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45 Best Maid Service Software in 2023

Best Maid Service Software: Using maid service software, companies may automate and simplify various processes. Users may, for instance, monitor client needs, plan maid service appointments, automate recurring tasks, measure time spent on multiple activities, produce invoices, and accept online payments.

What deployment options are available for maid service software?

The initial step in picking the ideal maid service solution is comprehending the product’s deployment possibilities. These deployment options are available for maid service solutions:

Cloud-based deployment: Cloud-based solutions host your data on servers controlled by the vendor, removing the need to acquire and manage servers, data storage systems, and network infrastructure. These solutions are accessible through a web browser or mobile application. Pricing is calculated per user per month.

On-premise deployment: These solutions need you to store and analyze data on your server. On-premises systems are accessed using a desktop program and are charged using a per-user, one-time license.

Essential questions to ask your dealer before making a purchase: What is the total cost of ownership of your product’s cloud-based and on-premises versions? Are other fees (such as premium customer support and data migration) not listed on the product website?

Note: The software shown as examples in this article is not meant as endorsements or suggestions. At the time of publishing, they were received from sources considered trustworthy. 

45 Best Maid Service Software and Cleaning Services

Here we list some of the best maid services and cleaning services in 2023.

1. Pro Housecall

Pro Housecall

Housecall Pro helps professionals with all parts of their daily workflow, such as task scheduling, client database management, invoicing and payment processing, technician dispatch, and much more. It also has complete integration with the Housecall consumer booking app.

It is a full-service application that allows service providers to manage their entire business from their smartphones and an accessible online interface. The tool is reasonably priced and assists service providers with all parts of their workflow, including QuickBooks Desktop and Online integration, customer database, invoicing and payment processing, technician dispatch, and more. It also has complete integration with the Housecall consumer booking app.


2. Hubstaff

This simple time tracking software includes screenshots, activity monitoring, automated payroll, detailed reporting, real-time tracking, and GPS. Tracking capabilities are available both online and offline. Apple, Windows, Linux, and iOS are also supported. Integrates with more than 30 major apps, including Trello, Asana, Slack, and PayPal.

Hubstaff is perfect for remote and field service teams, small and medium-sized businesses, and consultants/freelancers. Over 40,000 remote teams trust and use it. No matter how many projects or teams you have, they may all be in distinct projects under the same account. Furthermore, various workers may have varying settings and permissions.


3. Jobber

Jobber may be tailored to your specific procedure, regardless of sector. Schedule tasks efficiently, optimize routes, submit quotations and bills by SMS, and be paid on-site. You’ll be operating a more productive business in no time with a mobile app, quick setup, and free 1-on-1 training.

Get more done without needing to recruit more people. Using the Jobber app, you can send clients automatic appointment reminders, optimize routes, and provide your staff with task data.


4. mHelpDesk

mHelpDesk’s invoicing system is wholly linked with our simple scheduling software, allowing for one-click billing with work monitoring and reporting that ensures you get paid quickly and consistently. Customers of mHelpDesk are enjoying the benefits of avoiding multiple data entries when dealing with third-party accounting systems like Quickbooks, and you can, too!

MHelpDesk allows you to keep track of all your client interactions so that you and your team have the information you need when you need it. Custom fields make it simple to track the precise information unique to your business, and of course, you and your team can see it all in real-time on your mobile devices in the field or from wherever you happen to be.


5. ServiceM8


ServiceM8 transforms how field service firms communicate and manage scheduling, jobs, workers, and customers, resolving age-old difficulties. It instills excellent processes and procedures to assist you in obtaining work, completing it, and receiving payment.


6. Connecteam

Connecteam is a workforce management tool that lets managers put company operations on autopilot and focus on business growth while allowing employees to be more productive, flexible, and joyful. Saving time and increasing productivity with mobile-first custom checklists, forms, and reports; Scheduling shifts and tracking work hours with GPS time clock; Simplifying employee communication, enhancing professional abilities, managing daily activities, and so much more, all in one app. In addition, active Directory Single Sign-On ensures a safe and simple login for system administrators (SSO).


