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Homeworkify AI Review, Features And Price

Technology has led to the creation of many homework apps that students can use to improve their productivity. Today, we will discuss a homework app called Homeworkify. This app helps you complete all your assignments. Continue reading to learn more about this platform.

What is Homeworkify?

Homeworkify Homework Tool

Homeworkify is an educational platform that uses artificial intelligence to assist students with their academics. This app helps students with personalized learning experiences so they never feel left out or worried. It has impressive features to make their work easier.

Homework is a necessary task for all students. Although it helps them learn, it can become boring and frustrating. Working on homework or assignments can be difficult when they involve subjects we need help understanding or finding interesting. It is especially true when the concepts in different chapters are challenging to grasp. Students often need help with homework in math, physics, and languages. The Homeworkify app has been a great help to many students with their assignments and homework. They also have another great feature on their page.

Features of Homeworkify

Homeworkify has many immediate features. Here are some of the most prominent ones:

1. A math problem scanner can detect the type of math problem and provide a detailed solution. This app is considered the best math problem solver. It can help you solve even the most challenging problems.

2. The app has a library section for students. It has lectures and study notes that students can use for exams and homework. These notes are packed with vital info and cover a range of topics. It will help students easily find what they need.

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3. This app also has a collaborative dashboard to monitor students’ academic progress. This method helps track a student’s progress and identify areas for improvement in different subjects.

4. The app has a special section with lots of practice questions and quizzes. This section is very useful for practicing what the student has learned and assessing their progress.

5. This app helps students learn interactively and at their own pace. It is excellent because it helps students understand their subjects and encourages them to ask questions when they have doubts.

Homeworkify AI Pricing

If you are planning on using Homeworkify, let us tell you about some of the plans that it offers:

1. The first plan is the basic plan, which is free of charge. This plan is excellent if you don’t want to spend any money. You will get access to a good amount of content.

2. The next plan is called Plus, which retails for $9.99 monthly. With this subscription, one gets all the basic and many additional features.

3. The third plan is Premium, which costs $19.99, and with this plan, one can gain access to all the features of Homeworkify along with live tutorial sessions.

Drawbacks of Homeworkify

This app is helpful for students but has some drawbacks that can impact their learning. Here are a few examples:

1. Homeworkify offers many subjects, but some are not available. This platform is helpful for school students but may only partially benefit college, university, or higher-level students.

2. This platform relies on AI, and sometimes, the information it provides may require fact-checking. Using this platform excessively can hinder children’s critical thinking skills.

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3. Some solutions on this platform may only sometimes be accurate, so it’s vital to double-check them in some cases. With proper understanding, students may gain marks by providing correct answers.

4. There is a free version of this platform, but to access all the features like the library, interactive dashboard, and live tutoring sessions, you must pay for a plan. To access live tutoring sessions, you must pay for the Premium plan, which costs $19.99.

Homeworkify Alternatives

1. Mathlab
2. Quizlet
3. Quiz Plus
4. Studylib
5. Photomath
7. SolutionInn
9. Numerade
10. JustAnswer
12. Course Hero


Homeworkify is an AI tool that helps you with your homework questions. Students who struggle with homework can use this application, which has many helpful features. This tool has many benefits, including homework support and strategies for various subjects.

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