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Top 10 Best Office Chair For Back Pain 2024

Best Office Chair For Back Pain: I enjoy testing and evaluating top office chairs designed for back pain relief, believing they can positively impact your daily life. It’s a bold statement, but after years of testing ergonomic chairs, I’ve seen the positive effects they can have.

Research from the University of Hampshire suggests that using an ergonomic chair that supports the natural curvature of your spine while working long hours at a desk can reduce the risk of developing a cumulative trauma disorder.

How did I choose the chairs on this list? Reviewing ergonomic chairs, I prioritize back support, adjust-ability, comfort, build quality, price, and design. The X4 chair from X-Chair is my top choice because it excels in all categories. I’ve been using it as my home office chair for a year now! I dedicate months to each chair, thoroughly evaluating every feature and noting how it impacts my experience. I use each chair for office work, gaming, and spending time with friends and family.

10 Best Office Chair For Back Pain

Check out this list of top office chairs designed to help with back pain, suitable for office work, gaming, and interacting with loved ones.

1. X4 Executive Leather Chair

X4 Executive leather chair

If you are looking for the best office chair for back pain, you should consider X4 Executive leather chair. I’ve used the X4 chair in my home office for over a year now and believe it’s the top ergonomic chair I’ve come across. It’s the best choice for most people. Here’s the reason…

Firstly, the X4 Executive leather chair is incredibly comfortable and ergonomic. The leather/foam combination provides a soft feel, while the metal base build ensures solid support, giving you a comforting and reassuring experience. Plus, the 360º armrests are the top choice when you’re looking for the best armrests available.

X-Chair X4 excels

There are no unexpected details about the appearance of the X4, but you can customize it with one of the eight available colors. The classic design features a two-part back and a single base for the seat. One of the best things about the X4 is how comfortable it is for long periods of sitting. The X4 chair is constructed with hard plastic, chrome aluminum, mesh, and leather, offering solid support and supreme comfort.

X-Chair X4

This chair is one of the heaviest on the list, weighing 31kg (twice as heavy as others). The firmness contributes to excellent back support and a comfortable yet supportive feel. It’s the top choice for many due to its high level of adjustability. Many feature options, such as headrests, 360-degree armrests, and massage and heating pads, are available.

2. Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Chair

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Chair

Will you mainly use the chair for gaming? Allow me to present the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022. We tested this high-end gaming chair for weeks and appreciated its durable comfort and meticulous design.

One important feature is the fully adjustable lumbar support system, controlled by a knob on the right side of the backrest. The seat features a bucket-style design similar to racing chairs, providing ample support for long hours of gameplay or office work. The cold-cure foam padding makes it very comfortable. Available in Small, Regular, and XL to accommodate various body sizes.

We enjoyed the combination of leatherette and velvet-style finishings, which gives it a premium look and feel. The magnetic headrest is a feature that enhances the comfort of the Titan Evo—the perfect chair for both gamers and non-gamers. You can consider it among the best office chair for back pain.

3. HÅG Capisco

HÅG Capisco

The HÅG Capisco has a unique appearance compared to the other chairs listed. It’s a saddle chair that lets you sit like you’re saddling a horse. Research, like the study from Cardiff University, has shown the benefits of this for countering and preventing back pain. Our review of the HÅG Capisco 8106 chair found that adjusting your sitting position can improve blood flow and posture, reducing back discomfort.

Medical professionals commonly use saddle chairs, which have become popular in various workplaces. Perfect for standing desks. The HÅG Capisco features a wider saddle, whereas the HÅG Capisco Puls has a firmer, narrower saddle that enables sitting with legs closer together.

With excellent lumbar and lower back support, this chair is comfortable and highly adjustable. The chair can be tilted and locked in place, with adjustable height and depth settings, allowing you to switch between sitting and standing positions. Moreover, this sleek and simple Scandinavian design will elevate your home office setup to a stylish level.

4. Herman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller Aeron

The Herman Miller Aeron is a classic ergonomic office chair that has only been updated once since its release in 1994, proving its timeless design.

It’s tempting to exaggerate when suggesting a product to a creative audience that excels in form and function, like the Aeron. I’ve been using it as my main work chair for 12 weeks now, and it’s truly one of the most comfortable, supportive, and stylish chairs I’ve ever had.

It quickly became the top chair for back pain, surpassing the X4 Executive leather chair. It’s now back down to three because the X-Chair provides much more adjustability, a key feature in ergonomic chairs. It’s a very close call!

The limited adjustment options in the ‘entry-level’ model of the Aeron I reviewed felt comforting and comfortable. Herman Miller’s supreme confidence is evident in how the initial design decisions translate into comfortable and supportive results.

The Aeron chair from Herman Miller may seem a bit expensive, but it does come with an excellent 12-year warranty. Spending over $1,000 on a chair may seem like a lot, but you can find it for as low as $711 on Amazon, so there are good deals available for this iconic chair.