7. Kickserv

They are developed and Trusted by 1000s of Service Professionals! Kickserv provides complete job and customer relationship management (CRM), scheduling, estimations, mobile access, invoicing, dispatching, and other services. It also synchronizes with QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, and Xero, allowing users to avoid double entering and save time and money.

Kickserv is intended for plumbers, HVAC, computer repair, electricians, handymen, carpet cleaning, landscaping and lawn care, painting, pool maintenance, maid service, pest control, roofing, contracting appliance repair, and a wide range of other sectors. Kickserv uses a shared online calendar to help you handle bids and estimates, jobs, scheduling, dispatch, invoicing, and tasks. In addition, we offer a two-way interface that eliminates double entering if you use Quickbooks.


8. Launch27

Launch27 can help you grow your cleaning business. More cleaning must be done. So there will be less scheduling. Payment processing is simple. Join the hundreds of clients set free to begin, grow, and scale their maid service companies. Appointment scheduling software that optimizes productivity and revenue for housecleaning enterprises.


9. Vcita

Vcita is a powerful all-in-one tool that will help you manage your company and calendar, engage with your clients more effectively, and save time.

A 360-degree picture of your customer conversations, accessible from any device, makes it simple to keep clients at your fingertips. Vcita, created with small companies in mind, assists you in organizing, tracking, and managing customer discussions. You can add customers on the fly, start new conversations with a single click, examine client history across the board, manage appointments and payments, add notes and tags, automate follow-ups, and much more.


10. Tradify


Tradify is job management software allowing businesses to monitor and manage jobs in real time, from quotes to invoices. It was designed for trade and service firms, including electricians, plumbers, HVAC, building and construction, painters, service professionals, installation, maintenance, and repair.

Tradify gives enterprises a holistic perspective of their workload, allowing users to manage and prioritize jobs and remain up-to-date on what jobs are due, late, or coming. Field and office personnel may access all job details from any desktop or mobile device. Employee scheduling elements such as a time tracker for time on site, time-sheeting, dispatching, and rescheduling aid in workforce management.


11. Operto Groups

Operto Teams (formerly VRScheduler) is vacation rental and housekeeping management software that allows property managers, cleaning companies, hot tub service companies, and vacation rental owners to streamline employee and task scheduling through a drag-and-drop scheduling calendar with workload balancing and color-coded regions. It is a vacation rental management system that provides booking auto-import, task creation, completion notifications, reports, alarms, and checklists.


12. ZenMaid

ZenMaid is the first maid service software that automates both administration and marketing. It was founded in 2013 in Palo Alto, CA, by former maid service owners (yes, we used to own a maid service). It is currently used daily by over 100 maid service entrepreneurs to organize, administer, and develop their companies. ZenMaid may help you save time, decrease hassles, and reduce the number of errors caused by your cleaners and clients.


13. ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan is the industry’s leading field service management system, providing an all-in-one web-based solution for managing your business. It also provides an award-winning tablet app to provide your technicians with the tools they need to finish projects and maximize client value. Imagine scheduling and dispatching calls, invoicing clients, receiving payments in the field, obtaining company performance statistics, and analyzing sales patterns, all with a single software system.

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14. Square Appointments

Running a business is difficult enough, and juggling several tools to do different tasks. It is an integrated point of sale that includes online scheduling and payment processing, allowing you to administer your business from a single location. Because it’s designed for organizations that rely on appointments, it’s a one-stop shop that helps you save time and keep organized. In addition, square Appointments is now completely free for individuals and very economical for groups.


15. Service Fusion


It is web-based field service management software that includes features including customer management, invoicing and payments, inventory management, time tracking, and reporting.

Service Fusion enables customers to quickly generate estimates and job confirmations using pre-populated product and service line items, monitor referral sources, and assign projects to sales employees for commission computation. In addition, the drag-and-drop dispatch grid allows users to communicate job information to field employees through text messages or the mobile web app on their mobile phones.

Users may generate invoices against task orders, make payments, and update the accounting system with a single click. In addition, service Fusion supports invoice synchronization. The tool also enables inventory serialization and controlled stock inventories via the built-in inventory system. The program also supports time monitoring, payroll reporting, and revenue reporting.


