Slidesgo Review: Features, Pricing, and More

Do you or your students want to make your Google Slides™ or PowerPoint presentations more exciting? You should try Slidesgo. It’s a website where you can get free presentation templates. It’s similar to Slides Carnival but without ads and with even better design choices.

Slidesgo offers a range of attractive and clean designs that follow the latest graphic design trends. They have options for Education, Business, Marketing, and Medical fields. Slidesgo, as part of the Freepik Company, offers a wide range of top-notch graphic resources like vectors, infographics, icons, and more. The well-structured templates help users organize their content for better audience engagement. Slidesgo also provides slides with specific structures. For example, they have studied a lesson plan’s elements and created educational layouts that include those components. Please take a look at my top education templates.

An excellent presentation can have a significant impact on your professional life. Presentations are the best way to share your ideas, statistics, forecasts, and reports. Today, there are many presentation tools, and Google Slidesgo is one of the best. What makes it unique and popular among businesses and individuals?

The platform offers more than just presentation slides. It includes many themes, templates, and free stock photos. The best part is that they can be easily customized to fit the presenter’s needs. Isn’t it the best? In this AI-driven era, Slidesgo stands out as the top presentation-building tool. It has something special that sets it apart. Let’s discover what makes it unique in this Slidesgo review. We will discuss everything about Slidesgo, including what it is, its features, pricing, and our honest verdict on whether it meets expectations or not.

What Is Slidesgo?

Slidesgo is a convenient online tool for creating professional-looking presentations without starting from scratch. You can easily customize the site’s templates to fit your needs. They are of high quality.

Templates are available for marketing, education, business, health, and other categories. The platform, owned by Freepik, has many visual assets like vectors, infographics, icons, and more.

The platform has both paid and free options available. As a free user of Slidesgo, you must keep the credit links intact, even though most templates on the site are free to use.

What is Slidesgo Used For?

Slidesgo is a tool for creating fast and compelling presentations. It can showcase a business report, teach a lesson, or create a personal slideshow. The platform has many professionally designed templates to match your needs and style. You can personalize them with your content, images, colors, fonts, and icons. Adding animations, transitions, charts, maps, and other features can make your presentation more engaging and interactive.

Slidesgo works with both Google Slides and PowerPoint, making it simple to edit and share your presentations with others. You can download them as PDF files or export them to different formats. You can access your presentations from any device and work on them anytime, anywhere, because it is cloud-based.

In addition, Slidesgo is more than just a presentation tool. It is also a creative community where you can get inspired, learn new skills, and share your ideas with others.

Is Slidesgo Safe?

Slidesgo is safe to use. There is no need to create an account or give personal information to use its templates. You can easily browse, download, and edit the templates to your liking.

You can trust our site to be safe. No malware or viruses will harm your device. Slidesgo offers free templates that are compatible with various devices and software versions. You can use these templates online or offline, making them convenient and accessible. Slidesgo is a trustworthy and dependable tool for making impressive and professional presentations.

Features of Slidesgo

Slidesgo provides various useful tools and features to simplify and enhance presentation creation. Here’s how it works:

1. Variety of Adaptable Templates

Slidesgo offers a wide selection of pre-designed presentation templates for users. Popular templates include those for business, education, art, and marketing. Users can customize each template’s text, images, colors, and other elements to meet their needs better.

2. Google Slides Compatibility

Slidesgo templates work seamlessly with Google Slides, allowing users to create impressive presentations easily and without hassle. Users can save time using them together, as they won’t need to export their presentations to another system.

3. Great Design

Experts make Slidesgo templates to guarantee captivating and impressive presentations every time. Our templates are designed to captivate readers with a blend of contemporary style, eye-catching visuals, and a clean format.

4. Free and Premium Options

At Slidesgo, users can choose between free or premium templates depending on their preferences and budget. Premium templates come with a price, but they offer additional benefits, such as extra slides and advanced design elements not available in the free templates.

5. Huge Collection of Icons and Graphics

You can make your presentations more interesting by using Slidesgo’s collection of icons, pictures, and other visuals. Our library is regularly updated, so customers can trust that their presentations will always be current.

Is Slidesgo Free?

Slidesgo is available for free, but there are certain limitations. With the free plan, you can download 5 templates per month, and there will be ads on the website. You’ll have limited access to certain features and assets like icons, fonts, and images.