5. Sihoo M90D Ergonomic Chair

Sihoo M90D

For those seeking a high-quality ergonomic office chair to alleviate back pain without the high price tag of ‘executive’ models, the Sihoo M90D chair is a great option. The entire Sihoo range is worth checking out. The most affordable option, priced at just $229, is the one I will review soon.

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The Sihoo M90D chair, a mid-range option, has various excellent features. After a few weeks of use, I’ve noticed the breathable mesh back and the solid lumbar support it provides. It’s highly customizable – you can adjust the chair’s back support, headrest, armrests, height, and tilt. While you can’t change the seat depth, the adjustable features allow you to make most of the recommended adjustments by health experts. For instance, you can adjust the chair height to ensure your knees are slightly lower than your hips. It provides excellent lower back support for office chair users at a surprisingly affordable price.

The finish quality is noticeably lower compared to pricier designer chairs, but that’s expected given the price. Overall, it has a stylish appearance and offers excellent comfort and protection at an affordable price. Stock may be limited, so check our live widgets for updates on where to purchase this fantastic chair.

6. Herman Miller Sayl

Herman Miller Sayl

Herman Miller chairs excel in style, craftsmanship, and functionality. If the Mirra 2 and Aeron chairs are too pricey or you prefer a smaller, more compact style, the Sayl chair is an excellent alternative among the Herman Miller options listed. It’s more affordable yet maintains a sleek design and outstanding ergonomic features.

Many have copied the vented elastomer backrest, but it remains a unique and effective feature of this chair. It is made with strands of varying thickness and tension, offering an outstanding balance between support and comfort and excellent air circulation. There are many armrest adjustment options, and the four-setting tilt limiter allows you to customize the tension. Some may have mixed feelings about the unique design inspired by the Golden Gate bridge, but I personally adore its stylish and unconventional look. When it comes to spinal support, it’s flawless. It is among the best office chair for back pain.

7. Branch’s Verve office chair

Branch's Verve chair

I adore it after three months of using the Brand Verve chair. One of the things I love most about this chair is its appearance, especially the cohesive color that spans all the different materials. I appreciate how simple it is to assemble and use once everything is set up. Of course, it wouldn’t be on this list if I couldn’t also vouch for its comfort and support. It’s truly top-notch.

Why not leave a five-star review? The branch was impressed with its chair, from assembly to use, setting high standards. When I spotted a flaw or had a concern about a feature, that problem became more significant. They set themselves up for failure by aiming for perfection but, unfortunately, fell short… It’s almost perfect and stunning; it’s still perfect!

8. Muista Ergonomic Chair

Muista ergonomic chair

We were focusing on the best chairs for back pain. Why is there a stool on the list?! If you’re wondering why the Muista stool is a great choice, it’s because it offers a practical and beautiful seating solution that benefits your back and body. This design is both affordable and practical compared to other high-end options. My hands-on review of the Muista chair made it comfortable for long periods, especially when paired with a quality standing desk.

The Muista chair stands out from the rest by promoting movement while sitting. You can sway back and forth or side to side while sitting on it, which can help improve blood flow and keep your muscles gently active, preventing the negative effects of sitting still for long periods. Many may prefer something other than the absence of a backrest and luxurious seating in different chairs, but this option offers clever design at a low price that is hard to beat.

9. Flexispot Ergonomic Office Chair OC13

Flexispot Ergonomic Office Chair OC13

The Flexispot OC13 ergonomic chair stands out as a unique option in this guide of best office chair for back pain. This chair features a GameBoy grey, beige, and chrome design with a cool 80s retro look, making it a solid ergonomic office chair. Thanks to its adjustable features like the moving lumbar support and comfortable heat rest.

I rated this chair 3.5 stars instead of higher for two reasons. First, one important reason is the appearance. I like the appearance of the OC13 with its grey color and retro vibe. However, I understand that it may appeal to some. Another reason is that, despite providing good ergonomic support for your back at its price point, it falls short compared to the high-end chairs on this list.

But let’s be clear – this chair still deserves its spot in our guide. I always felt supported and comfortable after sitting in the chair for over six weeks. My only issue was the high armrests that couldn’t be adjusted. If the issue is manageable and you adore the appearance as I do, I highly recommend this distinctive ergonomic office chair.

10. Herman Miller Mirra 2

Herman Miller Mirra 2

It would help if you considered adding the Herman Miller Mirra 2 the best office chair for back pain to your list for two reasons. The Mirra 2 is an ergonomic chair designed to support your body properly, reduce strain on your back, and provide various adjustments to fit your body type. Also, it’s a furniture design icon that exudes class and sophistication, adding prestige to any creative workspace. Our hands-on review of the Herman Miller Mirra 2 shows how much we enjoyed using it.

Although it may be costly, the product’s build quality, support, and style make it a worthwhile investment. The butterfly-shaped backrest is designed to respond to your movements, supporting your spine and preventing slumping or slouching. This chair ensures you sit comfortably with your knees slightly lower than your hips and your feet flat on the ground. According to the UK’s National Health Service, it is an important aspect of proper sitting.

