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12 Best Podcast Recording and Editing Software in 2024

Best Podcast Recording and Editing Software: Podcasts are now the preferred form of entertainment for those seeking knowledge, staying informed, or simply seeking amusement. Consider a video podcast if you want to create and edit a podcast in today’s competitive market. With over 2 billion users, YouTube can greatly accelerate your podcast’s fan base compared to traditional podcast hosting sites.

If you want to create and edit podcasts with video, you’ll need high-quality video podcast software. We have assessed the top podcast recording and editing software by considering price, features, quality, and critical acclaim. Presenting our top picks for video podcast software in 2024.

How to Choose the Best Podcast Recording and Editing Software

Every video podcast software is unique, just as every podcaster has individuality. Here’s a guide to help you find the perfect video podcast software for you.


Ensuring that the video podcast software you select is compatible with your operating system is essential. Before downloading, check the system requirements of podcast recording and editing software. This will ensure that you have enough bandwidth to record and edit your podcasts smoothly without any issues. The video podcast software should support all formats and work well with recording devices like microphones and webcams.


The video podcast software on our list varies in price, with options available for every budget. Consider the features you require for recording and editing podcasts within your budget. Luckily, several podcast recording and editing software options offer a free version for you to test before making a decision.

Skill Level

Video podcast software designed for beginners may not be suitable for advanced editors who require more advanced tools and greater control. On the other hand, beginners may find it more convenient to use podcast recording and editing software that offers automatic, one-click tools. Read on to discover the recommended skill level for each video podcast software on our list.

How We Test the Podcast Recording and Editing Software

Discover our process for testing podcast recording and editing tools and why our top video podcast software rankings are unbiased and reliable.

Test Key Features in a Controlled Environment

Using various video podcast software, we use a consistent group of testers and devices to record and edit podcasts. Next, we analyze the outcomes, considering the quality of the audio and video and the accuracy of the features.

Use Outside Research

We rely on external ratings from reputable review sites to assist us in ranking our video podcast software. Additionally, we make it a point to read both critic and user reviews thoroughly. We aim to align our findings with the consensus of the podcast recording and editing software and minimize any mistakes on our end.

Assess the Overall Experience

We evaluate each video podcast software’s installation/sign-up process, user interface, and learning curve to provide a comprehensive assessment. What was the setup time? Does the interface have an attractive design? Were the tools easily accessible and user-friendly, or did it require some time to become acquainted with the podcast recording and editing software?

Compare Value

We explore the features and pricing options of the video podcast software to determine its value for your investment. Is the pricing reasonable considering the features, or are there other video podcast software options that offer similar features at a lower cost?

12 Best Podcast Recording and Editing Software

Here we list some of the best Podcast recording and editing software.

1. Descript

You may have been eager to begin a podcast, but the thought of editing seems overwhelming. Descript is the perfect solution for podcast recording and editing software. Descript employs simple editing techniques, making it easy for beginners to grasp quickly. The audio is transcribed, and you can easily edit the text like a written document. The video is displayed as slides that can be easily edited, just like a PowerPoint presentation. The video podcast software includes pre-designed title sequences and social media clips that can be utilized to promote your podcast. Our top feature, Overdub, offers a wide range of AI voices that sound incredibly realistic. You can easily replace your voice with these voices.

Descript was not included in our podcast recording and editing software list in 2023. It primarily functions as a tool for transcribing and editing audio using text. However, this video podcast software has evolved to meet the needs of its users and now ranks at number 2 on our list. This is due to the recent inclusion of audio/video recording and video editing capabilities. It’s a tool that beginners will find helpful for recording and editing podcasts. However, those familiar with timeline editing may find it confusing and lacking in tools.

Website: https://www.descript.com/remote-recording

2. VEED.io

Adding subtitles is crucial when recording and editing podcasts with video. VEED is a user-friendly software that allows you to record and edit podcasts effortlessly. It also can generate highly accurate subtitles from audio or video files in just minutes. Additionally, manual review tools can expedite the editing process by identifying any words the AI may have inaccurately interpreted. VEED offers a wide range of customization options for subtitles, making them easy to personalize. Additionally, the subtitles can be translated into more than 50 languages, ensuring accessibility for a global audience.