16. DoTimely

It is an all-in-one management solution for pet sitting, dog walking, training, maid services, carpet cleaning, lawn care, coaching, pool cleaning, pest control, and handyman businesses, including scheduling, invoicing, communication tools, and other features. In addition, users may do business from any location using their mobile devices.

Customers and employees may book and manage appointments, which can be one-time, short-term, or recurrent. Users have total control over when they wish to produce an invoice. Any scheduled appointment can be billed, which is closely related to scheduling. DoTimely’s mass invoicing allows customers to create invoices and collect money for their businesses in a matter of seconds, or they may schedule it to run automatically. With automated invoicing and secure payment processing, late payments and missed income are a thing of the past.


17. AI Field Management

It includes everything that any size firm (SOHO, SMB, Enterprise, Government) in any vertical would require to collaborate and be more productive with employees and suppliers anywhere and at any time. As a result, your firm will become more effective, efficient, and economical while saving money.


18. Aspire

Aspire is a cloud-based company management system for service contractor organizations with more than $3 million in sales in the landscaping, snow and ice removal, and cleaning industries. Among the key features are estimating, scheduling, buying, mobile time tracking, invoicing, work costing, accounting and payroll integration, and customer relationship management (CRM).

Say goodbye to the headaches of managing your service business with unconnected solutions. The end-to-end capabilities of Aspire deliver a single source of truth for all parts of your company, presenting the data landscape, and janitorial service contractors must make real-time choices that affect their bottom line.


19. Vonigo

Vonigo is a cloud-based company management software that assists firms in optimizing the many stages of service delivery, such as client requests, invoicing, payments, reporting, and taxes. Using browser-based applications, the software may be viewed on any device, including tablets and mobile devices.


20. Wingmate


Wingmate provides a system that incentivizes field service businesses to turn in sales leads generated daily. Employees are given simple software to report opportunities and deliver them directly to sales teams. In addition, Wingmate assists firms in launching field staff sales campaigns, detecting competitor information, reporting equipment, customer or safety concerns, and more.


21. Service Autopilot

Service Autopilot is software tailored to your lawn care, snow removal, landscaping, or cleaning company. Complete your everyday duties INSTANTLY—one-click scheduling, estimates everywhere, and instant invoice distribution.


22. PodiumIO

PodiumIO is an all-in-one company management system for maid services, car wash businesses, pet services, tutoring, lawn care, handyman services, and more. Customers, bookings, sales, marketing, payments, and other tasks can all be managed from a single platform with the cloud-based system. The features are real-time pricing, online booking management, a Live pricing purchase button, social media integration, conversion monitoring, quotation management, appointment scheduling, dispatch management, availability tracking, and marketing.

23. BookingKoala

BookingKoala is a web-based booking software that assists businesses with appointment scheduling, lead generating, billing, marketing, and other operations. Customers may see appointments, refer friends, rate or review service providers, and purchase gift cards using individual dashboards.


24. StreetSmart

We chose the moniker StreetSmart for a reason. Our name reflects our years of expertise and knowledge and how we have applied it to our solution to assist businesses in understanding and addressing the many diverse scenarios that arise during the workday of mobile workers who are ‘on the street.’ We understand mobile workers’ demands and the operational problems of managing field staff and operations. Our street smarts and common sense are blended with our revolutionary technology to supply organizations with up-to-date facts and insights that will help them thrive in every job circumstance or customer contact.


25. Revetize


Revetize is a business marketing software that allows small, local businesses to manage online reviews, referrals, promotions, NPS (Net Promoter Score), loyalty campaigns, and customer follow-ups all in one place and distribute these interactions through text, email, voicemail, and pen-and-paper letters. In addition, the availability of communication, lead creation, and reputation management tools assists users in obtaining recommendations, reviews, and repeat business.


26. Payzerware

Payzerware is a cloud-based job management SaaS that provides service organizations with online and mobile access. A built-in customer relationship management (CRM) system supports office operations by centralizing client interactions and service records. Inbound calls and service requests may be managed using dispatch capabilities and calendar-based technician scheduling by drag and drop. Change the GIS view to gain real-time geographic input on job and field worker positions.

