can’t access Torlock, you can try some alternative sites. Here are some great alternatives to TorLock while it’s unavailable.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

If you’ve been on the internet for a while, you’ve probably heard of The Pirate Bay. Being one of the first torrent sites, it has always been a popular place to download movies, TV shows, music, and video games. TPB’s index has a wide range of top-quality anime shows. The torrent site has a range of apps and programs for your smartphone.

Lots of people think The Pirate Bay is the best torrent site. It is because the site has many torrent files and magnetic connections. One more reason why many people use TPB is its user-friendly UI. TPB is a very user-friendly torrent website. Additionally, it has a handy feature that helps users verify the authenticity of a file.


Want to download your favorite TV show? You can check out the EZTV torrent site if that’s the case. This website offers the latest TV series for screen junkies. The website is still running despite facing multiple challenges, such as a hostile acquisition in 2015.

The active community has many seeders and leechers. Therefore, the download time is quite reasonable. The EZTV torrent website is also user-friendly, featuring a countdown list and calendar. These features let consumers know when their favorite program will be available on the site.

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You don’t need to worry about accidentally downloading low-quality films. This torrent service is all about TV shows. You can quickly sort files based on their quality and format. You can find videos in 480p, 720p, and WebRip formats.

EZTV is known for providing a wide range of entertainment options. One reason for its popularity is its community forums. This site lets users discuss their favorite shows with others!


RARBG was launched in 2008 and quickly gained popularity for its high-quality videos and movie releases. It offers a wide range of Torrent data, including old and current files. Customers primarily choose torrents based on the excellent quality of the freely available options.

RARBG and other unblocked Torrent sites have a helpful top 10 list for inspiration. The checklists show customers the site’s most popular and highly downloaded films. The details of the video include its file size, upload date, cast, and the number of seeders and leechers.

4. LimeTorrents

Limetorrents is less popular than other torrent sites. Still, it is one of the better alternatives to Torlock. Limetorrents differs from sites like TPB or 1337x because it doesn’t have any torrent files on its platform. Instead, it is a directory that guides visitors to verified torrents on other websites.

It is also a very safe torrent site. Torlock and similar torrent websites only host verified torrents. It reduces the risk of users accidentally installing viruses or malware on their devices.

The Limetorrents-certified site’s interface may need to be revised. But it does have useful sites, like the Top Torrents section. This page shows the top 100 trending torrents on the site. You can easily find out what most Limetorrents users are downloading.

Limetorrents unblocked sites offer a wide variety of content, but they do not allow any pornographic submissions on their index. If you’re looking for something like that, there might be better choices than this torrent site.

5. TorrentDownloads

TorrentDownload is another option similar to Torlock Torrents. It has a vast collection of torrents. TorrentDownloads has many movies, TV shows, documentaries, games, and more. Additionally, the site has a user-friendly interface that makes finding the right torrent quickly easy. The site serves a big audience regularly. Users won’t have any issues with the number of seeders for a torrent.

6. 1337x

1337x to

This popular torrent website has a user-friendly interface (UI). Many consumers find the color palette of 1337x appealing. Torrent files are known for their high quality, making them one of the best torrent services.

This Torlock torrent alternative has lots of great media options. Many internet users love this torrent service because it offers high-quality videos, music albums, and series. 1337x also has a range of downloadable applications.

7. Zooqle

Zooqle is a popular alternative to Torlock. This site is huge, with over five million confirmed torrents. Zooqle is known as one of the best torrent sites because it has a lot of things you can download.

Zooqle offers movies, TV shows, and music. It also has a variety of e-books, software, and video games available. FitGirl Repacks has a wider selection of video game-focused websites than this one. However, it is still one of the best torrent sites for people looking for free entertainment.

Additionally, the Zooqle torrent site has support from almost 2,000 trackers. Torrent trackers are servers that help you connect with other people who have the same file you want to download. It speeds up the download time of the file you’re torrenting.

One more reason why this Torlock torrent alternative is popular is because it has a great search feature. You can quickly narrow your search results. You can specify specific phrases, exclude certain terms, and sort by file size.

8. TorrentFunk is an excellent website for quickly finding and downloading the latest TV episodes, movies, web series, games, software, and anime. When new content is added, the site’s content gets updated. is an excellent alternative to Torlock.

9. Torrentz

Torrentz was a popular torrent search engine site. It was launched on July 24, 2003, by Flippy. Torrentz is a viral website for people who want to download P2P files. Many people use Torrentz to download movies, games, software, and more.