This video podcast software lets you easily record and edit podcasts using comprehensive audio and video editing tools. In addition, you have the option to live stream to multiple platforms and easily share screen recordings. VEED is a convenient option for beginners, but its price is comparable to professional podcast recording and editing software. The Basic version only allows for exporting videos that are 25 minutes or less in duration, making it unsuitable for most podcasts. Podcasters may consider investing in the pricier Pro version, which exceeds the cost of many other professional software options.

Website: https://www.veed.io

3. Director Suite 365

Director Suite 365 is a complete podcast recording and editing software that caters to both experienced podcasters and beginners. This video podcast software collection offers a seamless platform for managing all your photo, video, and audio needs, giving you complete control. With this convenient solution, you can effortlessly record and edit podcasts with audio and video. Additionally, you’ll be able to edit images for podcast cover art, logos, and social media posts. This software stands out from the rest on our list because of its unique functionality, and it is also more affordable than most options available.

Experience pristine sound quality with the advanced audio editor, AudioDirector, included in the Director Suite. Enjoy immersive Dolby Surround Sound for an unparalleled audio experience. This software offers a wide range of audio editing and restoring functions, making it perfect for podcast recording and editing. This video podcast software is capable of handling recording on multiple devices and offers high-quality audio mixing. The wide range of tools available includes noise reduction, sound panning, and audio ducking.

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This software includes PowerDirector, which allows you to enhance and edit your podcast recordings easily. You can improve your videos by adding themed overlays, applying split-screen or picture-in-picture effects, adding motion titles, and creating intros/outros using drag-and-drop templates. Utilize a comprehensive range of color correction tools to enhance the visual quality of the video in your podcast, giving it a polished and professional appearance.

Website: https://www.cyberlink.com

4. Logic Pro & Final Cut Pro

If you’re a Mac user seeking a more sophisticated solution for recording and editing podcasts, Apple’s advanced video podcast software is worth considering. Both are designed to work seamlessly with Apple Silicon, providing exceptional performance and speed on Macs and MacBooks. Logic Pro is a powerful video podcast software that turns your computer into a professional recording studio. It offers a range of dynamic tools and a user-friendly interface. This software can handle even your most ambitious podcasts, including live and multi-location recordings. Final Cut Pro offers the convenient feature of Synchronized Clips, which automatically aligns video with second-source audio. Additionally, the software provides color coding options that simplify identifying and customizing your media files.

Apple is known for its user-friendly technology, and Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro are prime examples of this. We decided to prioritize this podcast recording and editing software over the WavePad/VideoPad duo due to its extensive range of features. We were thrilled to discover that Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro are now accessible on iPad, enabling users to record and edit podcasts while on the move quickly! However, the transition between audio and video software is not as smooth in Logic Pro as it is in Director Suite 365, even though Logic Pro does support Final Cut Pro XML files. Unfortunately, bundling the two programs does not offer a discount unless you are an educator.

Website: https://www.apple.com/logic-pro/

5. DaVinci Resolve Studio

DaVinci Resolve Studio is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a comprehensive solution that covers video editing, color correction, visual effects, and audio post-production. We found it convenient that this podcast recording and editing software allows for clip and waveform editing in one view, eliminating the need to switch between programs when editing video and audio. This video podcast software will enable you to record a wide range of audio, from voice-overs to a full symphony orchestra. We’ll have to trust their assessment of the orchestra, but we discovered that the voice-over tool was user-friendly, provided excellent sound quality, and allowed for multiple takes to be layered on the same track.

We appreciate this podcast recording and editing software on a budget for professionals (or aspiring professionals) because DaVinci Resolve Studio offers a highly capable free version. Podcasters will appreciate the collaboration tools that enable multiple users to edit together from different locations. In our latest 2024 list, we have bumped up DaVinci from #10 to #3. This is due to its continuously adding new features, including an AI tool that conveniently organizes audio clips based on classification. This video podcast software may not be suitable for those new to editing or prefer a more straightforward experience, as it requires significant time and effort to learn.