To fully enjoy Slidesgo, upgrade to a premium plan for unrestricted access. The premium plan is priced at $23.99 per year. With this plan, you get unlimited downloads, ad-free browsing, and access to all features and assets.

You can also select an education plan made specifically for teachers and students. The education plan is priced at $13.99 per year. It includes all the premium plan’s benefits and provides exclusive templates for educational use.

How many free Slidesgo templates can you download?

You can download free templates from Slidesgo. The number of templates keeps increasing with new ones added, and some older ones may be removed or moved to premium options.

Here’s what I can tell you about Slidesgo’s free offerings:

1. Large Free Selection

Slidesgo has an extensive collection of free templates that cover different themes, styles, and functions. You can find something suitable for introductory presentations without paying for premium options.

2. Filtering options

The platform has easy-to-use filters that help you find free templates quickly. To find free options at the library, use the “Free” filter or check out sections like “Trending Now Free” and “Most Popular Free” for highly-rated choices.

3. Download Limit

There is no strict download limit for free templates on Slidesgo. You can download as much as you want without any limits. Just remember, downloading too much could get flagged as potential abuse by their system.

4. Focus on Basic Features

Free templates provide many customization options but may not have advanced features such as custom animations, icons, or layout variations. Premium versions often have these features.

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5. Upgrade Options

Slidesgo has affordable monthly and yearly subscription plans if you want more templates and advanced features.

The number of free Slidesgo templates you can download depends on what you need and like. The free options are an excellent place to begin if you want simple, effective presentations. Consider getting a premium subscription if you want more advanced features or styles.

How to Use Slidesgo?

To create presentations using Slidesgo, follow these easy steps:

1. To begin, open Google Slides and log in to your account.

2. Open a new tab and visit Slidesgo. Make sure you are logged in on that website as well.

3. Choose a template from the search results. To find what you need quickly, scroll down and click on a tag to search by tags.

4. Click on a tag to choose it. To access the free version of Slidesgo, click on the drop-down menu next to “licensing.”

5. To access free templates, click the “Free” button, and Slidesgo will display all available options.

6. Choose the template you prefer from the available options. Above the sample, you will find the total number of slides in that theme.

7. Click the arrow on the next slide to preview the template. You can use the smaller thumbnail previews to browse the template.

8. After selecting the template, click “Google Slides” to download it. Clicking on this will open your Google Slides.

9. Click the button that says “Make a copy.” The chosen template will show up in Google Slides. To edit a slide, click on it, just like you would in any other presentation software.

10. That’s all. You can easily create a high-quality Google Slide in just a few minutes by making simple clicks and changes.

Pros and Cons of Slidesgo

Pros Cons
AI-generated presentation tools Limited templates for users per month.
Templates can be customized. Limited design flexibility.
Get unlimited access to Slidesgo themes. Less visual appeal
You can integrate Google Slides and Freepik. Limited customization

Why choose Slidesgo for your presentations?

If you’re an experienced presenter or just starting, Slidesgo is an excellent presentation platform. Here are a few reasons why you should choose it.

Extensive Collection of Templates

Abundance: Easily explore various ready-made templates for various topics, themes, and styles. You’ll find something that matches your presentation’s content and tone.

Customization: Customize everything, including text, images, colors, and layouts, to make the template uniquely yours.

Free and Premium Options: Choose from a wide range of free templates for your basic needs. Upgrade to premium versions for extra features such as animations, custom icons, and greater design flexibility.

User-Friendliness and Easy Access

Easy-to-use Interface: Easily navigate the platform using search filters, clear previews, and a simple download process.

No Registration Required: Easily download free templates without signing up, making it a fast and convenient choice.

Multiple File Formats: Easily download templates that work with both Google Slides and PowerPoint so you can use them with your preferred presentation software.

Improving Presentation Quality

Simple and Clear Designs: Select from sleek, modern, minimalist, or playful styles to make your presentation look polished and impactful.

Visual Appeal: You can use your images or select high-quality visuals from their library to replace the placeholder images.

Time-Saving Efficiency: No more starting from the beginning! Using pre-designed templates can save you a lot of time and effort. This way, you can concentrate on creating and delivering your content effectively.

More Benefits

Community and resources: Learn presentation tips and design best practices with our helpful tutorials, blog posts, and vibrant community forum.