Automatic reminders remind technicians of planned job appointments while informing clients that a technician is on the way. Customer proposals and invoicing are joined by field-sales operations, with the Payzerware mobile app for iOS and Android simplifying appointment viewing, invoice production, internal messaging, and payments.


27. ResponsiBid

ResponsiBid is a home services management software that enables firms in the carpet cleaning, window cleaning, pressure washing, maid service, and gutter cleaning industries to produce quotations, manage appointments, handle client information, and more on a single platform. In addition, customers may use the self-service site and calendar features to arrange services based on their needs and preferences.


28. MaidCentral

Maid Central is a cleaning business software that is hosted in the cloud. Sales, marketing, scheduling, dispatch, time and attendance, payroll, staff engagement, customer scorecards, automation, drip marketing, text communication, and sophisticated reporting are all handled by a single unified system—one method for increasing revenues and success.


29. Synchroteam

Scheduling, dispatch, calendar, work administration, reporting, CRM, inventory management, time tracking, invoicing, and Google maps are all available in Synchroteam. SaaS management in the cloud with iOS and Android mobile apps. Quickbooks, Xero, Sage, and Zoho CRM, are all supported.


30. WorkPal


WorkPal is a cloud-based, end-to-end mobile workforce management solution for mobile workflow management that is aimed to ease task assignment, reporting, monitoring, and client billing across various sectors.

Fire safety and testing, facilities management, winter maintenance, plumbing & heating, grounds maintenance, security & CCTV installation, building services, ventilation services, air & refrigeration services, electrical contractors, gas installation, contract cleaning, environmental services, property maintenance, lift maintenance, and more are all ideal applications for the system.

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31. Brilion

Brilion is powerful scheduling software that simplifies the management of a home or commercial cleaning firm by reducing the complications of day-to-day operations. The cloud-based system includes scheduling, communication tools, booking administration, invoicing, discount coupons, guest booking, customer login, customer app, crew app, and other features.


32. Maidily

Maidily is a cloud-based scheduling solution for home cleaning and maid service companies. Customer management, booking management, quotation, scheduling, invoicing, task tracking, cancellation management, and other functions are available on the platform. In addition, it offers online scheduling tools for maid and cleaning services and automation options to help businesses save time and streamline operations.


33. PROHousekeepers

To deliver outstanding housekeeping services to clients throughout the United States without the bother associated with typical cleaning agencies. The price quoted is the price paid; there are no additional fees or levies. Our services save busy folks the necessary time. Schedule and manage reservations with ease and security. Upload checklists, images, and comments, and contact employees without speaking to anybody or wasting time on in-person estimates. They are committed to enhancing consumers’ lives through superior technology and service.


34. Maid to Shrine

Maid to Shine ® desires to be your only option for Professional House Cleaning in Colorado Springs, Monument, the Tri-Lakes region, Manitou Springs, and Falcon. Their Professional House Cleaning Service crew has the expertise to make your home sparkle as if it were brand new. Maid to Shrine can give you back the time you deserve at a price you can afford If you appreciate relaxing in a bubble bath after a long day or need your home to gleam before an upcoming party. Maid to Shine is renowned for providing the attention and quality you require. They desire for you to Come Home and Unwind.


35. Superb Maids


Their maid service in Las Vegas will provide you with a clean house, superior customer service, value for your money, and easy scheduling. Super maids may be reserved in as little as one minute. They are the leading provider of house cleaning services in Las Vegas. They are represented by some of the industry’s most highly qualified cleaning specialists, who clean to the highest quality standards to surpass your expectations. So whether you require our services every month or only once for a move, they promise your complete happiness. The business is fully licensed, bonded, insured, eco-friendly, and professional.


36. You’ve Got Maids

It’s time to let You’ve Got Maids® clean your house so you can concentrate on living. Whether you require weekly, monthly, or one-time cleaning, your property will be meticulously cleaned to your complete pleasure. Get a free, no-obligation quote today to learn how affordable it can be to have our teams of professional maids handle all of your cleaning requirements.