Website: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com

6. Podcastle

Podcastle is a user-friendly tool for recording and editing podcasts with video. Record audio and video on separate tracks and easily edit them using AI-powered tools. This podcast recording and editing software allows you to transcribe audio and edit text documents like Descript. It offers user-friendly tools for seamlessly fading in and out of podcast intros and convenient speed adjustment options to modify audio playback. Each track can be equalized, compressed, and cleaned separately.

Podcastle has risen in our rankings of podcast recording and editing software due to its inclusion of a variety of video editing features. This video podcast software allows you to easily split, trim, and resize clips and add text, captions, and logos. You can also create custom backgrounds with it. A few noteworthy features are available, such as AI-generated episode summaries and AI text-to-speech voices. Many users have been requesting the addition of organizational features to the video podcast software. We are eager to see if this feature will be included in our following review.

Website: https://podcastle.ai

7. Sound Forge Pro & MAGIX Movie Studio

We discovered that MAGIX offers podcast recording and editing software called Sound Forge Pro and Movie Studio. These tools provide a wide range of features and are more user-friendly than professional video podcast software. However, there is a slight difference in that Sound Forge is more advanced than Movie Studio. If you have audio editing experience but are apprehensive about making video podcasts, this could be the ideal solution.

Sound Forge Pro allows you to effortlessly record and edit podcasts with high-resolution capabilities on multiple channels. Produce professional podcast masters that meet international standards while trimming, editing, and improving audio files. Movie Studio offers a straightforward drag-and-drop workflow and convenient modes for trimming and cutting. This software provides a variety of acoustic effects and sounds for your video podcast.

Opinions vary on whether Sound Forge Pro is considered professional software, but regardless, it provides ample features for recording and editing a podcast with high-quality sound. Experienced audio editors will appreciate the user-friendly MAGIX Movie Studio for recording and editing podcasts with video. We noticed that transitioning from audio to video editing in MAGIX software was not as seamless as in other podcast recording and editing software. You’ll need to purchase them individually, without any savings for buying them together.

Website: https://www.magix.com

8. WavePad & VideoPad

WavePad and VideoPad are user-friendly software for recording and editing podcasts developed by NCH. The video podcast software offers user-friendly menus that can be easily customized. It also provides ample support and resources for beginners within the apps. We discovered that these methods are quick and efficient for recording and editing podcasts with video.

WavePad offers audio restoration tools that effectively reduce noise and eliminate clicks and pops. This software provides various useful tools for editing audio in your video podcasts. You can easily scrub and search through the audio to cut, copy, paste, trim, compress, and apply various effects. VideoPad offers a wide range of video editing features, including color correction, visual effects, and speed adjustments, making it a comprehensive tool for all your editing needs.

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WavePad and VideoPad are ideal video podcast software options for beginners looking to learn traditional timeline editing. Podcast recording and editing software such as Podcastle and Descript provide a faster editing experience for beginners. However, these tools may not be suitable for users who aspire to become skilled audio/video editors in the long run. Experienced podcasters may find WavePad’s single-track recording and limited mixing tools more convenient.

Website: https://www.nch.com.au/wavepad/index.html

9. Zencastr

Zencastr is a user-friendly software designed for podcast recording and editing. It also offers features for distribution and monetization, making it a comprehensive tool for podcasters. This software tracks listener data, providing valuable analytics for podcasters. Pair your show with brands that align with your audience by connecting to Zencastr’s Ad Marketplace. With a wide range of AI-powered tools, you can easily adjust loudness levels, minimize background noise, and loop and fade audio with just one click. This video podcast software’s Soundboard allows you to easily store audio clips like intro themes, sound effects, and ads for use in live recordings.

Zencastr’s Clips feature distinguishes it from other podcast recording and editing software. With the help of AI, our video was effortlessly enhanced. It automatically identified the highlights, added titles and captions, eliminated unnecessary words, and ensured that faces were perfectly centered. It then optimized the clip for the six social platforms that we selected. It’s a fantastic tool for streamlining your podcast marketing efforts. If you find this hard to believe, it could be because Zencastr is quite pricey, especially when compared to other video podcast software options on our list. For larger businesses and established podcasters, this task is quite manageable. However, those just starting or pursuing podcasting as a hobby might prefer a more affordable alternative.