Contributor Program: Showcase your creativity by submitting your templates and have the chance to earn rewards through our program.

Affordable Premium Plans: Get an upgrade for more features and templates at an affordable price.

Collaborative Features & Sharing Options

Slidesgo primarily offers pre-designed templates for individual users. However, it also has some collaborative features and sharing options available, which can be helpful to you.

Collaborative Features

Offline Collaboration: Although Slidesgo does not have real-time online collaboration, you can download a template and collaborate with others using your preferred presentation software, such as Google Slides or PowerPoint.

Sharing for Feedback: After creating your presentation with a Slidesgo template, you can easily share it with others for feedback. You can do this through email, cloud storage platforms, or other sharing methods.

Community Forum: The Slidesgo community forum allows you to share your work, get feedback, and collaborate with other users on design ideas.

Sharing Options

Public and Private Sharing: You have the option to share your downloaded presentations either publicly or privately. Anyone with the link can view public presentations, but private presentations need the owner’s permission.

Embed in Websites: With Slidesgo, you can easily embed your presentation on your website or blog using an embed code.

Exporting Formats: You can save your presentation in different formats, such as PDF, PPTX, or ODP, to easily share it with others and ensure compatibility.


Limited Real-Time Collaboration: Unlike Google Slides and other presentation platforms, Slidesgo does not provide real-time online collaboration features.

Version Control Challenges: Collaborating offline can make keeping track of changes and control versions challenging, which can cause confusion.

Focus on Individual Use: Slidesgo primarily provides templates for individual users to use in their presentations. Although sharing and collaboration options are available, they are not as strong as dedicated collaboration platforms.

10 Best Websites Like Slidesgo

For projects requiring real-time collaboration and better version control, you can use platforms like Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint or collaborative tools like Canva or Prezi. These platforms have features such as simultaneous editing, version history, and chat functionality, which make collaboration easy and efficient. In 2023, you should consider several alternatives to Slidesgo.

Now, let’s have a look at them.

1. Padlet

Padlet is an easy and enjoyable online presentation-making software, perfect for beginners in productivity software. You can quickly post by clicking, dragging, dropping, copying, and pasting. Designs are saved automatically when you make changes.

The software works on both Apple and Android devices. Additionally, the app allows you to capture images and scan QR codes. This website, like Slidesgo, works even better than you expect.

Padlet is compatible with other applications. You can easily integrate Padlet into your blog or website, unlike Slidesgo. You can easily copy and paste a custom link address and export your data in various formats like CSV, PDF, Excel, or image files.


2. Prezi

Prezi allows you to present data, figures, and ideas clearly and precisely. PowerPoint charts help simplify complex concepts in a presentation by visually demonstrating their relationships.

Prezi offers a range of PowerPoint templates with timelines and planning elements, including calendars, flowcharts, and Gantt charts. You can use PowerPoint charts to show your team’s performance, customer service, social media engagement, and other metrics. You can track the performance of your employees or partners.

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3. SlidesCarnival

SlidesCarnival is our top pick for Slidesgo alternatives. It has many free PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes to improve presentations. Templates are simple to customize, change, and use for personal and commercial purposes.

Choose from these PowerPoint templates or Google Slides themes to create your presentations. SlidesCarnival offers templates that are packed with features and can be easily edited. It allows you to create impressive presentations quickly.

Be innovative and professional, and use a unique design to impress your audience. This tool helps you create engaging presentations that your viewers will enjoy and remember.


4. Keynote

If you want apps similar to Slidesgo, give Keynote a try. It offers over 700 pre-designed charts and galleries. Keynote is available on most Apple devices, allowing you to create impressive and unforgettable presentations effortlessly.

Keynote allows you to use an Apple Pencil on your iPhone or iPad to draw diagrams or graphics, unlike Slidesgo. Additionally, you can collaborate with your team in real time, regardless of whether they are using a Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

Keynote is the same on all your Apple devices. It means that slides created on a Mac or iPad will appear the same on an iPhone and vice versa. You can make your presentation better with more than 30 appealing themes.


5. Slide Egg

Slide Egg is a platform that provides top-quality PowerPoint templates. They have a team of over 25 designers and imagery experts who can help you and your organization succeed in any professional project.

