What is a Credit Card Number Generator?

Credit Card Number Generator Tools: The credit card number generator is a tool developers or testers can use to simulate random credit card numbers. It helps them test web page functionality without using actual credit card details. Credit card number generators use Luhn’s algorithm to create credit card numbers and details for testing web pages. You can also use it to create credit card numbers for online forms to test credit card processing systems.

What is a Credit Card Number Generator?

The Credit Card Number Generator is a tool that creates random credit card numbers. A credit card number generator is a helpful tool that lets you quickly generate random credit card numbers. The Credit Card Number Generator creates valid credit card numbers with all the necessary details, including name, address, expiration date, CVV code, and security code (PIN). You can use the generated credit card number for free trials, testing, and registrations. The Credit card number generator by LambdaTest is free, user-friendly, and ad-free.

The credit card generator creates a complete set of cardholder and credit card details using Luhn’s algorithm. This algorithm is a standard method for generating card validation numbers. The generator makes a fake credit card number that is not active and cannot be connected to a real account. However, the number can be used for verification and testing.

How credit card number generator works?

1. The Major Identity Identifier (MII)

The MII, or major identity identifier, is the first digit of a credit card number. It shows the type of company that offers credit cards. Use the best credit card number generator for an accurate primary identity identifier.

2. Issuer identification number(IIN)

The first six digits of a credit card number identify the institution providing the credit card.

3. Luhn’s Algorithm

It is a simple and widely used method for validating identification numbers, such as credit card numbers. Luhn’s algorithm is a formula used to verify credit card numbers. The best credit card number generator uses Luhn’s algorithm to generate valid credit card numbers for test data.

Benefits of Credit Card Number Generator

Credit card number generators offer several advantages.

1. Webpage Testing Purpose

It is mainly used for testing webpages. Sharing credit card details in test data is unsafe because credit card numbers and details are sensitive information. Testers and developers must use them frequently when testing purchase pages or processes on a webpage. Credit card number generators can quickly create fake credit card numbers that resemble real ones for testing purposes. This process is safe and provides instant results.

2. Access to the Trial version

Lots of apps offer free access or a 30-day trial account. But if they ask for credit card information, you can use a free credit card number generator to skip entering your actual credit card details. This way, you can access the accessible version of applications without any hassle.

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3. Safety from digital scams

Currently, there are approximately 1.14 billion websites online, making it easier for scammers to target them. Websites often request credit card information, even if you intend to use something other than a credit card for payment. To bypass this step, use fake credit card numbers from a credit card number generator tool.

Best Free Credit Card Number Generator Tools

Here are some of the best free credit card number generator tools you can consider in 2023.

1. LambdaTest

The Free Credit Card Number Generator by LambdaTest is a popular tool for generating random and realistic credit card numbers. This tool is open-source and free. It offers 24/7 support for generating credit card numbers. It enables online platforms for continuous test orchestration and execution. Use Cypress testing to test on 3000 real devices and generate credit cards for testing.

2. CardGuru

The Credit Card Generator by CardGuru is used to generate credit card numbers for testing software and verifying data. The generated card is entirely valid for safely testing applications and websites. CardGuru is a credit card generator that creates cards for testing without deducting any money from your account. This tool helps users validate payment testing scenarios, such as checking credit card number format, length, and issuing network.

3. Testsigma

Testsigma’s Online Credit Card Number Generator is a free tool that lets users generate random and realistic credit card numbers without charge. It also helps users count the total characters in a string. Testsigma tool uses a special algorithm to create a sequence of numbers called a pseudo-random number generator. The number’s properties are similar to the properties of a random number sequence.

4. Prepostseo

The best free credit card number generation programs are gaining massive popularity. This tool creates active card numbers for premium SEO tool accounts and application testing purposes. Prepostseo generates a random chain of credit cards according to a specified standard. For example, a credit card number is 4534 9128 9647 3231. The first digit indicates the card network, the following five digits represent the issuing institution, and the remaining digits are unique to the user. The last digit is a checksum use by the Luhn algorithm to verify the number combination.

5. getCreditCardNumber

The online credit card generator tool from is a popular tool for creating random and realistic credit card numbers. It also works with SEO tool accounts. The credit card number is checked using the MOD 10 algorithm. These algorithms help fix mistakes like typos. The credit card number starts with a randomly selected prefix called the Issuer Identification Number (IIN) and Major Industry Identifier (MII). The remaining digits follow the MOD 10 algorithm.

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6. neaPay

The credit card generator tool by neaPay can generate credit card numbers for Visa, MasterCard, Amex, JCB, CUP, and Diners. It can also be used to check if a credit card number is valid for testing purposes. The credit card is randomly generated, making it highly unlikely to match an actual card number.


1. Can I use these credit card details to make purchases?

These numbers generated by the tool are only for testing. They are making any purchases possible with a valid expiration date, cardholder name, and CVV numbers.

2. Is using a Credit Card Generator legal?

Online credit card generators have legitimate uses, and the best tool for this purpose is a Credit Card Generator dedicated to creating test data for webpage testing, however, as long as the information is not used for unethical purposes such as fraud and swindling.

3. How Fake Credit Card Generator works?

This tool uses the Luhn algorithm, an error-checking algorithm used by major credit card numbers. It helps verify the length and validity of each card number. To validate a card schema, we check the list of known IINs for each card type (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, etc.) to determine the card’s category.

To validate card numbers, enter each number in the validation box, one per line. There is no limit to the number of card numbers you can validate. The results are given in a format that is compatible with CSV. Credit card  generator tool offer various credit card services, including Visa, Mastercard, Amex, UnionPay, Diners, Discover, and more.

Final Words

Did you know that credit card generators are random and tools are available to create them without compromising security and confidentiality? This blog explains how to generate random and realistic credit card numbers for testing applications. These tools can generate random and accurate credit card numbers to help you. Also bookmark this post as we will also discuss on the topics like Fake users generator API, PAN Card OCR API, Credit Card OCR API, Credit Card Test Data API, Credit Card Validator – Bin Checker API and more.

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