Website: https://zencastr.com

10. Riverside.fm

Riverside.fm is a user-friendly video podcast software allowing you to record audio and video on two tracks effortlessly. This software is perfect for anyone looking to livestream their video podcasts. It’s an excellent tool for recording and editing podcasts. During live recordings, you can modify grid views and backgrounds, incorporate logos, and conveniently crop guests seated far from their webcams. Additional live streaming tools include audience links that can be easily shared, services for teleprompters, the ability for viewers to call in live, and the option to stream to multiple platforms simultaneously.

Riverside.fm is a user-friendly video podcast software designed for beginners or busy podcasters seeking a convenient solution to record and edit podcasts. This podcast recording and editing software now includes a Magic Clips feature, which allows you to quickly transform noteworthy moments from your video podcasts into content that can be easily shared on social media. It’s like Zencastr, but it’s more budget-friendly (it’s even included in the free plan). We adore this video podcast software for its recording and live-streaming capabilities. However, experienced editors might require additional software to edit sound and pictures effectively.

Website: https://riverside.fm

11. Adobe Audition & Premiere Pro

Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro are powerful tools for professional podcast recording and editing. They are ideal for users who have prior editing experience. Adobe Audition provides comprehensive audio post-production and restoration features, such as waveform visualization and sound removal tools. Adobe Premiere Pro is a highly acclaimed video editor that offers collaboration tools, allowing you to receive feedback from your podcast team quickly.

Editing audio in Adobe Audition and seamlessly transitioning to editing video in Adobe Premiere Pro is a breeze, as you don’t have to go through the hassle of recreating the file. Interestingly, both products feature the same Essential Sound Panel, allowing for seamless back-and-forth usage. Since our previous review, Premiere Pro has introduced new features that enhance video editing. These include AI text-based editing and filler-word detection, which streamline the editing process. Some users may find the cost of this podcast recording and editing software steep for their budget. However, if you’re looking for video podcast software with advanced features, you should consider the higher cost.

Website: https://www.adobe.com

12. GarageBand & iMovie

GarageBand and iMovie, two Mac apps, work together to make podcast recording and editing a breeze without cost. It is a podcast recording and editing software that allows you to create and mix audio tracks effortlessly. Its user-friendly interface lets you polish your tracks with essential features like reverb, visual EQ, volume levels, and stereo panning. iMovie allows you to incorporate photos, edit clips, apply smooth transitions, and adjust audio levels effortlessly. Video filters enhance the appearance of webcam footage, giving it a more cinematic feel.

GarageBand may not have the same level of professionalism as Logic Pro, but it excels as podcast recording and editing software. You don’t need any fancy tools to record and edit podcasts. iMovie also needs to improve in terms of advanced effects, but it does offer basic features like cutting, trimming, splicing, adding titles, and picture-in-picture effects that are essential for video podcast software.

Website: https://www.apple.com/mac/garageband/


1. What is a video podcast?

A video podcast is a recorded version of a podcast in video format.

A podcast is audio content that follows a specific theme and is typically released in episodes. It is often available through a subscription. Podcasting has evolved beyond just audio, with the rise of video podcasts (also known as vodcasts). Many popular podcasters choose to record both video and audio, making it available as extra content on platforms like YouTube.

2. Which software is recommended for recording video podcasts?

Screen Recorder 4 is a top-notch software for recording podcasts with video. Director Suite 365 comes with it. It can be used to record a camera connected to your computer quickly. Recording your video podcast is a breeze with a DSLR.

3. Is software necessary for podcasting?

Absolutely! Podcasting and editing software is essential for creating video and audio-only podcasts. There are software options for video podcasting that specialize in either recording or editing. We suggest looking for software that can handle both tasks.

4. What do I need to start a podcast?

To start recording and editing your podcast, you’ll need a microphone, audio interface, headphones, and podcast software. If you’re planning to make a video podcast, you’ll require a camera/tripod or webcam, lights, and video podcast software that includes video editing features.

5. Which platform offers the highest quality podcasts?

Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts are the top podcast choices due to their extensive selection. Spotify and Audible are great choices for entertainment.

If you’re looking for a podcasting host, BuzzSprout and PodBean are excellent choices. They offer analytics, monetization, and promotion tools to help you succeed as a podcaster.

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