37. Spouses Cleaning Houses

We are professionals in deep cleaning, office and commercial cleaning, window washing, carpet cleaning, and air duct cleaning; in addition to their services, they provide regular weekly, biweekly, and monthly house cleaning services.


38. Sunrise Cleaning LLC

The need to maintain a clean and healthy workplace has never been higher. Daily, weekly, biweekly, or custom cleaning schedules are created to match the specific demands of your business. Over time, allergens, toxins, microbiological waste, and tiny dirt accumulate on your carpet. They employ cutting-edge carpet cleaning equipment to rejuvenate and thoroughly clean your area rugs and carpets. Clarify your vision at home or the office. The years’ worth of filth, dust, and grime are removed from the inside and outside of your windows using expert green cleaning materials and the proper equipment.


39. Better Life Maids

It is the sole mission and promise of Better Life Maids: to enable you to spend more time on something that truly matters. If you are looking for the best cleaning companies in St. Louis and a leader, they take pride in consistently providing excellent service that sets the bar for health and safety. The staff implements tried-and-true but creative techniques and procedures, all geared to enhance your quality of life and ensure the security of your family and pets. St. Louis and the surrounding region are familiar with and fond of our eco-friendly cleaning services, so leave the chores to us and devote more time to the things that matter.


40. MyClean


Myclean mission is to offer the cleaners rewarding, long-term employment. In a sector where several unfair and questionable business practices (such as unpaid overtime and travel time and remuneration below the minimum wage) are the standard, MyClean employs acceptable business procedures. They hire the cleaners and provide them with the associated rights and benefits, such as paid travel time, overtime pay, payroll taxes, disability insurance, workers’ compensation, FLSA protections, health insurance, 401(k) matching, etc.


41. Maid in Nola

In the end, the quality and experience of your housekeepers determine your home’s cleanliness. All housekeepers have years of expertise in the professional cleaning industry and know how to do their duties. They are entirely equipped and bring their cleaning materials. We undertake a comprehensive screening and background check to guarantee that the housekeepers they suggest are reputable and highly skilled. The quality of our housekeepers’ work is a direct result of our careful hiring procedure, and they are confident that you will be impressed by the level of cleaning they provide.


42. Merry Maids

Merry Maids is devoted to providing you and your family with a clean and healthy environment. In addition to our excellent routine cleaning, they also offer additional disinfection services to safeguard your family’s health.

Infections can be prevented by sanitizing high-touch hard surfaces, according to studies. It is why Merry Maids want to provide you with the option of having our professional cleaners visit your house to disinfect the high-touch surfaces. Through our current safety measures and the shared cleaning knowledge of all ServiceMaster Brands, you can be confident that professionals will clean your home with decades of experience.


43. eMaids

EMaids is a cleaning service for professionals who are too busy to clean their houses, flats, and offices. emaids handle your cleaning responsibilities so that you save time.

EMaids is here to provide a convenient and contemporary booking experience. In addition, their professionally trained and background-checked cleaners will leave your property gleaming!


44. Molly Maid

Customers have welcomed the trustworthy cleaning specialists of locally owned and operated Molly Maid franchises into their homes for over 35 years. Now more than ever, They assure you that our personnel fully follow CDC recommendations. The cleaning processes are intended to help you and your family live in a cleaner environment. They have offered cleaning services to more than a million clients and want you to continue to count on us to go above and beyond to provide you with worry-free, top-quality cleaning services every time.


45. CleanMySpace


Bathroom cleaning, kitchen, bedroom, laundry, floor care, and seasonal and holiday cleaning are all services offered by cleanmyspace. In addition, on the webpage, you may discover cleaning routines such as spring cleaning, clean with me, and cleaning inspiration, among others.


Final Words

We list 45 best Maid Services for your convenience, You can select the best one according to your requirements. These services includes; Fire safety and testing, facilities management, winter maintenance, plumbing & heating, grounds maintenance, security & CCTV installation, building services, ventilation services, air & refrigeration services, electrical contractors, gas installation, contract cleaning, environmental services, property maintenance, lift maintenance, and more are all ideal applications for the system.

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