This mesh is breathable and keeps you cool on hot days. This chair provides excellent lumbar support that can be adjusted for height, unlike many cheaper chairs on our list. Additionally, the arms are fully adjustable. This seat cushion evenly distributes your weight and can handle the highest maximum load (159kg / 350lbs) compared to all other chairs listed.

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How we test

Each chair on this list has undergone extensive review and testing for weeks and even months. How can we test chairs? Just sit in them?!

You might find it amusing, but that’s a crucial aspect of it, indeed. Using the same chair day in and day out allows us to develop a strong connection with it over time. We consider any adjustability we appreciate and any design notes that might affect overall comfort. After spending countless hours using these, many things become clear.

And there’s more to it – it’s not just a passive process. We examine the chair from all angles, noting its aesthetics that may go unnoticed when sitting on it. Investing in the best ergonomic chairs can be a significant financial commitment, mainly if they will be used in your home. It’s essential to choose a chair that not only looks good but also provides comfort and proper back support. We break our reviews down into comfort, build, design, and features for easier understanding.

How to choose

In all our chair reviews, we emphasize the essential aspects of an ergonomic chair that buyers prioritize: comfort, build quality, design, features, and assembly. We have thoroughly explored each chair on this list, providing you with the most relevant information to help you make your purchase decision.

I ranked the X-Chair as the top choice because it meets all the key criteria for a fantastic ergonomic chair catering to a wide range of users. It also includes additional features that will be very helpful to users. Regrettably, not all chairs match the consistent excellence of the X-Chair. While some chairs may look attractive, they may need to include the important feature of adjustability, such as the Verve chair. Some chairs are excellent in many ways, but they are designed for smaller users like the Sayl. While it’s not a ‘bad’ chair, we can only recommend it to some users.

Choosing a chair involves considering various criteria, some more important than others, based on the buyer’s needs. We concentrate on the key factors, compare them to other options, and aim to assist you in making a well-informed decision.

Can office chairs help back pain?

Indeed, high-quality ergonomic office chairs can prevent and alleviate back pain. If you already have back pain, it’s a good idea to see a doctor and consider getting a new chair to address any underlying issues.

Health experts stress the significance of using a quality chair. Dr Amy Hoover, a physiotherapist at workouts company P.volve, highlights the challenge of maintaining good posture while sitting at computers for long periods in the technology age.

A chair supporting your lower back’s natural curve can reduce stress on your spine and improve your overall spinal alignment.

Lyndsay Hirst, a physiotherapist specializing in treating back pain and an expert in Pilates, concurs. “Having the correct chair arrangement is crucial, not just for maintaining the spine’s natural curves but also for supporting the shoulders,” she points out. Armrests and lumbar support are beneficial for individuals experiencing neck and mid-spine pain. An adjustable seat plate, backrest, and arms enable users to customize the chair to their posture.

What chair features are good for back pain?

Numerous ergonomic features can help an office chair be beneficial for back pain. Adjustability in a chair is essential to ensure it fits your body shape correctly. Check out our comprehensive guide on ergonomic office chairs for a detailed overview of key features to consider. In short, prioritize chairs with:

  1. Support for your lower back (details below)
  2. Armrests can be adjusted.
  3. Adjust the seat depth.
  4. Lean back and adjust the angle.

According to James Crow, the owner of Posture Stars, a website advocating good posture, the ideal office chair for back pain offers high adjustability to provide meaningful back support. He suggests investing wisely in a quality chair since many spend long hours sitting in it.

He emphasizes the importance of replacing an old chair. If your chair is over ten years old, consider getting a new one. Over time, the materials deteriorate, especially the seat padding.

What is lumbar support?

When looking for an ergonomic chair for back pain, you’ll frequently come across mentions of lumbar support. What does that mean? The term ‘lumbar’ pertains to the lower back, which should have a natural inward curve. According to Chongsu Lee, a physiotherapist and the inventor of the robotic BackHug device, lumbar support in an office chair can help maintain this curve.

Why is this important? When you sit down, your lower back is compressed between your upper body and buttocks. Sitting increases lumbar stress one-and-a-half times compared to standing and doubles it compared to walking.

Without proper support, the strain can lead to stiffness in the lower back, increasing the risk of injuries such as slipped discs,” according to Chongsu. “Similar to support beams in a building, lumbar support absorbs strain and props your lumbar up, protecting it against stress and injury.” Therefore, having an ergonomic chair with lumbar support benefits your back health in the long run. It helps support your back and reduces strain on your lower back. Your office chair is simply a nice chair without lumbar support. It helps support your back.

How do you sit properly in an office chair?

Innerbody Research, an online organization focused on health and wellness, recommends keeping your knees slightly lower than your hips and ensuring your feet are flat on the floor or a footrest. Avoid crossing your legs to prevent posture-related aches and pains. Ensure your chair is adjustable for tilt, height, and recline to support your lower back properly. Position your chair to use the keyboard with straight wrists and hands (level with the floor).

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