10. YTS

You can easily download high-quality YIFY movies (1080p, 720p, and 3D) for free using YTS, also known as YIFY. It’s a website that specializes in high-quality movie releases. YIFY videos are designed to be small in size, which makes them popular among people living in rural areas or with limited internet access.

11. EZTV

EZTV was a popular website for downloading new TV show torrents. It was active from 2005 to 2015. For the best selection of new TV series, go to EZTV. It’s a great alternative to Torlock.

12. iDope

iDope is primarily a search engine for torrents rather than a banned torrent site. It gives you magnet links for the torrents you searched for. It has a lot of torrents, over 18 million, so it’s suitable for many people. The UI is easy to use. iDope has a mobile-friendly website that makes the experience more enjoyable.

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13. TorrentHound

TorrentHound is a well-known website where you can search and download torrent files. These files can include movies, music, software, games, and more. The website has many different genres of movies and TV shows. This Torlock alternative has all genres like action, comedy, horror, sci-fi, and more.

Additionally, the site has a large audience, so there are plenty of seeders for any torrent you want to download. If you can’t find a working torrent link for the file you wish to, you can always download the magnet file instead.

14. Torrends

Finally, you can rely on Torrends to find torrents and fulfill your downloading needs. Torrends, formerly known as Sky Torrents, is a well-liked website for torrent users. If you’re looking to download movies, TV shows, or game torrents, Torrends is the best place to go.

The site has a simple interface that works perfectly. The site has plenty of seeders for its torrents, so you won’t have to worry about slow download speeds.

How to Torrent Safely?

When downloading Torlock proxy services, it’s crucial to check the health of the torrent. A full green bar means there are plenty of seeders and leechers.

Don’t forget about the file extension. If you attempt to download free Torlock movies and the file extension is .exe, your computer has likely been infected with a virus. Also, remember to take into account the size of the file. Downloading a whole season in high resolution may seem possible due to the small file size, but it’s a hoax.


A VPN keeps you anonymous and protects your data. VPNs encrypt all your online activity. So, you don’t need to worry about your ISP, the government, or random people checking your online activity. Downloading from Torlock proxy sites is included in this, of course.

VPNs can help you access websites that are blocked in your country. Torlock is banned in many countries because it is illegal. You can prevent this easily by using Torlock unblocked websites instead. It’s still recommended to use a VPN for torrenting.

Use Antivirus Software

It would help if you had antivirus software for any device. It’s the first defense against malware. When torrenting, Torlock can help you identify and alert you about any questionable torrents. Good antivirus software can find and delete harmful files before they damage your computer.

Are VPNs safe for torrenting?

Using VPNs for torrenting online is entirely safe. VPNs improve online privacy and security. A VPN hides your IP address and gives you a virtual IP address from a different region.

When someone’s actual IP address is blocked, they can browse the internet without being detected. Your online activities will be private from your internet service provider (ISP) and third parties.

Additionally, using a VPN while torrenting allows you to bypass geographical restrictions. If a website is blocked in a particular region, people can use a VPN to access it instantly.

How to Download from Torlock Torrents?

1. Search for the torrent file you wish to download. You can find the Torlock search engine bar in the top left corner of the site.

2. Once you locate the file you want on Torlock, click on its title. It takes you to the summary page. The number of seeders and leechers, file size, and date are posted here. You can find important information in the description tab when torrenting a movie or program. It includes details like video duration, format, video and audio codecs, and more.

3. If you like the file, you have two options to download torrents. To start, click the “Torrent” button above the torrent information on Torlock for downloading. This technique allows you to download the file directly to your device. You can add it to your torrent client manually.

4. You can also use the magnet symbol on the right side of the screen. Use this magnet link to enable the automatic downloading of Torlock torrents in your torrent client. You don’t have to download another file to your device.

5. When downloading a torrent from Torlock with multiple files, your torrent software will prompt you to select the specific files you want to download. You can decide where to store Torlock torrents on your device.

6. To start downloading, press the “Okay” button.

Don’t worry if your Torlock download starts later. To download the data, your torrent client must connect to many seeders. Give it a few minutes for the speed to pick up as your client connects to more seeders.

Final Thoughts

Visit Torlock’s unblocked sites to download and enjoy various types of digital entertainment. Torlock torrents offer fast and convenient access to a wide range of content, including popular video games and music.

Downloading your favorite movies for free from top torrent sites is undeniably tempting. Internet piracy laws and geo-blocking are clear negatives that are hard to overlook. To download torrents from the Torlock Torrent proxy safely, we suggest using a VPN.

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