Slide Egg creates your presentation for you once you pay a fee, unlike Slidesgo. They ensure that every aspect aligns with your desired outcome. To get great Microsoft Presentation slides, give them clear specifications. They’ll create captivating and elegant slides for you. You can easily customize and modify any presentation or template in Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote.


6. HiSlides

HiSlide offers free presentation slides that are designed to captivate your audience. You can select from ready-made Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Keynote designs.

Customizing the color scheme takes less than two minutes. HiSlide allows you to edit data in PowerPoint charts, graphs, and dashboards using Excel spreadsheets. In addition, you can find many analysis slides, infographics, reports, and templates for interactive presentations in the business presentation section.

Google Slides themes are user-friendly, making them accessible even for beginners. No additional software is required to modify elements in Google Workspace.


7. Template Monster

Template Monster has many templates for various projects, businesses, and industries. The Keynote Template is modern and simple, making editing a breeze.

Template Monster offers a wide range of Google Slides themes for blogging and PowerPoint business templates in different styles and designs. Many of them can be fully customized. This platform allows you to create 3D presentations, unlike Slidesgo.


8. Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck allows you to create impressive online presentations easily. Over 10,000 people from various businesses have used Pitch Deck to create inspiring presentations that showcase their products and services, boosting team morale.

Create a clear and persuasive pitch with our Pitch Deck templates. They remove the guesswork and help you make a concise and customer-friendly presentation. Use colorful icons, stock images, trendy graphics, and eye-catching transitions to grab the audience’s attention when designing.


9. Vizzlo

Vizzlo is a quick and easy online tool for creating attractive charts and business graphics. It has over 100 chart options, making it easy to create visualizations with unlimited features and smooth interactions.

Customize your templates with your organization’s fonts, styles, colors, and icons for consistent branding across your team. You can invite colleagues and work together on projects. Additionally, the app’s document history lets you track who works on which topics.


10. SideBazaar

SlideBazaar is a tool for making presentations online. You’ll have access to excellent resources that can help you improve your presentation.

Unlike Slidesgo, it offers well-designed keynote templates. Keynote templates are versatile tools that users can use to showcase different themes in corporate, academic, marketing, and annual reports.

In addition, SlideBazaar offers Corporate Slides, Case Studies, Whitepapers, and Annual Reports. Our professional PPT templates, both premium and free, have top-notch designs that captivate the audience and make the presentation visually appealing.


Is investing in AI presentation app development a good idea?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has greatly influenced how we create and deliver presentations. Software like Slidesgo can assist in creating impressive slides, generating captivating content, and conveying impactful messages. Investing in software like this can be a profitable business venture.


How To Cancel Slidesgo Subscription?

To cancel your subscription, reach out to Slidego customer support. State your reason for canceling your subscription, and you’re all set.

How can I download a template from Slidesgo?

To download a template from Slidesgo, follow these simple steps: 1. Select the template you like. 2. Click on the “Download” button. 3. Choose the format you prefer (PowerPoint or Google Slides).

How To Get Slidesgo Premium For Free?

You cannot access Slidesgo premium features without paying for them. To access all the features, please make a payment. Slidesgo offers free themes and templates that are perfect for getting started.

Is Slidesgo reliable?

Slidesgo is a trusted website offering top-notch templates for subjects like education, business, marketing, medicine, infographics, and more. Millions of users worldwide trust Slidesgo.

Is there a limit to Slidesgo?

Yes, there is a limit for free users on Slidego. With the free plan, you can download 5 templates per month, and there will be ads on the website. You will have limited access to certain features and assets like icons, fonts, and images.

Does Freepik own Slidesgo?

Slidesgo is a project by Freepik Company, a top platform for free graphic resources. Freepik owns other websites like Flaticon and Storyset.

Can Students Use Slidesgo?

Slidesgo is a helpful tool for students to make presentations for their assignments, projects, or exams. Slidesgo provides a variety of templates for different levels and subjects. They also offer helpful tips and tricks to improve your presentations.


In this Slidesgo review, we found that the platform is excellent for effortlessly making professional and appealing presentations. It has many templates, resources, and customization options to fit different needs and preferences.

No matter who you are – an educator, student, business person, or creative individual – you can easily find a template that suits your project and theme. We are most impressed by its integration capabilities. It works seamlessly with Google Slides and PowerPoint, making slide editing and sharing a breeze.

We highly recommend Slidesgo to anyone who wants to save time and create impressive presentations.

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